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This is pretty staggering I had never really thought about how much

This is pretty staggering I had never really thought about how much


Toast Ale on Twitter: "We're featured in the second edition of @AlliedLondon 's ALL magasine Thanks for the write up!… "

Maura Cheeks on Twitter: "The stats in this @HarvardBiz article by Michael Gee are pretty staggering https://t.co/c0iVRQzPM4… "

I think I've sent multiple texts that say pretty much the same thing. But it was to one guy.

One day I'll have a body you will have never touched

The average error in the NHC forecasted position of a hurricane three days in the future has shrunk to a third of what it was in 1990--a staggering ...

The investing establishment (brokers, magazines, advisors & more) knows a secret they

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

It was so much, so soon. It was almost as if, now that he'd avenged the cruelties perpetrated against and limitations imposed on Sifford and Elder and ...


... the developers have stated themselves, but it can give us a pretty good idea how much money games make during these sales and the result is staggering.

Robin Wigglesworth on Twitter: "Pretty staggering chart showing how much China has driven private sector credit creation since the crisis.… "

And how many times does the narcissist repeat the same old shit.. It doesn't end.. It will never end. divorce quotes

Monster Hunter World lore book


i wonder if the authors ok with this or purposely trying to show how clearly we are similar

A real man gives his woman her place in his life. She will never be jealous of women, Because he will always let her place be known.

The scale of warming in the ocean is 'truly staggering', the report warns


The Mayor of Bendigo has insisted that her city is “a very vibrant and beautiful place”, after it was depicted as a desolate wasteland in a recent parody of ...

How many kids currently being detained were unaccompanied when first apprehended? Didn't realize until today how staggering the numbers are.

I fought n I have no regrets!

That's probably true.my face has hurt from smiling after every concert I've gone to. (A staggering so true

That hurts my fingers just thinking about typing on it.

... SDIM2177 | by So Mi Choung


Entering the cactus garden, ringed within an expansive Mexican style tiled-wall, made for an experience quite unlike any other I have had before. This ...

I think that a jump from street level to Thor staggering level is a pretty significant boost in power. This is not the only time that Loki has amped someone ...

(*note:the 3 g's in staggered are intentional, used as poetic license to emphasize the narrator's startled state.

Live at the Fillmore East and West: Getting Backstage and Personal with Rock's Greatest Legends: John Glatt: 9780762788668: Amazon.com: Books

Featuring China Crisis, David Bowie, Paul Young, Strawberry Switchblade, Scritti Politti, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Nick Heyward, Gary Numan, ...

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Hrm, can't say much about this one. Never really did get that whole "Hey, let's use E icons in LiteStep" craze. Nice shortcut bar, however. full screen

Entering the cactus garden, ringed within an expansive Mexican style tiled-wall, made for an experience quite unlike any other I have had before. This ...

Why is it important to keep your dog's teeth clean? 80% of dogs have dental disease by age 3. That's a pretty staggering statistic. It's actually the most ...

The history of social media stretches back much further than you'd think, let's take a quick tour of its rise and rise.

We've spent much of the last eight years trying to answer a simple question: what are the world's biggest and most urgent problems?

... Qualcomm ran the GFXBench Manhattan OpenGL 3.1 benchmark on a Snapdragon 835 and an 845. The difference here was pretty staggering: the 845 consumed a ...

Contrary to popular belief, abortion is pretty common.

Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than ...

And let's just say that the cliffhanger to this penultimate issue is quite staggering!


Photos Banjo aggregated from several social media networks during the launch of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. All images were drawn from social media ...

my goodness your soul breaks and breaks while your body grows and grows and my my how painful it is SBW

Doug: Our heroes pursue and Jan gets whacked upside the head -- you can almost hear her say "I've never seen anyone move so fast!". But we're spared.

You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News

NEW QUIZ — What Kind of Millennial Are You?

Stagger some simple platforms up your garden slope. Going up the garden path will never be the same!

I had no idea what it was going to be like, going into that talk. I had never really done a business talk before (and I don't have 'formal' training in ...

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... then our special needs children will have much better and brighter futures as adults, who are more than capable of contributing to society.

11 shocking behind-the-scenes stories from the comics industry - Geek.com

1/10McLaren named the car for famed and adored Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, who scored scored a staggering 35 F1 victories and three driver's titles with ...

Men may never truly get over a relationship break-up, says study

All set

The Worst Kinds of Overwatch Teammates and Why They Suck So Much

It's like the index in the back of a book, but because its so large, it's a lot more complex than that. You can think of it like this: Suppose you had ...

I know, it will be on a weekend, things are going on. Personally, as an American, after our storm I will be all #FlyEaglesFly. So, please, just take this ...

But once they saw him up close, once they realized what they were dealing with, it all began to change. Janzen played practice rounds with Woods a few times ...

In this photo taken on November 19, 2015, smoke belches from a coal-

... (on the staggered photos, the extra cabinets will be where that other storage closet is, and on the 42" cabinet photos they'll be in that empty space).

To celebrate we will be having Arctic roll for pudding.”' Illustration by Kanako and Yuzuru at Good Illustration for the Guardian

Click Add Rule(s), then Reverse Proxy in the subsequent window and follow

40 Cool Garden Stair Ideas For Inspiration

When I think back on it now I can tally off so many little things that I had to relearn on the little bike…the list is actually staggering. if I had to ...

... 4. ...

February 25th, 2010 | Tags: comic strips, dreaming, dreams, Friedrich von Schiller, Joe Forkan, Staggering Heights | Category: howard, jake, staggering ...

We definitely factored into those numbers, but it is still pretty staggering. There is an incredible amount of focus on the royal family and the events…

One of the main reasons I started working on Staggered was because I wanted some insight into my own musical tendencies. My knowledge of music theory was ...

Helga's Mother Is An Alcoholic

In that first study, I presented people with empty page layouts—with no content in the panels—and asked them to number the panels in the order that they ...

How to Say “My Love” in French (Plus 28 More Romantic French Words and Phrases)

The Staggering Amount of Plastic We've Produced—And What We've Done With It

Over a lifetime, we will lose some two hundred thousand items apiece, plus money, relationships, elections, loved ones.

14 Things Straight Girls Will Never Understand About Gay Guys featured image


I built it for myself, so this is pretty much it for layout options. You get something close-to-normal, or something really bizarre-o with ...

So it's pretty clear a single thunderclap from the Hulk is capable of producing infinite energy required to pull off such a feat. A punch would have equal ...

Cloud Saves

Essentially it is a very dry statistic 97% is almost all of our wildflower meadows, gone. The 1930's is recent enough to be shocking, but far enough away to ...

How Michael Jackson's 'Bad' Scored a Staggering Five Number Ones – Rolling Stone

In a last ditch effort, I elbowed him with all my might. What happened was quite shocking. See, J was about a head smaller than me, so when I elbowed him ...


I know he might've just actually been a good guy with anxiety/depression (He told me that he had it) but I just got a lot of creepy vibes from him.

Speaking of the Defenders, we have what might be that infamously weird team's most infamously weird antagonist.

What's the most incredible coincidence that ever happened to you? - Quora

I know he might've just actually been a good guy with anxiety/depression (He told me that he had it) but I just got a lot of creepy vibes from him.

You don't want to miss this tutorial on how to install a Plank wall


Chuck Palahniuk

western australia rio tinto brockman 2 mine truck


"It's a favorite for most, but I will probably never read A Clockwork

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie received a backlash for her comments on trans women

Detained, Then Violated