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The left half of the lower jaw of A deyiremeda BRTVP314 a 35

The left half of the lower jaw of A deyiremeda BRTVP314 a 35


The left half of the lower jaw of Australopithecus deyiremeda. Image credit: Yohannes Haile

Cast of the holotype upper jaw of Australopithecus deyiremeda. Credit: Laura Dempsey

Figure 12

Cast of fossil specimens of Australopithecus deyiremeda

The “primitive small Homo erectus” story

A cast of the jaws of A. deyiremeda.

The canines of australopithecines are larger than those of modern humans, but smaller than those of chimps. They protrude slightly, and there is a small ...

Middle Pleistocene

The original complete skull (without upper teeth and mandible) of a million years old Australopithecus africanus specimen so-called "Mrs. Ples" (catalogue ...

This left side of the lower jaw of Australopithecus deyiremeda was found 3.2ft (one

Earlier Origin for Stone Tools | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

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Neanderthal cranial anatomy.jpg

'First of our kind' found in Morocco

Evidence from the fossil record[edit]

The modern human Oase 2 skull (cast depicted), found in Peştera cu Oase, displays archaic traits due to possible hybridization with Neanderthals.

Homo erectus tautavelensis skull. Replica of lower jaws ...

Figure 2

Comparison of first metacarpals (the thumb bone in your palm) between a chimpanzee (left), three australopithecines, and a human (right).

David Begun | University of Toronto, Toronto | U of T | Department of Anthropology | ResearchGate

Pero Haile-Selassie aun va más lejos: cree que pudo haber coexistido con afarensis y deyiremeda una tercera especie de Australopithecus.

Australopithecus afarensis

Dryopithecus - Image: Dryopithecus Fontani jaw

A face not even a mother could love, so now they're extinct (from McCollum 1999 Fig. 1). Note the very tall face, flaring cheeks, and massive lower jaw ...

Skeleton of chimpanzee

The position of Au. garhi and topologies within the Paranthropus + Kenyanthropus + Homo clade are unstable when these features are considered.

Cast of LB1 (left) was compared to several microcephalic skulls, including the microcephalic

3D-reconstructions of the P4 from Azmaka (RIM 438/387) and the preserved lower teeth of G. freybergi from Pyrgos virtually isolated from the type mandible.

Anatomical comparison of skulls of Homo sapiens (left) and Homo neanderthalensis (right) (in Cleveland Museum of Natural History) Features compared are the ...

To the left is a similar plot, this time looking at width of the jaw across the growth period (these are also size-standardized as above, colors are the ...

Baursak or bite?

Replica of lower jaws of Homo erectus from Tautavel, France.

Homo rudolfensis

Canal and root variation frequency in percent in the lower third premolar (raw counts are in parentheses). Examples of each root type in cross-section are ...

Mesowear mean scores for extant species (left side, provided by Fortelius et al., 2013, pers. comm.) by diet and fossil taxa (right side, ...

Australopithecus afarensis lower jaw

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cape scott story--possible time traveler or just a super imposed jokester? you

Luis Gibert Beotas | Phd | University of Barcelona, Barcelona | UB | Department of Geochemistry, Petrology and Geological Prospecting | ResearchGate

Homo naledi skeletal specimens by Lee Roger Berger research team

Side view of cast of Lucy in the Naturmuseum Senckenberg

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The Paleontology Portal

... Early Human Ancestor Fossil Near 'Lucy' New species of early human discovered near fossil of 'Lucy' Australopithecus deyiremeda lived about 3.4 million ...

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4 June: New temperature data suggests that global warming has not slowed.

Australopithecus deyiremeda is the name of the new fossil hominid species discovered in the site of

The Far Side

Vogelherd Cave, Vogelherdhöhlen - Year-Old Mammoth Figurine -- Length: 37 mm; Weight: grams -- Carved from mammoth ivory, this figurine is one of the oldest ...

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Zhoukoudian Caves, a World Heritage Site and an early site of human use of fire

Map with arrows emanating from Africa, across Eurasia, to Australia and the Americas.

Don't do it, Homo naledi. Don't talk about body size

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The Handicap principle[edit]

Behavior and culture[edit]

Sileshi Simeneh, 54, left, the father of Kedest Simeneh, is pictured in his Springfield, Va., home with his youngest child, Christina Simeneh, 12.

mandrake flower

Early humans (before Homo sapiens)[edit]

Homo rudolfensis 1.9 million BP

Koren Jelela (L) and Dino Sefir (R) of Ethiopia pose after finishing 1st in the women's and men's category in the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon, on Sunday, ...

Interview: Frehiwot Dado and Buzunesh Deba Ready for NYC Marathon

El "robusto" morfología del cráneo de Paranthropus ...

A diorama showing Homo erectus, the earliest human species that is known to have controlled fire, from inside the National Museum of Mongolian History in ...

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At the 1904 Summer Olympics, American gymnast George Eyser won six medals: 3 gold