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To any Autistic females feeling ignored by Autism Speaks Light it up

To any Autistic females feeling ignored by Autism Speaks Light it up


The Art of Autism new Logo | Autism Art Organizations | Pinterest | Autism and Autism art

[Giving a side-eye at the viewer, but not looking directly at the camera. My sign says, “Autism Speaks GASLIGHTS autistic people!

New Autism Speaks Masterpost (Updated 4/4/17)

Matthew McConaughey

As Autism Speaks celebrates their 10th anniversary, autistic people are sounding off on Twitter about

Why Do Autistic People *Hate* Autism Speaks? Tap the link to check out fidgets and sensory toys!

Autism and Autistic Disorders

This is the *only* way I will Light It Up Blue. #autism

Remember the #BoycottAutismSpeaks campaign? Here's why Autistic People were Ignored and Silenced By Autism

Five Tips that Helped Improve My Child's Behavior

What's Wrong With Autism Speaks? A Collection of Resources – So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

#BoycottAutismSpeaks I am autistic. And proud to be so. I despise Autism Speaks

Some better alternatives than Autism Speaks. If you really want to help autistics look into

Learning, as an adult woman, you have autism

#boycottautismspeaks Know the facts: Autism Speaks has compared being autistic to being kidnapped,

Autistic advocate Emma Zurcher-Long addresses Autism Speaks' "Light It Up Blue" campaign, and the difference between awareness and tolerance and acceptance ...

Light it up blue on April 2 for Autism Awareness Day! April begins Autism Awareness month.

Photos by Boycott Autism Speaks

Daughter of “Autism Speaks” Founder Shares Shocking Information About Vaccines – Collective Evolution

We need no cure, we need care and acceptance.Autismspeaks uses shock and pity to raise funds for “research”.

hey since it's autism acceptance day why don't all y'all allistic allies out there reblog this post about an autistic person trying to make rent!

autism speaks frame facebook. Image description: A woman with ...


Autism Speaks

Autism 101: Hating Your Autistic Child

Nadine Silber

Helping My Child with Autism to Find his Place in the World

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DON'T light it up blue! Listen to real autistic people.I don


Tired woman resting her head in her hand.

Autism Speaks – and now, after 10 years, so do I

Wide awake: Why children with autism struggle with sleep

Jack Black to Emcee All-Star Line-Up at Autism Speaks Benefit - Oh No They Didn't!


Julia Leatherland. All seven members of my household are autistic ...

Autism Signs and Symptoms

Please, 'Consider The Following.'

Emma - 2015

My daughter attends her local mainstream school. Her grades are average and her behaviour perfect. She is mostly happy to go to school and is never late ...

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games (2012)

Stem cells offer hope for autism

"In my house, autism is being able to remember and recite a movie she's

Me avoiding eye contact in a Facebook profile pic from 2010.

I consider myself to be part of an 'autisticly happy' family, at home we are a family that understands each other and I strongly believe this is because we ...

Autistic Hoya: Co-Opting the Movement: Autism Speaks, John Elder Robison, and Complicity in Oppression

The sun is streaming through the window, causing dust to dance in the air.

“Our son has autism. He does well academically. But we worry about how he allows others to mistreat him. At one gathering, another child kept throwing a ...

'All my life suddenly made sense': how it feels to be diagnosed with autism late in life | Society | The Guardian

I Should Not Be Allowed a Gun

On the stage Elmo and Grover are dancing, singing a song about being kind and loving your friends, and beside me, in the balcony, my son is smiling.

These Are The Words Autism Speaks Uses to Talk About Us #BoycottAutismSpeaks

[I'm holding Wile E. in my arms. My sign says, “Autism Speaks stigmatized autism when it was founded in 2005. Now it pretends it never did, and it refuses ...

answer comes from clinical psychologist Lauren Elder, Autism Speaks assistant director for dissemination science.

Sera Davidow May 13, 2017 at 10:51 am

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child.

I've talked to his doctors and teachers, but they say it's "it's just part of his autism." What can we do to help him?

*Image description: Super cute little girl with blond hair, pink sunglasses and a pink tee shirt that reads 'Autism Speaks does NOT speak for me'.

Lucky mom: Toni Braxton said in an interview this week (above) that her


Laughing in Red

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How emotional and somatic balancing techniques helped my autism

Jon Adams has known that he has Asperger syndrome since April 2013.

Remember the #BoycottAutismSpeaks campaign? Here's why Autistic People were Ignored and Silenced By Autism

I'm currently doing my PhD (a socio-legal study of the Mental Capacity Act 2005) at the University of York. I am also a tutor at ACER – the Autism Centre ...

Charity SeeAbility gives severely autistic girl glasses after being DENIED for years | Express.co.uk

Changes: Diezel (above in 2016) was diagnosed with autism at the age of

Do not say you're for autistic people if you continue to support Autism Speaks and ignore AUTISTIC PEOPLE who are telling you that this charity is ableist, ...

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Amy S.F. Lutz

response is by behavior analyst Daniel W. Mruzek and graduate student Angeles Nunez, a candidate for certification as a child-life specialist.

Nicola Clark with her daughter in 2015. 'I realise now that I'd

Kymberly Grosso

We See a Different World and Speak a Different Language

Tracy Turner is researching a PhD on the worklife experiences of autistic women at the University of Hertfordshire. I have spent all my working life in the ...

Marianthi Kourti


shutterstock_106597853. Girls with ...

Emma's Hope Book. Living Being Autistic. Skip to content

Carly Fleischmann Carly Fleischmann, the autistic girl ...

10 Things Autism Parents Wish You Knew

Lynne Soraya


Nick Walker Sensei

School can say what they like but there is nothing 'high' or 'functioning' about her autism at all.

The Search For Life After Death

What's Wrong With Autism Speaks? A Collection of Resources

20131112-065534.jpg. My girl cracking herself up ...

Clubs team up for MLB Autism Awareness initiative