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The sticktight fleas popularly known as hen fleas However they do

The sticktight fleas popularly known as hen fleas However they do


Poultry fleas, also known as stick tight fleas due to their ability to attach themselves to a host and not let go, can be a danger to your flock as well as ...

Chicken with Sticktight Flea (Echidnophaga gallinacean)

Sticktight fleas are visible just below this hen's comb. Photo by Amy Murillo.

Sticktight fleas embedded in the comb of a chicken. Photo by A. Murillo.

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Chicken with Sticktight Flea (Echidnophaga gallinacean)

Chicken with Sticktight Flea (Echidnophaga gallinacean)

Quote: If they are stuck to the face they are "sticktight fleas". Here is a picture:

Sticktight Fleas – Echidnophaga Gallinacea - Hen Fleas

Dust baths and longer beaks can make cage-free chickens into mite-free chickens

Stick Tight Fleas

Flea pictures - this is an image of Echidnophaga: the poultry sticktight flea.

Flea pictures - this is a microscope image of an adult Ctenocephalides flea.

Chicken body lice in the vent area of a hen. Eggs are laid on feathers. Photo courtesy of B.A. Mullens.

Mites of livestock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Flea pictures - the sticktight flea is a poultry or chicken flea that clings tightly to

Northern fowl mites in Chickens

Lice, fleas, and mites of various species are common in chickens, as are

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You'll want to have your chick brooder set up and ready to go BEFORE your chicks arrive, so that you can put them straight into a warm and safe environment.


Robert Hooke's drawing of a flea in Micrographia, 1665

By Clemson University - USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series [CC BY 3.0 us (http. Wikimedia CommonsClemsonFleasChickenUniversityColleges

Chook Norris---the Rooster with Scaly Leg

Stick-tight fleas can be a real problem on the homestead. Stick-tight

Figure 1. Figure 1. Sticktight flea bite.

Northern fowl mites feeding on the skin of the vent area of a chicken. Photo by A. Murillo.

PARASITES of CHICKEN and POULTRY. Summary of the most common external and internal parasites in

False colour scanning electron micrograph of a flea. CDC image.



Regularly cleaning and inspecting the coop and nesting boxes is key.

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Geographical Distribution

They don't bite, aren't actually pests to us or chickens and come in a LOT of different species (some bigger/smaller than others).

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Did you know chickens love a dust bath? They use it to naturally repel fleas

Stages in the life cycle of fleas.

Echidnophaga gallinacea attached to a hen's head.

Natural Georgia: Squish-proof fleas stick tight - News - Savannah Morning News - Savannah, GA

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Sticktight fleas around the eye

Flea and Tick Difference

Could any one tell me what to do for these mites besides Vaseline? Are there any other treatments?

Do Fleas Attach To People?

The flea Cat fleas picture - The cat fleas were Ctenocephalides felis and they were fully engorged with

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Some fleas thrive in the coop litter

Flea Bites on Humans

I think my chickens have sticktight fleas and I don't know how to help or treat the coop [X-Post from r/chickens] : BackYardChickens

Dog flea (from top) larva, egg, pupa and adult

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Flea Bombs Safe for Pets – Is it True?

Dust baths and longer beaks can make cage-free chickens into mite-free chickens

The Latest. Steam Cleaning Kills Fleas ...

Body plan of the cat flea.

CREDITS: J. F. Butler, University of Florida. Figure 2. Cat flea larva.

Do fleas have antennae?

Siphonaptera Species that Affect Dogs and Cats

Where are Flea and Tick Populations the Worst?

Echidnophaga - Echidnophaga gillinacea infesting a chicken's head

Cenozoic flea in amber, c. 20 mya, is morphologically modern.

Tick-Borne Diseases and Your Pet

Flea Bombs Safe for Pets - Flea Bombs Safe for Animals?

The snow scorpionflies (Boreidae) are the sister clade to the Siphonaptera.

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... Woman is Knitting Tiny Wool Jumpers To Keep Her Chickens Warm

Cat flea - Female cat flea

This is an image of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) in a Maltese terrier.

Breeding super chickens could help put an end to antibiotic use on poultry farms


Government Says Most Poultry Farms Are NOT Small Businesses, Can't Get SBA Loans

Pictures of fleas 9 and 10: These flea pictures contain a microscope photo image of the head of the adult Ctenocephalides flea (the common dog or cat flea).

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Cat flea eggs

Amazon.com : Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray, 32 oz .

Figure 2

Figure 1. Figure 1. Sticktight flea bite.