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Trooper of the camel corps of the First Napoleon39s Egyptian Army

Trooper of the camel corps of the First Napoleon39s Egyptian Army


Trooper of the camel corps of the First Napoleon's Egyptian Army, 1790s (20th century

Imperial Camel Corps

German Camel Corps

Duncan´s 20mm Colonial Modelling: The Camel Corps - Britian's Special Forces

"The First Mounted Parade of The Camel Corps in Egypt." 1884 by Harry

The Imperial Camel Corps

Imperial Camel Corps. Egyptians

Uniform of troopers of the Camel Corps during the Gordon Relief Expedition,

The pre-1882, Egyptian Camel Troops officer; and, Egyptian Camel Trooper, can be seen in various illustration of the 1883-period Egypt Army troops ...

Régiment des dromadaires / Camel regiment in Egypt

The Australian Camel Corps

kilt and trews

New Zealand camelier with camels

British; Camel Corps Sergeant and Officer 1884. The illustration by Harry Payne is from

Bikaner Camel Corps, El Arish 1918

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Gordon Relief Expedition Camel Corps 1884 - Charles George Gordon, who had been sent to

The Lost Battalion 120mm British Camel Corp Trooper and Mount

British colonial camel corps in Egypt. Military ...

الجيش المصري في سيناء في الحرب العالمية الأولى The Egyptian Army, early XX c.: 1: Sinai Gendarmerie; 2: Sergeant, Camel Corps; 3: Corporal, 1st Bn., ...

Members of the Australian Imperial Camel Corps preparing to mount, John Oxley Library, State

Cigarette Card - Trooper, 1st Life Guards, Camel Corps, 1884

British Uniforms, Troops, Egypt, Camels, Africa, Camel

Ottoman Camel Corps at Beersheba during the First Suez Offensive of World War I, ca

Guards Camel Corps, 1885


Pearce Minatures

58 Camel-Walk2

Persia & India,1857: 1:Private,78th Highlanders.2:Officer

Image result for 19th century askari uniform

Three mounted Australian figures of the Imperial Camel Corps on patrol. Among the mounted units that contributed men to this British and Empire force was ...

In 1885 the Egyptian army had a total of three companies of Camel Corps.

George Lambert - A pencil and watercolour drawing of a camel at the Imperial Camel Corps training depot, Abbassia, Egypt

Australian Imperial Camel Corps, Unofficial hat badge. Army BadgesCommonwealthEgyptCapBaseball ...

Military History of India: Bikaner Camel Corps of Maharaja Ganga Singh

Battle of Abu Klea - Karl Kopinski

... turban and puttees with brown leather equipment and shoes. Each had its own variation of turban. The Camel Corps troopers rode one or two to a camel .

Duncan´s Colonial Modelling: The Camel Corps - Britian's Special Forces

Trooper, 21st Lancers, Omdurman, 1898 from a colour plate by Michael Roffe in

The troopers of the Somaliland Camel Corps remained behind and were relieved of their weapons by the departing British and dispersed to their homes.

French camel cavalry in Egyptian campaign

Sowar of the Bikanir Camel Corps, illustration for 'Armies of India' by Major

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Egyptian Camel Corps: Battle of Omdurman on 2nd September 1898 in the Sudanese War:

08872, Egyptian Camel Corps ...

Four camel ambulances attached to the Imperial Camel Corps at Rafa, which was used as

EgyptianArmyUniformPlate.gif (593×732)

Duncan´s Colonial Modelling: The Camel Corps - Britian's Special Forces

German storm troopers, western front (1918).

Not only did the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade go into action as fighting troops but the camel was a beast of burden ...

1:Lord Chelmsford.2:Officer of the 1st Dragoon Guards.3:

Drop troopers

The Arab Legion: Trooper, Camel Corps,1955 - pin by Paolo Marzioli

Officer & Trooper 3rd Kings Own Light Dragoons Field Order India 1845, 1st Sikh War

The embarkation of a Bactrian on the USS Supply. Since Artist Heap took the trouble

After only six weeks of training in Egypt, the first Australians went into action with the camel corps. Later, reinforcements, as seen in this image, ...


Our hospital, Egypt


British; 12th Light Dragoons, Trooper, Egypt, 1801

Waterloo 1815, Napoleonic Wars, British Army, Troops, Empire, Miniatures, Military, Campaign, Journaling

Trooper Fort Gary Horse, 1st Canadian Cavalry Division 1918.

Somaliland Camel Corps between Berbera and Odweyne in 1913.

"Camel Corps at the Battle of Magdhaba", by H. Septimus Power

First Transjordan attack on Amman - Part of 15 miles km) of railway line blown up in May 1917 by the Anzac and Imperial Mounted Divisions' and the Imperial ...

732 2 Toy Soldier Trooper, Horse leg together Toy Soldiers 54mm Napoleonic Wars British Troops

... the unsuccessful Turkish attempt in January and February 1915 to take the Suez Canal, having been beaten back by the Indian Cavalry and Camel Corps, ...

Camel Corps, 1885 by Bill Horan

The Sudan Campaigns, 1881-1898: 1: Fellah, Egyptian Army, Sudan

Camel Corps

Cavalry of the Army of Egypt 1798-1802. Note the Dragoon from the 18th


Nearby British infantry began to form a wall upon which they hoped the Dervish tide would eventually falter. Surely the Camel Corps was doomed.

Plate by Gerry Embleton from Ospreys -"Armies of the East India Company Sepoy Madras Infantry, Sepoy Madras Pioneers 1835 & Trooper Rohilla Cavalry

Second Afghan War Uniform Picture/Uniform Thread -

Brothers Trooper Gavin Rankin of the 2nd Light Horse Regiment (far left) and Sergeant Major Thomas Alexander Rankin (second from left) in Egypt.

Black Watch soldier with Egyptian trooper 1882

British Troops 1860s: 1:Private,Royal Artillery,1863.2:Private,12th Regt.3:Company officer,65th Regt.

French; 1800 L to R 8th Dragoons, 2nd Line Cavalry and Foot Artillery

Portrait ...

New Zealander packing camels

British soldiers in India

British Army and East India Company Army troops latter half of 19th c.

The First World War memorial located in Victoria Embankment Gardens which commemorates the 346 members of

Many military systems blended guns with traditional warfare styles. Unusual formations included corps of female

Trooper of the Royal Horse Guards (on the right) charging in 1815

BRITISH ARMY - L to R, Newcastle Mounter Rifles, Trooper, Buffalo Border Guard

The Bench by Anders Heintz: Horan figure of the Week, Camel Corps, 1885

Boer War Uniforms | Trooper, Canadian Mounted Rifles, 1900-1902

Trooper of the Light Dragoons after the Charge. Detail from "All That Was Left of Them" By Richard Caton Woodville

British Lancers kit, Zulu Wars

1. Libyan Carabinieri 2. NCO, VII Eritrean Ascari Bn. 3. Sergeant

Webstore: Persians: Midianite Camel Rider regiment

A face to the name, and a surprise find

IDF Paratroopers on board a C-130 Hercules, equipped with gear pouch and ready

In August 1898, British General H.H. Kitchener reached Omdurman. The stage was set for