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The rightfully famous Finglesham buckle from Kent t

The rightfully famous Finglesham buckle from Kent t


The rightfully famous Finglesham buckle from Kent, England. This early Anglo-Saxon buckle shows a ritual spear dancer with two spears, no clothes and a ...

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Anglo-Saxon buckle on Frankish style 6-7c by Kotomicreations, via Flickr

Anglo Saxon Finglesham man gold belt buckle

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Anglo-Saxon shield ornament from Sturry, Kent, England. Sixth Century AD,

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Anglo-Saxon belt buckle from Finglesham


Viking Age find from Oland in Sweden, which is now on display at the Statens Historiska Museum, Stockholm

sixth century Anglo-Saxon wrist clasp, made of gilt silver with remains of niello

... gilded copper-alloy fitting, recovered from an evaluation trench in near Springhead, Northfleet, Kent. View a photo of the fitting before conservation.

Anglo-Saxon Brooch, Thornborough A sixth century gilt brooch from Thornborough in North Yorkshire.

Gold Belt Buckle, from the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, 7th c. A.D.

Beautiful Anglo Saxon buckle 6th or 7th cent. The buckle was found in the grave

Franken in Friesland - Tremissis ... in the 7th century the Frisians adopted the coin imagery of the Christian Franks, even though the Frisians did…

Saxon belt mount with horses, rectangular -

Credit: A pair of strap-ends, from Ipsden Heath, Oxfordshire, Late

This belt buckle is made of gold and silver. It is decorated with a fish, a Christian symbol. Anglo Saxon period

Credit: Escutcheon, Gilt copper-alloy found at Gilton, Kent, England (Anglo-Saxon) / Universal History Archive/UIG / The Bridgeman Art Library

Anglo Saxon brooch. 500-550. Metropolitan Museum of Art

gesp; beslagplaat in filigraan met vlechtband- en diermotieven

22 best Equal-Arm Brooches (chip-carved or "Saxon") images on Pinterest | Brooch, Brooches and Anglo saxon

Looks like a museum display. Found on a blog being used to illustrate A-S women's jewelry. Bird brooch, garnet flower, gold brachetae make me think ...

Ansigtsmaske som hængesmykke fra Tissø. 900-tallet.

very large rare antique 1800's Victorian bronze enamel ornate belt buckle brass

Antique french champleve enamel gilt metal buckle 19th c

D. | Art--Celtic Art | Pinterest | A r and Celtic art

Fibula, ca 500 AD, Dokkum, Friesland (NED) | Germanic Tribes and Culture | Pinterest | Ads and Museums


Pin by vrin.t. thomas on Ancient armour and armour alle antiqua | Pinterest | Ancient armor

Image gallery: button brooch

Recreation of Alton grave 16 buckle by Wulfheodenas craftsman Dave Roper of 'Ganderwick Creations'

Ancient armor


Belt buckle. Gilt and silvered bronze and glass paste, Visigothic Aquitaine, 6th century

Copper alloy buckle Hiberno-Norse Dublin Viking age

BBC - Primary History - Anglo-Saxons - Anglo-Saxons at war

Cliquez pour fermer la fenêtre

Roman Gold Crossbow Brooch with VTERE FELIX, Century ADA gold bow brooch with large kidney-shaped bow with central rib engraved with S-pattern; the knops ...

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“ Valkyrie Pendant usually identified as a Valkyrie. Country of Origin: Sweden. Culture: Viking. Date/Period: 6th C. Place of Origin: Oland.

Gold belt buckle from the ship-burial at Sutton Hoo. With cast ornament and niello inlay. From Mound Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, England.

Anglo-Saxon metal ornament from a scabbard found in the River Thames The runic inscription has no known meaning;s From the collection of the British Museum, ...

Kentish Brooch, Dover Museum Anglo Saxon brooch from the Dover Museum, Kent, England.

The British Museum Cabinet 24; 'Dealing with death'. Photographs courtesy of Lindsay Kerr. 6th=7thC gold bracteate pendant and glass beads.

Buried in the English countryside. Anglo-Saxon in origin Handy Weapon The jeweled pommel

Black history

British Museum; Early Medieval Europe, cabinet 43: Germanic and Viking craft techniques.

Art Nouveau Belt Buckle. Design attributed to Louis Chalon. Gold, silver, enamel

Silver-gilt Kentish disc-on-bow brooch from Dover, Kent, England

The Ashmolean Museum: The Anglo-Saxons; Finglesham, Northbourne, Cemetery Female burial

Artifact: Anglo-Saxon Gold Disc Pendant Date: AD Found: Faversham, Kent

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This is probably a bear as the bear had a close relationship to the viking warriors known as ...

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The most famous treasure was a helmet with full face mask. Sutton Hoo parade helmet

British Museum - Pair of miniature gold buckles - Anglo-Saxon, early century AD From King's Field, Faversham, Kent, England Perhaps used to secure leg ...

Anglo-Saxon art.

Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon Cuff - The Met Store - Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon Cuff - Jewelry & Watches - Clearance & Sale - The Met Store

runic inscription on the back reads "

Large Cloisonne Enamel Sash Buckle - Beautiful Art Nouveau styling. from VintageOnTheRidge, $65.00

Saxon Disc Brooch Bronze disc brooch of the Sixth Century AD. From the collection of

Anglo-Saxon 'Horned Woden's Head' Applique 022885 | Horned Gods | Pinterest | Anglo saxon

c.600 - 800 A.D British Found Anglo Saxon Period Au Solid Gold & Red

Copper-alloy, 12.40 grams, 10.66 mm. 6th century AD. A cast

A stylised bird, probably a eagle or raven, from the shield. Photos of the Sutton Hoo Treasure in the British Museum. Pagan period Anglo-Saxon.

Late century gilded copper-alloy fitting, recovered from an evaluation trench in near Springhead, Northfleet, Kent.

Silver-gilt Viking pendant usually identified as a Valkyrie, Oland, Sweden, 6th

What the eagle brooch might have looked like when new.

Generally accepted to be a representation of the god Odin, as

Constructed of oak and covered with gilded copper and silver, the front panel shows Christ

A miniature buckle comprising: a D-shaped loop carved in garnet; a gold tongue with bird-head finial, inset garnet cloisonne for the eyes and rectangular ...

Gold pendant Anglo Saxon Anglo-Saxon, late century AD From Grave Wingham, Kent, England

Copper-alloy, 12.40 grams, 10.66 mm. 6th century AD. A cast small-long bow brooch. The headplate is square with a short neck and D-shaped plaque on…

A gold buckle from the cemetery at Finglesham, supposedly depicting Woden

A resized image of Fragment of equal-arm brooch

A cast bronze saucer brooch with flared rim and central design of seven running spirals around a raised ring, concentric rings surrounding; ...

“Gold Buckle with Garnets and Interlace” A luxurious buckle ornamented with colored glass, garnet, and filigree wire. Zoomorphic interlace in the center, ...

6-7c Bead necklace with meillefiori and gold coin pendants, Anglo-Saxon under the Byzantine influence. British Museum

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Merovingian Silver-Gilt Plate Buckle 6th century AD . A three-part buckle comprising: a C-shaped loop with animal-head terminals, scoops to the forward edge ...

The Pitney Brooch. 2nd half of the 11th century AD.Found in Pitney,

Pendant, Butler's Field.