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This is the earliest known picture of ESAU PANTHERA the original

This is the earliest known picture of ESAU PANTHERA the original


This is the earliest known picture of ESAU PANTHERA, the original Jesus. Who was converted into Jesus the Christ by the council of Nicea 325AD for Roman ...

Here is MORE irrefutable PROOF that the true image of the (Yahawashi) Christ and the real Jews/Israelites fare found all over Europe.


Earliest known image of Jesus Christ, from the Coptic Museum in Cairo, Egypt

The earliest known image of Jesus Christ, from the Coptic Museum in Cairo ”

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Proving Jesus is Black! Archeological Evidence and History of Iconoclasm

Early Christians

Stock Photo : Arrival of Jacob and his sons in Egypt, fresco, Via Latina

Find this Pin and more on Afro by mosart1886.


From the catacombs...early picture of Jesus with disciples.

EgyptSearch Forums: Early church depiction of Holy Mary and Child.

A team of Catalan Egyptologists from the Catalan Egyptology Society and University of Barcelona claim to have found one of the earliest-known pictures of ...

Isaac upon Esau's Return (fresco circa 1292–1294 by Giotto di Bondone)

hebrew israelites | Tumblr

Birth of Esau and Jacob (illumination circa 1475–1480 by François Maitre from Augustine's La Cité de Dieu, at the Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum)

Jonah Thrown into the Whale, IV BCE. Catacomba dei Santi Pietro e Marcellino, Roma.

Photo: John8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall

Esau Sells His Birthright for Pottage of Lentils (illustration from the 1728 Figures de la Bible)

Esau and Sei'rim

Esau sells his birthright, by Gioacchino Assereto, c. 1645

Esau Going for Venison (illustration from the 1890 Holman Bible)

The script appears to be a mix of Aramaic and Hebrew letters. We will decipher and post a translation below.

As explained on this blog before, the photo represented below seems to be the oldest "Thunderbird Photo" and it is probably the original.

Philippino Longneck

At this juncture I really had to jump in because I differ in my interpretation of the head part of this underwater photo taken at Loch Ness: I think it is ...

Haplogroup J2, Romans, Christianity and Viticulture [Archive] - Eupedia Forum

Esau Selling His Birthright (painting circa 1627 by Hendrick ter Brugghen)

Frontiers of Zoology: Native Portrait of Surviving Native North American Lion?

A strange creature appears in the Piri Reis map in the area which we known today as the Guianas and NE Brazil in South America:

A friend on Facebook shared this depiction which shows the Se'irim of the bible living in caves in Edom (Southern area of modern Israel and Jordan) and ...

King James Bible

Vintage sepia photograph of the Iziko South African Museum's mounted pseudo-melanistic leopard specimen as featured in The Mammals of South Africa, ...


The reason this aborted attempt becomes so significant is that early Christians identified this type of action with that of Antiochus Epiphanies, ...

Only the original is on Vancouver Island and this version as shown is incorrect in that it combines two different figures of the original petroglyph frieze.

It seems that all of these early New England SeaSerpents were NOT Multihumped at all: they had a body plan that was basically Plesiosaurian with a head and ...

Asiatic lion - Female

Actual Still Capture

Asiatic lion - Male

Esau and Jacob Presented to Isaac (painting circa 1779–1801 by Benjamin West)

A Christian artist's conception of the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, which had secured the official endorsement of Roman Emperor Constantine, and which served ...

The script appears to be a mix of Aramaic and Hebrew letters. We will decipher and post a translation below.

St John Episcopal Bible Classes

Leaving off the sort of turban of leaves and sticks the creature is wearing, we have what is very likely the earliest depiction of a Didi on record and also ...

Burning bush - Icon of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. The bush is depicted at

"Desmodus_chupii, chupa vampire bat" from one of the Cryptozoology message boards, original discussion now deleted. This would be intended for one of the ...


Horus and Set

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However, Ivan Heran's book Animal Coloration (1976) includes a photo of an adult maned lion with several clearly-visible vertical stripes decorating its ...

Early Merhorse Art by Thomas Finley, and Longnecked Seals in General. "

'The Fight in the Forest' – a woodwose-featuring engraving (Hans Burgkmair, early 1500s)

Bushby - The Secret in the Bible - The Great Pyramid, Its Missing Capstone and the Supernatural Origin of Scripture (3rd Edition)(2011) | Torah | Gospel Of ...

Also, please click here for an even more recent, updated ShukerNature account concerning the true nature and taxonomic identity of Mirapinna esau.

Leopard - Panthera pardus japonensis ©WikiC

Gerald's letter as published in the ISC Newsletter (autumn 1986) – please click image to enlarge it for reading purposes

Lion - A male Southern African lion photographed in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Image result for black jesus catacombs roman

Front Cover

(ink on paper, detail)

Could certain 'fishes with hair' be fur seals? An engraving of a northern fur seal Callorhinus ursinus from 1865 (public domain)

Kingdom of Bohemia - The oldest depiction of coat of arms of Bohemia, castle Gozzoburg

Original Sin, repression of the Gnostics and the Early Church

(an “Alexanderish” sculpture of king David by the majestic Italian artist Michelangelo, early 1500's)

Bible Interpretations and Explanations, Booklet One

Jami' al-tawarikh - Mountains between India and China, Khalili Collection

Biblical Memes

Jami' al-tawarikh - The Battle of Badr, from Topkapi MS H 1653. "

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Early Church Converts

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Judah (son of Jacob) - Russian icon

Cape Colony - Sir John Charles Molteno, first Prime Minister of the Cape

Shere Khan, the whiny tiger

Theodosius and Saint Ambrose (Rubens) - Image: Peter Paul Rubens 139

... white-wolf-wolf-lobo-photo-foto-Favim.com- kmtrilogy2 61733_588442807836017_467884359_n ...

Newly Designed Front Cover.

Gerald L. Wood, one of my earliest cryptozoological/animal superlative correspondents and friends (© Gerald L. Wood), and my much-treasured signed copy of ...

Yahweh and His Asherah

Ark of the Covenant

Many Renaissance and Medieval paintings depict Jesus as a fair skinned blonde, chestnut or red head with green or blue eyes.