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Thutmose III Charges to the Gates of Megiddo t

Thutmose III Charges to the Gates of Megiddo t


... Thutmose III Charges to the Gates of Megiddo | by frostback1

Gate of Tel Megiddo The Gate that Thutmose III ...

Thutmose on the walls of Karnak Temple

German archaeologist Gottlieb Schumacher stands near the corbel arch of a burial chamber at Megiddo in 1905.

For 20 years, Pharaoh Thutmose III (1504–1450 B.C.) led yearly military assaults against western Asia. The details of these conquests are preserved in ...

Battle of Megiddo Thutmose III | Tuthmosis III smiting his enemies, the Cannaanites, at the Battle fo M ..

The city was occupied by soldiers of Pharaoh Thutmose III (reigned 1479–1425 ...


A Layering of Cities

It included three sets of chambers with a passage between them; for additional security, towers and an outer gate were added outside this gate.

10th Century BC | Hazor Solomonic Gate | ©soniahalliday.com


Tel Megiddo is widely regarded as the most important archaeological site in Israel from Biblical times, and as one of the most significant sites for the ...

On the left is the original inscription from Thutmose III's Hall of Annals at Karnak. It is written in columns that read down and right to left.

Tel Megiddo - From the first battle to Armageddon.

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Tel Megiddo - is the location of the death of two kings of Judah:Ahazia


Overview of the three passes. Thutmose III's ...

Megiddo ...

Possible Aruna Pass options


Battle of Megiddo Thutmose III | The Peristyle Court of Tuthmosis III, The Naos of

A model of Tel Megiddo shows the city during the Iron Age, including substantial gates to the city on the far right.

... the Australian Mounted Division reached Lejjun by noon on September 20; the 3rd Australian Light Horse Brigade occupied Jenin that afternoon.

File:Megido_City_Gate1.jpg Source: ...

Stela of a King. Madrid

(detail from) The Battle of Megiddo, ca. 1480 BC, by Peter

Tomb of Rekhmire (TT100), reign of Thutmose III: tribute from Punt (top) and Crete/Aegean (bottom) © OSIRISNET.NET

Aerial Photo of Tel Megiddo

Amada - Temple founded by Tuthmosis III and Amenophis II of the XVIIIth dynasty


An ivory box (left) decorated in high relief with lions and sphinxes was excavated at Megiddo. It dates to between the 13th and 12th centuries B.C. A ...

An amazing feat! King Ahab wanted to keep the city's water supply safe in times of siege, so under his rule a subterranean water system was hewn in the rock ...

We do not disagree with all of Yadin's work at Megiddo, however. Perhaps the most important result 039of his work was the redating of “Solomon's Stables,” ...

Gate of All Nations, Persepolis.

A major disagreement concerns the city gate of Solomon's Megiddo. In the description of Solomon's building activities in the Bible ( 1 Kings 9:15 ), Hazor, ...

Depiction of Tuthmoses III at Karnak holding a Hedj Club and a Sekhem Scepter standing before

Thutmose III's exploits are recorded in the Annals, inscribed into stone at Karnak. Thutmose

Moreover, we believe that the Solomonic gate of Megiddo is a two-chambered gate below the six-chambered gate. This gives some idea of the kinds of problems ...

Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt - Thutmose III

Amenophis II (Son of Thutmose-III)

Is This Man a Biblical Archaeologist? BAR Interviews William Dever—Part One

Eastern or Golden Gate

An ivory plaque from Megiddo depicts a ruler sitting on a throne. It dates from between the 13th and 12th centuries B.C.

This is important because in solving the problems of the stratigraphy of earlier periods, we must work back from Solomonic Megiddo as well as forward from ...

Fig. 2.77: Level J-9 chalk-paste coated bins, facing east

On the left is the original inscription from Thutmose III's Hall of Annals at Karnak. It is written in columns that read down and right to left.

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Gates and Surroundings

Thutmose III Festival Temple

Megiddo, Israel

Jaffa Thebes Limestone Relief

Jaffa Aphek Ottoman Fortress

Rabbinical tunnel

There is some scholary disagreement as to whether or not this mummy was accurately identified as Thutmose III.

... bring eternal peace to Jerusalem ...

Megiddo was apparently a garrison city. A massive solid offset-inset wall, 12 feet wide, surrounded the city. The entrance into the city was ...



The gates built by Solomon at Megiddo. "Here is the account of the forced labor King Solomon conscripted to build the LORD'S temple, his own palace, ...

Megiddo - A Hill with a History!

Jeroboam II - Megiddo continued to serve as the seat of the royal governor during the reign of Jeroboam II, king of Israel. This is attested to by a seal, ...

Reconstructed gate of Megiddo, "

Anecdotes for iPad

Levantine archaeology

Where Is the Tenth Century?

Temple of Ptah (Karnak)

Exterior view of Golden Gate in wall of Temple Mount (Ian W. Scott)

Canaanites - At the bottom of the tel, we were able to see the remains of an ancient Canaanite temple including a massive alter behind the temple where they ...

Tel Yokneam


An eastern view of the gate area is seen in the following photo. The 6 chambers, three on each side, are seen in the center of this photo.

At the Canaanite gates at Megiddo. During the Israelite conquest of Canaan, Joshua defeated and killed the King of Megiddo (Joshua 12:21).

A section of the Canaanite city wall, connecting the tower to the gate, is seen here from the north side.

Two springs at the foot of the mound, in the southwest and in the northeast, supplied water to Megiddo's inhabitants.

Thutmose III Festival Temple

Sculpture of Thutmose III, with the god Montu-Ra and goddess Hathor, 18th Dynasty, from temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak, housed in the British Museum

Ramesses II at The Battle of Kadesh (by Cave cattum)

Thutmose III

Tel Gezer

Bust of Thutmosis III

Megiddo ...

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Around 1200 BC the Philistines migrated in great numbers to Canaan after the great sea battle with the Egyptians. On the walls of Ramses III's temple of ...

Photo/Lion's Gate at Mycenae

Megiddo ...

Megiddo entrance ...

Megiddo ...

Jaffa Egyptian Garrison Excavation

Obelisk of Theodosius - Latin inscription (east face)

Hare (hieroglyph) - Image: Thutmose III and Hatshepsut

Horses whinny softly, stamping nervously as their riders mount up in the chilly predawn air. The day's mission looms ahead: a dangerous trek straight up the ...