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Top to Bottom Thunderclan39s last 6 Medicine Cats Featherwhisker

Top to Bottom Thunderclan39s last 6 Medicine Cats Featherwhisker


Goosefeather's Replacement - Featherwhisker: Day 2 - Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

Featherwhisker AT by Alex-Harrier ...

Yellowfang and cinderpelt on top. Cinderpelt and leafpool on bottom. Like mentor like apprentice aww!

If you take a trip into my past (ahem you will find all my Warrior Cat Art. My Fave Pairing ~ Remake

ThunderClan medicine cats: Yellowfang, Spottedleaf, Leafpool and Cinderpelt

Cinderpelt, the medicine cat mentor to Leafpool.

Warrior Cats · Needletail

Goosefeather and Featherwhisker. Warriors by Romashik-arts on DeviantArt

Warriors Cats fan-dump by Alex-Harrier ...

Yellowfang by xXInsaneKittyCatXx.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Warrior Cats: hollyleaf sister to Jayfeather and Lionblaze.

8# Greystripe why:Firestar's best friend and was sometimes funny :3 death:

Spottedleaf, the pretty thunderclan medicine cat. She died by clawface but her spirit guided firestar along the ways till the gear battle of the dark forest ...

Sunstar and Featherwhisker by Xishka.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Leafpool, a medicine cat of ThunderClan. She had to give up her role as medicine cat for awhile after everyone found out that she mothered Jayfeather, ...

Warrior cats Top: Omen of the Stars Second to top: Power of three Second to bottom: The new Prophecy: Bottom: The prophecies begin This is AWESOMEEEE

Firewing up for adoption.

Read Featherwhisker and Spottedpaw from the story Warrior Cat Drawings by Warriors_and_MLP_Fan (Ravenstar/Candace) with reads. Featherwhisker a.

Saved - Power of Three Arc by WhiteKimya.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Brokenstar's Prophecy - Featherwhisker: Day 1 - Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

Yellowfang's Secret

Pumpkinheart(Right/Female) and Creamfur(Left/male): Best friends. Both are kind loving understanding and strong.

Hawkfrost, the evilest cat in Warriors.

Gift | Spottedminion by Finchwing.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Resultado de imagen para spirit heart warrior cats

Owlspark by meow286


Thunderclan's last 6 Medicine Cats: Featherwhisker, Spottedleaf, Yellowfang, Cinderpelt, Leafpool and Jayfeather.

Warrior cats moonfeather and her two kits bluekit and snowkit

Ashcloud (medicine cat). Sister of Sweetfur. Female

Featherwhisker by Shimmerspirit

Spottedleaf's Heart

This Is Why Nobody Trusts Goosefeather - Goosefeather: Day 4 - Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

Top row: Sootfur, Willowpelt, and Graystripe Bottom row: Sorreltail and Rainwhisker

*medicine cat den* dappleheart (she-cat) rank: medicine cat apprentice

The Clan - Cliffside, where the ally cats prowl.


tumblr warrior cats by ClimbToTheStars.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Top to bottom jay feather Fire (paw) (heart) (star) Cloud (paw) (tail) Raven paw

My favorite medicine cat in all the books! Brambleberry of RiverClan

Sunfall and Stonepelt Warrior cats

Last Hope eng 01 by Nike-Nikita-Casalos.deviantart.com on @

Mix fur is the medicine cat of moonClan she can heal cats no matter what she has a special gift from star clan that allows her to heal cat by singing ...

No One Knows How Fathers Are Made... by Mizu-no-Akira on deviantART

My Top 9 Favorite Warrior Cats by Silverzoul

DRAWING CONTEST What to draw: A Medicine cat or apprentice! (rules in the comments) and Hollyleaf or cats that were medicine cats/apprentices but then chose ...

Moonflower Warrior Cats by calmriverthatdancesinthebreeze

Warrior Fans

Sandstorm and Firestar's Spirit "The last death" - Warrior Cats [The Last Hope]

YuLoco2706 7 1 Adoptables (BTA) - 6/6 OPEN by YuLoco2706

This is Cinderpelt, one of ThunderClan's medicine cats.

One of the saddest parts of the books! :'( My (warriors) OTP... Same Old Empty Feeling... by Mizu-no-Akira.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Echostar she-cat mate: none kits: none siblings: Ghostsplash lives left: 0 ~ art by owner dies of sharpheart of leafclan

Étoile de Feu et Nuage d'épines ( Griffe de Ronce)

Sweet, Rose and Thistle this is (top to bottom) Sweetpaw, Rosepaw, and Thistlepaw. Sadly Sweetpaw dies as an apprentice from eating spoile fresh kill.


Bluestar's Adopted Father - Sunstar: Day 3 - Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

The Sight Russian cover


See you again... by melo3001 on DeviantArt

Warriors into the wild starts near bottom of page 36 - ends at very top of

Mix fur is the medicine cat of moonClan she can heal cats no matter what she has a special gift from star clan that allows her to heal cat by singing ...


Inverted with the Japanese covers.

Ferncloud's Final Battle by xxMoonwish on deviantART

Featherwhisker for contest


From left to right, top to bottom; Fireheart, Bluestar, Firestar

Jayfeather has a new medicine cat power

SR Comic Page WIP by Riverspirit456 · Warrior CatsWarriors

Tallstar, Best cat ever

Breaking Up with Thistleclaw - Spottedleaf: Day 4 - Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

Spring - Warrior Cats by Cat-Patrisiya on DeviantArt More

Warrior Cats Cinderpelt GIF OMG this is the best gif on the Internet I love it

Warrior kittehs i love em

Ashfur was in love with squirrelflight his half necie

~One that can heal any cat, trueborn medicine cat~ RP-er: ThaoPhu99. Warrior name: Rosebreeze Name: Rosekits Moons: 0 moons. Gender: She-cat

Jaypaw when he became Leafpool's medicine cat apprentice instead of a warrior apprentice.

The Best Warriors

Spottedleaf—beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat ThunderClan Medicine Cat

Some warrior cat designs I did a while back on dA

Day 2 of the Warrior Cats challenge~ Favorite Warrior~ Hollyleaf. Art by SageCat

Warrior Cat Name Generator - Warrior/Medicine Cat Names

Warrior Cat Zodiacs ( @warriors.horoscopes )

Fawndapple She-cat ThunderClan Paralyzed Mate: Lionclaw No kits yet.

Jayfeather is the thunderclan Medicine cat. Briarlight broke her back bone when a tree fell on her:-( and Jayfeather is checking her back. He is the best ...

warrior cats new book name list - Google Search

Yellowfang from Cats of the Clans/ The Ultimate Guide. Yellowfang was the exiled ShadowClan medicine cat discovered on an early solo patrol by Firepaw, ...

WC - Mirrored by dorizard

Puddleshine Artist: MJayart on Tumblr

Spottedleaf was the medicine cat in ThunderClan when Rusty the kittypet, who would one day become Firestar, first arrived.

Tigerstar and His Sons by CascadingSerenity

Brightfern 0 0 Leafpool and Crowfeather by Brightfern

serenitywhitewolf's DeviantArt gallery

... passed down from medicine cat to medicine cat, and when competing with the warrior code in that department it shows the strong desire the cats hold to ...

I am your medicine cat/ mentor, Rainshine, for FangClan! Training sessions are quite easy, though nearly all if them need knowledge of the Warriors world ...

Midnight the Badger

Spottedfern- a pretty, young she cat. She loved flamefur. She lived in thunderclan and was killed by a shadowclan warrior