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The official definition of the colors of the Armenian flag as stated in

The official definition of the colors of the Armenian flag as stated in


Armenia Flag

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Armenia Flag

The national flag of Armenia, the Armenian Tricolor (Yeraguyn) is the state symbol of the Republic of Armenia.

Armenian Waving Flag

The flag of Armenia was officially adopted on August 24, 1990. After gaining its

Armenian Flag

Flags that look like the Armenian flag

Flag of Armenia

After “peresroika”, which finally brought an end to the Soviet Union, Armenia declared its independence and renamed the country from Armenian SSR to ...

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Armenian Flag in 1885

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National Flag of Armenia

Flag and Coat of Arms of Armenia

There are conflicting views on the meaning of the Armenian flag s colors. The most


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The Armenian forget me not flower explained. The symbolism is amazing!

What Country Has A Red Blue And Orange Flag

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Armenian flag

It's colors are a little similar to Chad's flag.

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What Do the Colors and Symbols of the Flag of Armenia Mean?

Colombian national flag waving in the wind - background anima .

What Flag Is Red Blue And Orange

The All-Armenian Students Association is selling tri-color graduation cords in support of

Also, I think you will find it interesting that initially the proposed flag had red, apricot, blue (plus another multicolor version) and it was later that ...

Armenian flag photo

Skier Mikayel Mikayelyan carried the Armenian flag ushering in team Armenia to the opening ceremonies of

The Armenian flag has three equal sized horizontal bands: the top stripe is red, the middle one blue and the bottom stripe is orange. The colors on the ...

World flags (Dreamstime)

The Armenian flag through it's history.

Argentina flag contains two primary colors, White and Blue and the Sun of May is in yellow (I mentioned yellow because most of the suns which are present in ...

3'x5' Armenian FLAG of Armenia

Armenians-at-Persepolis-pazyryk-comparison. Other symbols on ...

Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh is derived from Armenian Flag

The flag waving at the Armenian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The All-Armenian Students Association is selling tri-color graduation cords in support of

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6. Flag. The flag of Armenia ...

Armenia Flag

Armenian flag

Successful Color Revolution in Armenia? Prime Minister Forced to Resign, Thousands in the Streets

Western Armenian flag has been approved!

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In 1566, a faction of Dutch Calvinist revolutionaries, calling themselves the Sea Beggers, rebelled against Spanish rule in the Netherlands.

First Flag of Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic

Armenian flag consists of 3 horizontal bands with three colors: red on the top, blue in the middle and orange on the bottom.


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"We established the national flag of Armenia - it is horizontal with red, blue, and orange. We had long discussions about the form and colors of the flag.


"The Armenian Nation: A Brief Introduction" infographic was developed for a professional news

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USA and Armenia Crossed Flag Pin and a variety of American and world crossed flag pins in stock ready to ship today.

Armenia Flag Map. Spread the Love

The Congo flag was officially adopted on November It features red, yellow and green, the official Pan-African colors.

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East Timor Flag Meaning: According to the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of East Timor (Timor-Leste), the yellow triangle represents "the traces of ...


The Armenian Tricolor flag consists of three horizontal bands of equal width red on the ...

Flag of Armenia

And like I said, I don't like this particular design, but I envy Georgians for their flag, which I think is absolutely cool with the red crosses

armenian symbols

Country Branding of Armenia | GK Tribe Global naming and branding agency, creative services

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Made these roses in the colors of the Armenian flag to represent a freer Armenia.

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Among worldwide Armenian genocide observances, Lebanon's is first among equals

Armenian Colors

Reports say no sanctions against Armenia expected in PACE

If placed beside each other, one would see the similarity between the Philippine national flag and the Cuban national flag.

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Gazania has the colors of the Armenian National flag!

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A rainbow flag of the LGBT movement at the Taiwan Pride (2004).

Three balloons represent Armenia flag colors are floating on a white surface with strings attached.

One of Baku's most famous buildings illuminated by colors of Armenian flag instead of that of Col.

Falkland Islands Flag Meaning: The Union Jack represents the Falkland Islands' links with Britain. The ship in the coat of arms is supposed to be the ' ...

armenia nagorno karabakh javakheti flag

A variation of this flag is used by Azeris in Iran.

Armenia Flag. Background Seamless Looping Animation. 4K High Definition Video.

New Armenian 3x5 ft Country Flag 3 x 5 Armenia Banner

File:Flag of Armenia (The British Ain't Coming).jpeg

Armenian flag colouring page

Armenia flag with crack through the middle. Country divided concept Stock Photo