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Training a future AAF tail gunner Airplanes t Aviation

Training a future AAF tail gunner Airplanes t Aviation


B-24 Liberator

B-17G AAF "Big Widget" 15th AF, 2nd Bomb Group, 96th

B-17G Fortress “The Thomper” is under fighter attack and the tail gunner is returning fire, Oct 1944. Location unknown. Note right wing damage and trailing ...

Boeing B-17F-10-BO Flying Fortress, AAF Ser. No. 41-24485, Memphis Belle, 324th Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group, 9 June 1943

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B-36 peacemaker carrying a B-58 hustler in it's bomb bay from Ft Worth, TX to Dayton, OH!!

While flying over Italy, this had most of her tail shot away. Still, the pilot managed to get her home. When she was hit, the tail-gunner was blown out into ...

Grumman's triple-tail, bug-eyed, heat-seeking camera platform

B-25 tail guns.

While in the Security Police Academy in there was a tail gunner that was cross training to be an SP.

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Iliad Decals 1/48 TEXANS & HARVARDS North American T-6 Texan Trainers | eBay

B-29 in flight.jpg

B 26.jpg

An Air Force pilot from Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, performs a pre

Great shot of tail gun. This is the great ride!

The poor tail gunner.

Training a future AAF tail gunner

Picture of FMA IA-63 Pampa (Prairie) Advanced Jet Trainer / Light Strike

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A well-known photo of Lt. Cliff Armstrong about to climb into his aircraft SX-F Gun Melody” (a/c Lt. Vogel was lost flying this aircraft January

The ten worst British military aircraft

In January 1978, remnants like this skeletal tail from a red F6F-5K Hellcat drone still decorated the Mojave Desert where the target was downed years ...

Northrop Tiger II formerly used by the US Navy "Top Gun" school for dissimilar fighter training.

Tail gunner

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The "Liberty Belle", a Boeing Flying Fortress taking a flight past the Golden Gate Bridge.

A circa 1972-74 photo at Halley AAF by Bob Coveney, which Bob observed was of “One of our 2 U-8D airplanes in the hangar we shared with the 5th Army ...

Australian Aviation Summer Reading Jan-Feb 2018 by australianaviation - issuu

Early in 1939, when studies were started to determine just how to produce a bomber bigger and better than the B-17, the XB-29 came into being.


Innovative designers did not hesitate to put gunners on top of the wing, or in the aft ends of the engine nacelles.

US Army


Tail gunner - The Russian Sikorsky ''Ilya Muromets'' (model S-

Members of the 556th AAF Base Unit, 6th Ferrying Group Air Transport Command pose for a group photo with C-47B 43-16371 (c/n 20837), presumably at Long ...

Tail gunner of a Liberator from squadron 864 494 of the group of 7 army Sergeant Joseph Sims in his tower.


Super Tucano LAS Concept

One of today's purpose-built drones: A MQ-9 Reaper flies above Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, during a training mission. (U.S. Air Force photo by Paul ...

Image for Seaplanes and General Aircraft of To-Day [Today]

North American XP-51 (NA-73, AF 41-38, c/n 73-3101) on display (9/12/2003) at the EAA AirVenture Museum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin (Photo by John Shupek copyright ...

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The famous shot of the inverted flying F-4 Phantom (the aircraft was actually ending a barrel roll).


List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1940–44) - Wikipedia

PBY Catalina Orlando, Fla. - Barely visible beneath the wings of a Lockhead P-38

Lon Cooper recalls WWII Civilian Pilot Training Program

Having a trend in the 1940s must have been a lot like trying to pilot a canoe while a messy drunk tried to board it without permission.

Early that morning, after a light breakfast and briefing we departed Italy on our bombing mission to Komaron Hungary. We encountered heavy flak before ...

... upgraded from the earlier 3a version, with some 1,100 lbf (500 kgf) of thrust, was ready to be tested in 1939 in a specially designed aircraft, ...

A March 1943 photo of 11 Stearman training biplanes making a formation overflight of NAS Glenview (courtesy of Ron Plante).

RAF recruitment poster.

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A colorized version I did of 42-39993 - " Hell's Angel Out of Chute 13"


Typical example of a production North American AJ-1 Savage, with its R-2800 engines on the wings and J33 jet in the rear fuselage.

Two Avro Ansons after emergency landing in Brocklesby, New South Wales, 29 September 1940

A T-1A Jayhawk of the 99th Flying Training Squadron at Oshkosh painted in honour of the Tuskegee Airmen, including a red tail. Erik Schwerman.

Image for Pilots Manual for Mosquito [Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for de Havilland Mosquito]

Vickers Wellington


The B-17B, flight ...

On its first test flight the engine ingested a bird which caused some minor internal engine damage, but the pilot managed to safely land the plane.

This photo of Turf & Sport, taken later during Market-Garden, shows how

Aircraft for gunnery training, 1944

Tail gunner - A Nash & Thomson FN-20 turret fitted to an Avro

Beautiful Doll P-51D

Douglas C-39 transport


US Army


Altus Aces - Pilot Training at Altus Army Air Field 1942-1945 · Americans Home from Siberia

2) U.S. Air Force deploys WC-135 nuclear sniffer aircraft to UK as spike of radioactive Iodine levels is detected in Europe

scimitar-f-mk-1.jpg. Take an aircraft ...

(kb7ywl Photo)

VEF I-16 Light Fighter Aircraft

Su-27 Inside Area 51, WC-135 Nuke Sniffer Saga, Iran's Stealth Jet Update, And Much More: The Aviationist's Top Stories Of 2017

Above Left: An Ercoupe Above Right: "Fixing a loose window" on a Piper Cub

While one airplane was held at Wright Field for experimental purposes, the other 12 went out to set new range and speed records, cruising the Western ...

VH-OLS “Spirit of the Sapphire Coast”

401st Bombardment Group Shield Emory on the flight line during Flight Training in 1943. 614th Bombardment Squadron

Aircraft SWMP April/May 2015 Seversky P-35

British Second World War poster depicting the tail gunner of a Avro Lancaster bomber

Republic XP-72 No 2 right rear