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Tribes vow to fighttothedeath to save Amazon rainforest Science

Tribes vow to fighttothedeath to save Amazon rainforest Science


Tribes vow to fight-to-the-death to save Amazon rainforest

When Waiapis walk into the Amazon forest surrounding their village, they see a kind of 'shopping mall' providing medicine, food, shelter, tools, ...

Shipibo | Shipibo Craftswoman painting traditional designs on textile – Part 2

Ka'apor forest guardians patrol the borders of their territory, in Maranhão state,

pisac - peru

Waiapi tribe of the Amazon forced to defend their homes from miners

Amasina, a Trio shaman in Suriname and co-author on the Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine paper. Photo courtesy of the Amazon Conservation Team.

menina índia de etnia Dessana. Amazon RainforestTraditional TattooAmerican IndiansSouth AmericaBeautiful ...

Ethnographic maps built using cutting-edge technology may help Amazon tribes win forest carbon payments

Huitoto chief and his wife , in the Amazon jungle of Peru. Tribe photo +

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Yanomami is one of the last remaining Indian tribe (Amerindians as the proper name) living deep in the Amazonian jungle, between northern Brazil and ...

Why The Awa Tribes are The World's Most Endangered Humans Today | Socyberty

Brazilian rainforest,Waiapi,Amazon rainforest

amazonian tribe massacre brazil

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They use poisonous arrows for hunting forest animals and the game is equally distributed throughout the village. They also fish with various techniques.

khakhua (witch) bones are placed on trails to warn their enemies. (Kornelius Kembaren points to a khakhua skull.) (Paul Raffaele)

Forgotten Tribes of the Amazon: Biopiracy & the Story of the Urueu-Wau-Wau • Acaté

Mesmerizing portraits of indigenous Brazilians projected onto the Amazon rainforest

Peru tribal leaders vow to halt oil output unless indigenous rights respected

New weapons for Panama tribes in old fight to save forests

(Paul Raffaele)

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The Waiapi are one of the most traditional tribes in Brazil's Amazon, but modern life

A Waiapi man poses for a picture with his wooden Borduna during the Anaconda's party

Image Detail for - with tribal elders outside of their huts in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle

Amazon rainforest near the northern city of Manaus, Brazil. researchers have found that dramatic

River of Darkness: Francisco Orellana's Legendary Voyage of Death and Discovery Down the Amazon by

Inside the Mursi Tribe of Ethiopia

Amazon.com: State of Wonder: A Novel (9780062049810): Ann Patchett: Books

A Waiapi boy stands in the jungles while looking for wood for a fire pit at the Manilha village in the Waiapi indigenous reserve in Amapa state in Brazil on ...

Researchers found that cutting down rainforests can dramatically reduce the amount of rain in surrounding areas

The 'British Indiana Jones' Percy Fawcett who disappeared in Amazon jungle trying to find lost city of gold - Mirror Online

The geology and torrential rain increase the problems of water pollution in extracting oil from the

However, the survival of the tribe is far from optimistic. In Brazil, FUNAI is an organization established to protect indigenous tribes, without however ...

Find this Pin and more on awa' tribe need our help desperately by girt hillbill.


Selly Rotich stands in what used to be her kitchen. Hours earlier Kenya Forest

Can praying over your food change the way you eat? This show will turn your

Women warriors of the Munduruku

Scientists discover the Amazon forest sets off its own rainy season

Photo by Caroline Bennett / Rainforest Action Network / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

Jungle Vampire

Mahogany ...

Colonel Percy Fawcett on his horse (Image: TopFoto)

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change? – Cool Green Science

Scientists, Rainforest People and Medicines

Smoke billows as an area of the Amazon rainforest is burned to clear land for agriculture near Novo Progresso, Para State. Photograph: Nacho Doce/Reuters

Darien Gap

The Third Bank of the River: Power and Survival in the Twenty-First-Century Amazon: Chris Feliciano Arnold: 9781250098948: Amazon.com: Books

Naomi Climer will become the first female president of the Institution of Engineering and Technology

Covering only 0.005 % of the planet's surface, Ecuador has 10 % of all plant

5 Ways You Can Save Tropical Rainforests

Mark Plotkin, Shaman's Apprentice

An Apa Tani woman seated on a bench (right)

A Waiapi man walks on the road in the Waiapi indigenous reserve in Amapa state in Brazil on October 15, 2017. (AFP Photo)

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Amazon River


... Priest tends to miners, sex workers deep in Peru's Amazon ...

Using technology against deforestation and to keep his tribe's culture alive.

Travelling around South America in three weeks

Although Yanomami is at risk due to many factors and less from tourists' visits, FUNAI makes it difficult to obtain a permit to legally organize a difficult ...

Amazon rainforest.

Ecuador's Last Uncontacted Tribes Face the Familiar Promise of Jungle Oil - Motherboard

Thumbnail image for Photos: Amazon tribe takes up fight against logging

Native American Feature Films - Native American Studies Research Guide - LibGuides at Michigan State University Libraries

I Bought a Rainforest

One ...

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon

“What are the best Science & Nature books of 2017?” We aggregated 38 year-end lists and ranked the 274 unique titles by how many times they appeared in an ...


Bill McKibben's Ecology-Free Declaration of War on Climate is Dangerous and Wrong

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Kilikili (with a skull he says is from a khakhua) says he has killed no fewer than 30 khakhua. (Paul Raffaele)

An American scientist who was convicted of killing and cannibalizing two colleagues in the jungles of Flores, Indonesia in 1977.

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The 'British Indiana Jones' Percy Fawcett who disappeared in Amazon jungle trying to find lost city of gold - Mirror Online

Daniel Nepstad in Brazil

The Good and Bad of Building Dams

Amazon.com: State of Wonder: A Novel (9780062049810): Ann Patchett: Books

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Brazilian Indians, and rubber gatherers, stand near their thatched roof shelters in the upper

Download figure ...

But I don't want you to think “oh no, not another doom and gloom herald of disaster” and flip the page for the (much more right-here, right-now, ...