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This bat is just not cute tubenosed bat Scary Ugly Goofy

This bat is just not cute tubenosed bat Scary Ugly Goofy


Griffin's Leaf-Nosed Bat (Hipposideros griffini)

Advertisement. That animal has not ...

It looks like one too. Known to us lay-folks as the Frog-eating Bat, Trachops cirrhosus sort of resembles a tiny, furry, flying Triceratops ...

ASSUSTADOR... Morcegos vampiros...tão mal vistos e causam tanta repugnância... Click abaixo e conheça de perto!

another pic of the new leaf-nosed bat from Vietnam http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/02/120223-new-bat -species-vietnam-animals-science/

This strange-looking, fruit-eating bat is known as the Wrinkle-faced bat. Its hairless face is covered with wrinkled skin folds and flaps that aid in ...

vampire bat, this one is pretty cute...usually they are pretty scary looking, but all the best thing are.

The biggest library of bat sounds has been compiled to identify bats from their calls in

bats | ... blogthis share to twitter share to facebook labels bats facts bats/ Ugly until you block his ears.

A Close-Up Of The Head Of A Vampire Bat

A Nyctimene tube-nosed Fruit Bat is one of the exotic new discoveries made by scientists in Papua New Guinea

Google Image Result for http://wallpaper.searchrealm.com/Birds/Bat/vampire- bat.jpg

Did your Mom ever warn you not to stick your tongue out at people, or it might stay that way? The Wrinkle-faced Bat above didn't get the message, ...

A tube-nosed bat. OMG his cuteness!

2) Unlucky & Ugly Horseshoe Bat. Does this bat get its ...

Bats are the only animals that can fly, but vampire bats have an even more fascinating difference– they are the only creatures that feed totally on blood.


Spectral bat

Wrinkle-faced bat (Centurio senex) …a ugly species of leaf-nosed bat native to Central America. As their common name suggests this bat's face is covered in ...

Bats may be Fledermaus in German but they're much more than just flying mice... and much less cute as well. These 10 bizarre bats take ugliness to the ...

Austin,Texas is a seasonal home to North America's largest urban population of Mexican free-tailed bats. They live beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge.

awesome Bats - Bats Are Amazing Animals pictures images

6) Looney Tunes-esque Angry Ugly Bat

Fotografia Bat de Max Irman na 500px

'fruit bats are just puppies with wings!-we had pet fruit bats when I was a child.' "that is super sweet. i want a flying puppy" :) shane

Fruit Bat

This American leaf-nosed bat, which was found at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica, shows off the folded, spearhead muzzle for which it is named.

Natterers bats feed by using their tails to pluck prey like spiders and flies off of

Please let me rescue a bat Lord,I've saved about eve.rything else,but how I adore bats.

tube-nosed fruit bat: perfectly harmless but his expression is all MWAH-HA-HA-HA.

This Vampire Bat is totally stoked for today's live chat with @SaveTheBats! Join in

A baby long-eared bat is hand-reared at Secret Animal Rescue in Somerset. Its ears - not fully formed yet - will eventually sit on the top of its head, ...

Tube-nosed Fruit Bat - New to science, previously observed. This incredible bat bears an uncanny resemblance to Yoda from Star Wars.

leaf-nosed bat by Steve Gettle


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Spear-nose Microbat, he's so ugly he's cute! Find this Pin and more on bats ...

Gremlin bat dropped by mum in flight nursed back to health ~ One-week-old Cruella may look a bit scary but in reality she is highly vulnerable. The baby ...

Feel the force: Tube-nosed bat which bears striking resemblance to Yoda discovered as scientists find hundreds of new species

Vampire Bat feeding on blood. It's main food source.

Platyrrhinus helleri - Heller's broad-nosed bat



Pin by Danijela Zivkovic on Animals | Pinterest | Bats, Animal and Creatures

Cute Baby Fruit Bat. "Adorable Baby Animals"

Greater False Vampire Bat: Found in South and Southeast Asia in humid rainforests. It eats everything from large insects to lizards, frogs, rats, ...

Animal Sex: How Bats Do It

Murcielago frutero / Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat, Artibeus jamaicensis by svaldvard

12 images and facts about misunderstood bats

Ugly Animal List | The large-eared free-tailed bat.

Look at that face.

The Ashy-gray tube-nosed bat (Murina cineracea) was one of 126

Spotted-winged Fruit Bat | eximago the spotted winged fruit bat balionycteris maculata is a .

I'm not a vampire I'm a fox-bat.

Bat expert Merlin Tuttle explains why we should learn to love the winged mammal.

I love bats! http://www.anipedia.net/images/murcielagos-fondos-escritorio-1024.jpg

scienceyoucanlove: “ Project Noah Fun Fact: We find this Northern ghost bat (Diclidurus albus) just too adorable to resist! Found in South America, ...

Nope, just my buddy the fruit bat.

do not interrupt. Common Tube-nosed Bat | Bernard Van Elegem

Couldn't post this in r/blep but I hope r/aww will like a cute bat blep.

Discount Ramps Dog Stroller For Long Distances. Find this Pin and more on Bats ...

Meet Sphaeronycteris toxophyllum, otherwise known as the Visored Bat. If looks can kill, then it's better to be older but Visor, amiright?

Tropical bat (unfortunately I don't know that species)

Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai), also known as the Bumblebee Bat. Vulnerable. Population is estimated to be less than 10,000 individuals ...



The Giant golden-crowned flying fox, or as it's sometimes known, the golden-capped fruit bat, is the largest known species of bat in the world.

Melting my ♥ The lovely creature that which is a bat!

bats, who says this guys are ugly?

Weird And Ugly Bats , Nice n Funny LOL poor things

look at his cluster of yums

mama bat with baby

unusual animals | hanging bat

Bats help control the insect population, and one bat can eat between 600 and 1000 mosquitoes in just one hour. Most people think bats carry rabies, ...

Are they the biggest bats (longest wing spans) in the world?

Cute bat. How could someone not love that sweet little face?

Momma bat and her baby

˚Bats of the genus Pteropus, belonging to the Megachiroptera sub-order, are the largest bats in the world

Baby rescue bat - OMG look at that sweet face

Bat with a sweet goofy grin, the Heart-nosed Bat (Cardioderma cor)

I know this isn't house related but just look at this isn't it adorable

at the 'bat cave' — Bats_Rule!

dyak fruit bat

bats awwwww so sweet! bats either eat fruirt or insects they are not connected to the occult because they are evil they are sweet creatures

"Baby fruit bats at the Bat Clinic in Advancetown, which has helped at least 130 baby bats after the wet weather. The winged mammals are bottle fed, ...

We need these adorable flying pups! Find this Pin and more on BaTS ...

Ghost bat from Costa Rica.

Lesser Short-Nosed Fruit Bat. How cute is he just hanging out?

Little Brown Bat - looks like the three little ones I've rehabilitated. ❤

Macrotus waterhousei

Alberta Bats

Who are you calling ugly? Gremlin bat nursed back to health after mum drops her in flight

Baby bat - photo by Peet van Schalkwyck . I think bats are adorable!

Cornelius in the flight cage. (Bat World)

Soo ugly

Little black bat clinging to a leaf

Brown long eared bat Bat Conservation trust.

Sassy bat

Little Brown Bat - photo by Steve Byland. They can eat 1000 Mosquitos an hour. Bats are the only flying mammals and are in danger from white nose syndrome.