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The water so perfect and I was swimming all day Forgot how that39s

The water so perfect and I was swimming all day Forgot how that39s


I made this meme all by myself and it was inspired by a set we did today | It's a Swimmer Thing | Pinterest | Meme, Swimming and Water polo

I just love that it's the 9th Doctor...Type 1 Diabetes Memes

I made this meme all by myself and it was inspired by a set we did today

Thanks to Kara I'm finding all kinds of hilarious diabetes memes

the worst. i drive like a bat outta you know where to get them :/

Type1 Diabetes Memes (@t1diabetesmemes) | Twitter

I also like to live dangerously ;)

To be fair i have witnessed a diabetic eat himself into a sugar coma with multi disgusting big macs jumbo colas and super fries and then dessert then ...

Type 1 Diabetes Memes : When you have great BG all day for no reason

The best kind

people should stop expecting normal from me funny quotes quote crazy lol funny quote funny quotes humor story of my life!

Let me throw a parade!

What do you mean you're not breastfeeding?

whoops, forgot to bolus again

Congrats to this week's caption contest winner Kaylie Lavin!

fucking perfect.... so fucking perfect, dont tell me how rough the

I've forgotten what it's like to have a normal sleeping pattern. (Welcome to night shift!

All the time

A Type I Diabetic's Journey to Her First Triathlon

Jodie did this to me a couple weeks ago. I freaked out

I loved you before you knew it was love. I saw it all, still

Just because the past didn't turn out like you had hoped, doesn't mean your future can't be better than you had envisioned. In fact, we often grow stronger ...

Aqua Instructor tip #62 Noodle in front suspended seated combo - YouTube

I hear this all the time


They expect perfect everything. They want you

So I'm not the only one...don't forget about

Things You Should Know About Chuck Norris… And Diabetes

Can't wait for everything to be water proof so Calgon can take me away

alguns têm dinheiro. alguns têm beleza. eu tenho sono.

#Recycling Makes Me Feel Awesome | Pinned by Organic Energy Corporation | #recycle #

Wild Number of the Day - 3,000 earthquakes per year in Yellowstone National Park, USA

This is a collection from 2010!! I guess that#39;s why

A men's fashion/lifestyle moodboard featuring men's street style looks, beards and various facial hair styles, tattoo art, inspiring street fashion ...


Funny Let's Talk Numbers Kid | Funny Joke Pictures

second meme like this that I've posted but his expression is great for all of them!


Caribbean Cruise Ship

That39s No Monkey The Finch And Pea With Regard To Picture Of All Animals Together

Releasing negative people from our lives makes space for positive, supportive and loving people and helps creates a life free from drama.

You're not a hamster: get off that hamster wheel & lift some weights!

Modest Swimsuits for Teens | cable car couture image consulting So cute! Jenny!

Willy Wonka is a rather condescending fellow. Willy Wonka shares a few truths about life in a condescending way in this hilarious Willy Wonka meme picture ...

Seriously everyone's grandma apparently lost a foot.

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That#39;s an expression my grandmother used to describe someone with loquatious talents. That certainly applies to my guide Dung (pronounced "Young") who is ...

type one diabetes

ID Shield investigators can assist with all sorts of identity issues. Video intro --

Type 2 diabetes vs type 1 - There Is A Major Difference

star wars characters ranked for style

Our mission is to actively promote the use of water features as significant design elements in all architectural recreation and entertainment environments.

... of 12; 10.

That's true, but the

www.projectbluenovember.com www.facebook.com/projectbluenovember #projectbluenovember

Wonder how long I have to wait

that ? and you always answer...good!

zodiacsociety: Zodiac Signs Being Drunk Zodiac Signs In The Bedroom Zodiac Signs When Angry! Zodiac Signs As Ice Cream Flavours! Zodiac Signs In The Hunger ...

Diabetic Problem ---The worst ---No one understands why you are so tired all the time!

Ten best motivational videos of all time, acccording to Geoffrey James, a leading business journalist and author covering sales techniques, training and ...

Often this is a trick they use to be on the winning side every time especially in war scenes but as you can see do it .

Wild Number of the Day - Morroco | Nature Flip Blog

26 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Feel Less Stressed In No Time

I tested all these weightless recipes on my own experience. In such way I lost 10 pounds easily. More yummy recipes ideas are on my ...

cool Great use of whitespace to separate and organize each of the elements on the page. Makes images really pop as well.. The UX Blog podcast is .

Olympic Medalist, Swimming, Gary Hall, Jr, Type 1 diabetic (so incredibly inspiring from an olympic athlete with IDDM)

I'm a cuddle and watch movie marathons kinda Capricorn.

Founded in 1984 Tara Manufacturing is a family-owned and operated pool supply manufacturing company that is dedicated to producing high quality vinyl pool ...

I have no memory of this place...(Type 1 Diabetes Memes)


product image

3: this, gorgeous, poolhouse, just, place, after, water, inside, therersquos, beautiful, kitchen, with, where, home, owner, shows, culinary, skills, ...

I Will Have You Know Funny Spongebob Meme 14 Hour Shift Server Life Humor.my life

Old Pool Noodles, Old Pool Noodle Crafts, Crafts for Kids, Things to Do With Old Pool Noodles, Crafts, Crafting Tips and Tricks, DIY Projects, DIY Home, ...

its hard to be spontaneous

How I Feel When I have high blood sugars • The Carb Count

Everyday and every meal my daughter eats is a constant worry that she could end up back in ICU.

This is so me in the middle of the night. I hate 3am low sugars

Exclusive TalentRaters Intervi.

Every day is potentially a life or death for a diabetic.

I want to have lunch on Table Mountain

when the thinker won't THINK!

type one diabetes

Aquascape is North Americas leading innovator in the water gardening industry. Aquascape invented the low-maintenance naturally balanced ecosystem pond that ...

Stromatolites may just look like rocks, but that's what they want you to think!

NPR listeners had lots of questions after our story about diastasis recti, a medical condition of abdominal muscles that#39;s common among new moms.

The Color That 39 S Helping Me Grow Out My Roots Gracefully Xovain

What is diabetes? on DeviantArt.

For All the Kidney Warriors!

You are so much more than what disables you. ~ I think I am going to give this to my friends at church with fibro.

Here are the Top 10 Bruno Mars Songs as Chosen by Fans BRUNO MARS :If

So damn true. I hate people saying something they can't do. In the end we Capricorns are even at fault.