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... http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=255083 I recently got the car on air bags, and have been having a blast with it. It is also +t on lh 2.2 ...

Overdrive didn't work but drove home great. Starting when cold was a big problem so I hotwired the cold start injector.


Dr. Stanley Goodspeed, Weekend warrior NA 244 auto-x project - Turbobricks Forums

Most recent picture:

Most probably don't know about my project, but I converted my Amazon wagon to two door and proceeded to install all manner of custom bits as part of the ...

Inspiration -- 240 Style (DONT POST YOUR OWN) - Turbobricks Forums

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.10.56 PM

upon arrival home I decided to pull the rear wheels to see what the deal was with the horrible brakes. I discovered the left rear caliper wasn't even ...

+t on a track!day car? - Turbobricks Forums

Inspiration -- 240 Style (DONT POST YOUR OWN) - Page 73 - Turbobricks

I don't like Foreign cars much; especially the BMW. Because there a dime a dozen; drove one-hated it. Traded it in for American, but now thinking of getting ...

Working Vehicle Bagged 245 +t For Sale! - Turbobricks Forums

Inspiration -- 240 Style (DONT POST YOUR OWN) - Page 16 - Turbobricks

I bought this '83 DL about a while back ago from Chris (duder) here on the forums. I had recently moved to LA for work and needed something to drive around.



And the inside.


Hadn't been washed since 1998

The car as it looks right now, although there will be several more external changes made later on this year:

... I don't think it was a high end paint job. It has been thoroughly cleaned and runs well enough that I can drive it the 25 miles to the donor car.

To make a long story short, my friend didn't finish his car in time... But we took our 244 on a trailer to Germany and had fun anyway!

A little more progress on the ol car. Everything has been assembled and mocked up.


My old, mildly modified B204FT (280 hp - 410 Nm). Replacing seals more than once couldn't prevent balanceshafts from polluting my driveway.

... which actually looks more beige than yellow. It also has a brown interior. I don't hate the color combo, but I'm not in love with it either.

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Of course, had to dig into it right then, so I did a compression test. 1, 3, and 4 were 170psi, 2 didn't even bump. AT ALL. Strange, ok, pop the valve ...


Pulling a FWD one isn't to bad... took me and a bud about 3.5-4 hours. Took our time on it

Atom's 2 door Amazon wagon - Turbobricks Forums


Tempted to go get it for myself, or if anyone else wants it I'll grab it. I know the usual strut braces that show up don't fit across the whiteblock.

I've recommended RP80242GT+T to my Dad for restoration on the gauges

I will get a professional photoshoot done soon, but I couldn't wait so enjoy the iPhone pics!!

Started turbo addition to stock white car last Saturday then baby came Sunday. Worked yesterday and today to finish it off. 10psi of automatic fury and 6lb ...

Inspiration -- 240 Style (DONT POST YOUR OWN) - Page 5 - Turbobricks

... but it didn't seriously damage the tire. Stock springs, stock struts, no camber. Koni yellow rear shocks. Sparco Corsa drivers seat.

How it looked when I bought it:

I picked up this clean 85' 240GLE recently for the tidy sum of AU$300. The seller indicated that he hadn't serviced it at all during the 2 years he had ...

SO with that being said I checked the head with a straight edge and got a .002 between 1&2 and 3&4, .003 between 2&3 so I don't think the head is warped ...

After straightening those two issues out, I'm going to begin researching on converting it to a 5-speed. I don't care for this automatic very much.

I don't care for the hole in the pan deal.

The blue wagon in the first image, and next to the 242 in the second, saved my moms life around 2000 when a lady ran a stop sign at 50 and T-boned the turbo ...

Davis AutoX 2011(Merged, people don't know how to post in an existing thread)vid pg4! - Turbobricks Forums

Tires wouldn't fit in the fenderwells, so... Preparing for fender flares.


photo IMG_1452_zps545713fe.jpg

Inspiration -- 240 Style (DONT POST YOUR OWN) - Page 53 - Turbobricks Forums

I tried to make the kjet cooperate with a new pump and a new filter but it didn't really work out. I then proceeded to swap the car to lh2.2 and ezk, ...

The 245 was in incredible shape for the price, ran and drove, had brand new Nokians, and had an auto trans that was acting up. Barely any rust at all on the ...

http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=221318 1989 244. "Ron Burgundy" http://forums.turbobricks.com/showth...23#post4739323

Ran across this awhile back, now I can't find anything. Google reverse image search doesn't show anything.

She wasn't always like this, so here's how she came to be.

Turbobricks Forums

92 B230f+t. T3 super 60 10psi 3" straight pipe side exit. Big eBay intercooler. Stock 9 series turbo ECU/EZK Welded 3.31 differential

It was a stock 1980 242DL. B21A carb engine with an M45 transmission. I have never driven this car. I saw it show up at a couple local meets, ...

There is a hose off the cannister in the back left of the engine compartment and I can't figure out where the other end attaches.

Looks kind of stock but it sure ain't :P (All wiring goes in the fenders except for the Nira harness) Pulls around 600hp on the crank

There's a picture below of my current wagon, the wheels are really nice but one of them is scratched up which I don't like.

Finding nothing, I asked Cameron at IPD if he knew anything about it, or if he could find out. Turns out, it's an emblem from the first full +t kits ipd ...

It isn't the most difficult job in the world, but requires you to be a bit patient and not try everything at once. Mine looked like this:

L8 APEKS' project '75 244 (B230FT/AW71), EvW '10 entry... - Turbobricks Forums

To get to the turbo I needed a step down coupler 2.75"? -->2.0" about 5" long. Didn't have one, so I made one out of one of a cut down stock IC ...

One of the four mounting points (drivers side) was too long and didn't fit over the top hat stud, so I cut about 1/4" out of the bracket and rewelded the ...

Qwkswede's 1992 244 daily driver. Back to my rolling roots. - Turbobricks Forums

http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=55108 · http://forums. turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=96363

Haven't found pictures of it finished.

All is now mounted in the ca and ready to be started for its first time , it doesn't run yet .

When I bought it:

My brother hauled it to his house south of Tuscon I flew out a few weeks later... The tires, belts, and coolant tank, hoses, etc.. were all pretty sketchy.. ...

Inspiration -- 240 Style (DONT POST YOUR OWN) - Page 143 - Turbobricks Forums

It had the usual problems when I bought it; overdrive wouldn't engage due to faulty wiring, various dash lights out, blown out front seats, missing trim, ...

I have been a proud owner of this white Volvo for about 18 years. During this time it had not changed much: an automatic gearbox that broke and i changed to ...