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This is stupid that makes it funny Fur stuff t Anime

This is stupid that makes it funny Fur stuff t Anime


Read from the story Poze amuzante ANIME by LigiaOlivia (¡Princess TuTu!

If I'd have to choose life or anime I'd choose anime think of all the hot guys!

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Omg, I haven't seen this anime in such a long time (the nostalgia tho :') )

sandwich-kun, Kun is for guys.anime, you can't find genders sword art online

Two names to disprove this statement: Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl series) and Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club). Ok, really, ANYONE from Ouran High ...

This song pumps me up!

I saw this when I was taking a break from math homework (Math in summer! By break I mean just sneaking computer tme. Then I finished my homework and ...

What the fawk?

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Those two dudes look cute... But they're gay!

Ouran Highschool Host Club

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jajaja, hey guys, do not check boku no pico, trust me, is

Anime: besides, look what I can do. Me: but how does that

Anime is love Anime is life

the dub was hilarious and cringy because of the amount of times "bro", "man" and "dude" were used. One character in off actually made fun of this.

We all wish we could ask our teachers this.

Don't eat my face you are my face < < < on that is scary the titan is starin u in the face being all like "wat chu gonna do?

This is adorable :)

they just had to make the half-marco joke *sigh* but in a

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Charlotte key.jpg

It is super SUPER rare for me to do a group project.

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Jasper's current appearances bears resemblance to Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, along with her personality of becoming more powerful than they need to be, ...

Every anime lover is guilty of this if the makers of the anime are evil and

Right in the feels

This is what they call photographic memory anime is this?


My Funny anime jokes - This is how you find an otaku

Thank you, friend, for sending this to me. This is literally our life · Anime MemeAnime LolFunny ...

Ah, binge watching stuff, my favorite sport. When I'm not refreshing my memory of the last season of Game of Thrones in time for the next one, ...

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Why would you even wish for something so messed up like that in the first place

Apparently they're starting young these days

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Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic. Oh man. This character is so painfully clueless that it makes him hilarious to watch. (Can't wait for season 2!!)

Sword ...

Even though there are many individual episodes to this that are boring, if you consume it by the story arc, it becomes much better. The interesting thing is ...

This kind of stuff is magically protected from any criticism: "what did you expect, even thing itself says it's shit".

Resultado de imagen para kim possible anime

... accurate/better one? HIDIVE also has translator notes throughout pointing out the not so obvious references like here.

If you're willing to watch slow paced anime, then you might want to try Monster.

I can't believe all homophobic and transphobic acts were a lie

The Five Best Anime of 2017

Miyazaki has a wealth of great characters, from bizarre gods to eccentric spirits and terrifying witches. But it's his heroines who are usually the best, ...

The end result is this ◊.

Superb animation, great action scenes, psychological stuff, amazing characters, interesting storyline. Fate/Zero has it all. Its ending is a bit confusing ...

I am a 100% sure you must have heard about this anime. This is great, a masterpiece. I won't write about it much, just watch it.

This classic samurai epic takes place in the Meiji Restoration period of Japanese history, which saw the country open up to foreign influence and attempt to ...

This scene in the OP makes me afraid of what is to come in this arc... I am not ready for the incoming angst.

... and about the grueling struggle to retain humanity in a brutal conflict, than it is a mere mindless display of gratuitous carnage.

How and why do we find certain things interesting?

[Spoilers] Made in Abyss - Episode 6 discussion : anime

OK, so this guy makes it in not so much on the basis of being layered and complex as because of the fact that he's totally, totally adorable.

According to the Secret Shortcuts, Honoka believes in Santa too.

The main characters of Charlotte (from left to right): Yusa, Jōjirō (back row); Nao, Ayumi, and Yuu (front row) with the short-period comet Charlotte.

You aren't alone . Search you will find someone

48 best anime picture images on Pinterest | Manga drawing, Anime art and Anime guys

20 of the World's Most Humorous Twitter Bios

It was a big Junko episode today in Demon King Daimao. I've always

Momoka's mom ...

Pokémon Champions ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this

"I'm starting to thing retesting seniors for driving isn't a bad idea!

This is so pretty! I need to draw this though her eyes are rather large

Cheap tee top, Buy Quality t shirt directly from China anime t shirt Suppliers: Onseme Men Women Anime T Shirts Classic Dragon Ball Z Piccolo t shirt Male ...

Whether you watch Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, or the one I'm not going to mention because it sucked, or even if you just binge watch a ...

Going from manga to realistic art style.

'Would you like some cold water for that burn, my lord?' < <

Ergo Proxy offers a great battle of wits making it a great choice if you are after an anime similar to Death Note. Ergo Proxy offers a dark scientific ...

Watched episodes 3,4, and 5 of Another today. Gotta love this screencap.

Yes, also bkub openly makes fun of his own drawing skills and sense of humour. This kind of stuff is magically protected from any criticism: "what did you ...

The easiest way to draw an amazing wolf head from many different angles. >>> If you liked this, then check out my Human Head Tutorial: REQUEST TUTORIALS!

8 Animes Like Death Note - Try These Psychological Animes…

I've lived in Japan for a long time. When I first came here, I liked living here. Now, I don't. I haven't changed. Japan hasn't really changed, either.

Tetsuo's always been the odd man out, reliant on his friend Kaneda for support and protection. But when he is picked up by government scientists, ...

"They'll understand me in Japan" : justneckbeardthings


Bless Asenshi for these, it would be such a shame to miss out of these episodes each week, always makes my Sunday.

I love this, I want to draw anime but I just can't get

Sense8 - IMDB Rating - 8.4 - Eight strangers around the globe find themselves connected -- first by a violent vision, then by their shared ability to ...

Body painting manga eyes - step by step for anime eyes for con or Halloween.

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The packaging for this set sure is nice. I don't know whether it was ever really an SDCC exclusive, few things are these days, but the presentation sure ...

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The above Cardcaptor Sakura figure was a steal at $35. What was funny was that I first saw it at one booth for $59 and was almost gonna get it, ...

twitter book

All ...

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-dvd-20160725020235-300x423 6 Anime Like

Further Reading on this ...

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-dvd-20160725020235-300x423 6 Anime Like

20 of the World's Wittiest Twitter Bios

Came up with some funny sayings (thanks to other pinners for the ideas) for each item. They loved them first aid kit is proving very useful ...

Sucks to be you. Shadow's gay dance moment: If you wanna know xD' art (c) ~Faezza characters (c) SEGA idea (c) ~Memokkeen