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This Heirloom Collectible Nutcracker Duck Hunter Figurine by Zim39s

This Heirloom Collectible Nutcracker Duck Hunter Figurine by Zim39s


Look at this #zulilyfind! Heirloom Collectible Nutcracker Scrooge Figurine by Zim's by The Whitehurst Company #zulilyfinds

Heartwood Creek® by Jim Shore Soldier Nutcracker Figurine

Sale Five dollars off Vintage German Smoker Gunther Ulbritch Signed Rare Hunter incense Burner from Germany

14" Duck Hunter Nutcracker, ...

Season meals to perfection with this salt and pepper shaker set boasting a charming holiday design

Christian Steinbach Nutcrackers

The rears of the figures against their own liner-card, I don't know if Spider Gore is a 'Goodie' or a 'Baddie', but I suspect the later with a name like ...

Commonwealth, Hong Kong x4 and Sanitarium

The San Francisco Music Box Company Christmas Nutcracker Soldiers Snow Globe Multi

Nutcracker At Work: Computer Geek/ new

M is for Marx and MPC...and Multiple...and Model...Military Men! | Small Scale World

So here they are...including some of the better Hong Kong copies - and I use the word 'better' in its loosest form!

Charbens had a go at Naval figures too, and here we see 5 of six poses, I haven't a clue what the other pose is, another rating I guess, I could always ...

They weren't in the unknown civilians when I did those metal posts last Spring . . . must do rest of the Napoleonics!

Have to have it. Steinbach Policeman German Incense Smoker @hayneedle

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Mueller Smokerman Erzgebirge Nutcracker Carver

Vintage With Tags Limited Edition Collectible 2006 Nutcracker With Horn from Target

Pretty standard central European nutcrackers (yeah - I try to avoid the Erz...word!), but with a twist in that some have had a costume change, ...

But maybe not as new, or not all as new as some of yesterdays so my note then, about the titles, holds-fast - they're bullshit!

The medical sets and the mortar were also stunning with the 'extra mile' that other makers never attempted.

Karen Didion Santa Claus aviator airplane retired LAST one new 12""

Muller Nutcracker

On the left is a few more from the above set which have come in over the last few years, a Heinkel Bomber (early version with open roof-gunner position) ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Comparisons between SOTW, MPC & Marx. ORIGINS - Maker/Manufacturer

The more modern/current companies have a four-colour, blue, grey, red and butter nut rule, producing all or some of each range in any of the colours.

Fitz And Floyd Nutcracker Collection Pine Cone Motif Ornament In Box 19/1547 from Fitz

we need this Nutcracker for our Christmas countdown!

The originl 'silver' knights, consisted of six poses on foot and six poses mounted, the standard for a set of Deetail, and most Britains plastic production.

So far there is no clue as to maker, and both sets are unmarked generics with graphics that might be later 1970's?

Foot types present in this set, there are more in the Teixido inventory and with the [re]moveable arms a couple of the figures can be made to hold the ...

Inge Glas Heirlooms Oktoberfest Hans Bavarian Boy German Blown Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

Home Interior Figurines Collectibles

52/53mm? They are also very bitty, lots of fine detail, rivets, straps, hinges. The guy with a black plume is missing a lance.

Christian Steinbach Smokers

Another full-size one on display in the Metropolitan, the heraldic charge in the background (of a Griffon?) makes him look a bit like a wing'ed avenging ...

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Heidi Christian Steinbach

A selection of the Character Options micro-figures, like most of this new production, it starts life hideously over-priced (for what it is), and after a set ...

Another quick comparison between the Rado-Marksmen figures and a re-issue of an Arab looking character figure (called Kulu) from the Marx African Hunters ...

Music Box. Vintage Music BoxesCollectible FigurinesBetty ...

... kits suffer the same problem), so to find them mostly so clean-white is another bonus . . . however, if they are painted, that's not a problem .

They were not actually given away by Kellogg's at the same time as the Robin Hood figures so aren't 'technically' The enemy at all, but I don't know who ...

Ambi Toys — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging

...who are clearly copies of the Timpo para heads on US/German first type bodies, with a few changes, somehow these manage to look more French than anything ...

Precious Moments Heirloom Nativity Figurine Set of 7 LED Deluxe Wooden Music Box

The Germans are coming! [National motto of the French, or is that; 'The British are winning'?]. These come in a variety of greys from the quite dark one on ...

Remember when I showed the large 6" G.I. type figures I said there were other sets, well I'm still not too sure what they [all] were (police and road ...

Vintage Child's Music Jewelry Box with Spinning Ballerina As-Is Japan 1970's

Let's be honest here, this stuff is purely for kidult's man-caves, I mean; who wouldn't want 4-inches (that's ...

Hand Carved Santa Heirloom Santa Old World Primitive Folk Art Christmas Cabin

The same lot also gave-up these, and there is a mix of scales because the 40 (hyena) to 50mm (wolverine? And otter or mongoose?) rule seems to be being ...

Riders Equestrian Napkin Rings

Master of the Hunt Fox Marionette

Autumn Tall Hat Santa

Wilhelm Schweizer "AllSeasons"Specialty Standing Figurines

William Sonoma Nutcracker Dinner Plates (6) Christmas Discontinued 11 1/4"

Charming Tails You're One of a Kind Mouse in Egg with Chick Easter Figurine

In the end, as I clutched them in my mitt along with a nice German vintage spaceman with detachable (and easily lost) helmet, he let me have them.

This was Monogram's stab at the impossible task (not that impossible as within a few short years (1996 onwards) A Call to Arms, Accurate/Imex, ...

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Vienna Bronze Fox Orchestra

For the Fontanini Collection By Roman Inc. Item Piece depicts a shepherd angel holding her shepherds staff in one hand while snuggling a tiny la

A pound each, one was mint (Peanuts) the other a bit of a mess, but adding to the whole, the books gone to recycling before I'd got home, hence their being ...

And in its place lots of shiny new things, including not one but two of the Phidal sets Mr. Spectrum told us about.

Vintage Steinbach Nutcracker Sherlock Holmes handcrafted West Germany

vintage Duck House heirloom porcelain doll "Anika"

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Nuernberger Wax Angel by Eggl of Bavaria

Lladro Collectible Figurine, A new Treasure Boy

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - The Beekeeper Wooden Ornament Christian Steinbach

Music Boxes

I think we've seen most of these before, a badge, some charms, a large resin kitten and a Whimsy from Wade in pottery, all compared to one of the cats in ...

Disney The Magic Of Love Personalized Collector Plate

Struwwelpeter Pewter

Sugar Bunnies by Candice Wirth Designs

Santa Figurines

The lot included a porcelain goose which might be Wade but is a bit small, and too well painted (for Wade) and a resin chick for a tit-bird (non-native so I ...

Vintage Girl Porcelain Figurine Music Box "Somewhere My Love" Made ...

need some white ducks.

{5th day of christmas: letter block christmas tree} — Darkroom and Dearly

25mm Space Aliens, 28mm War Gaming Figures, Complete Strategist Manhattan, Manhattan Model Store

Miniature Pewter Bavarian Flag Wilhelm Schweizer

Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers

Personalized bowling set with penguins - 6 pin organic wood skittles, classic heirloom toy set for toddler and preschooler, organic finish

Wilhelm Schweizer Easter Oster Pewter Anno 2002 Mama Bunny with Baby

... shaped-paper over-stickers, and the arms are hanging loose, so another pointer to its being broken, or having a jammed mechanism or missing launcher?

3 Assorted Vintage Herbal Specimen Framed

10" Handmade Carved Wood BIRD Folk Art Primitive Rustic BROWN Animal Figurine

Ballerina Shaped Resin Music Box Figurine

Nuernberger Wax Angel by Eggl of Bavaria

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