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The third group of gods are the war and sacrifice gods t

The third group of gods are the war and sacrifice gods t


The thought of sacrificing a person's life may seem like the sort of barbaric ritual reserved for only the most unholy and uncivilised societies, however, ...

Religious rites in many traditional cultures, including on the Hawaiian Islands, incorporated costly offerings

Marcus Aurelius and members of the Imperial family offer sacrifice in gratitude for success against Germanic tribes: contemporary bas-relief, ...

10 They Staged Wars Just To Get Human Sacrifices

Aztec Human Sacrifice

Aztec Human Sacrifices

Human sacrifice as shown in the Codex Magliabechiano, Folio 70. Heart-extraction was viewed as a means of liberating the istli and reuniting it with the ...

Many scholars firmly believe that the ancient Israelites performed a “burnt offering of children” in the name of an ancient Canaanite god named Moloch.

8 The Festival Of Toxcatl

3 Sacrifice Through Gladiatorial Combat

The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia, a mythological depiction of a sacrificial procession on a mosaic from Roman Spain

Animal sacrifice

The goddess Ostara, or Ēostre, 1884, by Johannes Gehrts. (photo credit

Character Map

The passage reads: [1 After these things, God tempted Abraham, and said to him: Abraham, Abraham. And he answered: Here I am.

Quetzalcoatl is perhaps one of the nicer gods of the pantheon who didn't demand

Bible scholar Tzemah Yoreh questions the common telling of the binding of Isaac -- the

Gods and Religion. - What did People Believe in?

Aztec God Huitzilopochtli from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis

... the ancient god of War and the Lawgiver of the gods. The bravest of the gods, it is Tyr who makes the binding of Fenrir (Myth 7) possible by sacrificing ...

“There is no such thing as 'Human Sacrifice'”

Thor, Ragnarok, and every other wild fan theory about what Kratos is up to in God of War | GamesRadar+

Aztecs sacrificing to the gods: Codex Tudela, folio 76

Xipe Totec "Our flayed lord" wearing a human skin depicted in the Codex Borgia.

Drowned God

The Hawaiians

The Combat of Ares and Athena

Presently the greater part of the population of the western hemisphere, the Middle East and the African continent believes in some variant of abrahamic ...

'American Gods': Your Guide to the Gods

“The ...

Artwork depicting the Sacrifice of Jesus: Christ on the Cross by Carl Heinrich Bloch. In Trinitarian Christianity, God ...

An angel ends the Binding of Isaac by Abraham - believed to be a foreshadowing of the human sacrifice of Christ (The Offering of Abraham, Genesis 22:1-13, ...

Some of the weirdest gods were Greek. Here, Cronus mutilates his father, Uranus

The first god we see is Ibis, also known as Thoth. In the mythology of ancient Egypt, he was the scribe of the gods. In most traditional depictions he has ...

Ritual Child Sacrifice Is Alive and Well in 21st Century America | HuffPost

9 Horrors Of Aztec Ritual Human Sacrifice - Page 3 of 9. God Of WarLibrary ...

Human sacrifices

In the God of War Series

Human sacrifice was performed to stop the universe collapsing.


Dwindling In Unbelief: How many has God killed? Complete list and estimated total (Including Apocryphal killings)

Thor #294 - Revealing the Origins of Odin

Aztec human sacrifice, Codex Tudela, folio 53

Cronus and the Omphalos stone | Athenian red-figure pelike C5th B.C. | Metropolitan Museum

The Sacrifice to Priapus, 1771

Child Sacrifice in Carthage

Human sacrifice as shown in the Codex Magliabechiano


Garbed in white and sounding silver trumpets, priests-in-training prepare for a

Egyptian God. 三幻神 「さんげんしん」 (Sangenshin)

1 Child Sacrifice

God of War III Poster. Trailer

Sagarmanthan - Churning of oceans

Leto, Chariclo, Hestia, Demeter and Iris | Athenian black-figure dinos C6th

A depiction of the maize god from the murals of San Bartolo, Guatemala

The Binding of Fenrir. “

Gorgon Concept in God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Picture 11: Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli - the parts, part 1!

Athenian red-figure vase, 430-425 BC (now in the ...

Gaea the Earth | Athenian red-figure calyx krater C5th B.C. | Virginia Museum of

Hades, Greek God of the Underworld: Mythology & Overview

Aztec God Tonatiuh from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis

Sekret Machines: Gods: Volume 1 of Gods Man & War (Sekret Machines: Gods Man & War): Tom DeLonge, Peter Levenda, Jacques Vallee: 9781943272235: Amazon.com: ...

This family offers a bull to Asclepius, god of healing, and his daughter Hygieia

The Pursuing God

David A.R. White and Gregory Alan Williams in God's Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness. Pure Flix

20120224-sacrifice Bas_relief_from_Arch_of_Marcus_Aurelius_showing_sacrifice.jpg

'American Gods': Your Guide to the Gods

You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard

The Celts practiced human sacrificial killings as part of their religious rituals, and there's extensive evidence to prove it. There are the written works ...


The Aztec God Tezcatlipoca from the Borgia Codex

The sun set on the Aztec empire for some interesting reasons.

Hunting in God of War

Photo: "The Victory of Joshua over the Amalekites" by Nicolas Poussin (c. 1624) / Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Aztec God of Rain Tlaloc, from the Rios Codex

Ares god of war | Athenian black-figure amphora C6th B.C. | Worcester Art Museum

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness

The Roman God Mercury: Facts & Symbol


A figurine of Santa Muerte (Saint Death) seen outside the shrine in Tepito,

A Gorgon

The actual sacrifice happened on pyramid-like structures, built tall so the citizens couldn't avoid witnessing them. History books suggest that the ...

This is the ...

Pin by Emilia Crowe on Mythology | Pinterest | Mental illness, Prompts and Writing prompts

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