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Turnbull ACs The Warriors t Warrior movie Movie sites

Turnbull ACs The Warriors t Warrior movie Movie sites


turnbull ac's warriors - Google Search

The Warriors Movie Site - Production Photo "Turnbull ACs Gang"

Turnbull AC's Leader At The Conclave

turnbull ac's warriors - Google Search


The Turnbull ACs

Had to feel bad for these guys: faded green T-shirts, and, if I remember right, the gang's name drawn in Sharpie on the back.

They are 60,000 strong. They outnumber the cops three to one. They could run New York City. Tonight they're all out to get the Warriors. The Turnbull AC's ...

The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors Gang

from the movie The Warriors, this is The Lizzies gang

The Warriors Movie Site - Turnbull AC's Gang

Turnbull AC's

The Gangs of the Movie The Warriors

The Gramercy Riffs

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The Warriors (Film)

The Warriors movie [1979] Gang hiding from Turnbull ACs

But in the end The Warriors is a movie about street gangs, and 21 distinctly different gangs appear on screen in the movie, from the top dog Gramercy Riffs ...


The Warriors Movie Site - Electric Eliminators Gang

The Warriors Wiki

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Boysnblue. “

The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors Gang

Everyone assumed I was in costume as one of the Turnbull AC's and kept yelling "You skin-headed fuck!" and taking pictures with me.

The Warriors Trailer

The Destroyers

The Warriors vs. The Turnbull AC's

The Warriors Baseball Furies Gang Retro Movie T Shirt / Hoodie

The Warriors

The Warriors Movie Site - Filming Location

TheWarriors 1979 Movie Poster.jpg

war6. 4. Turnbull AC's – the closest thing the movie ...


The Warriors Movie Site - Hi-Hats Gang


The Warriors S1 • E3

The Baseball Furies

Come out to WarriorFest to play at a 35th anniversary celebration of The Warriors!

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The Warriors Movie Site - Jones Street Boys Gang

The Warriors Baseball Furies T-Shirt - Cult Gang Film Movie Turnbull ACs Come Out

Running from the skinhead Turnbull ACs.

The Warriors Subway Gang Map

The Turnbull AC's know how to drive!

Why don't they just catch a cab?: “The Warriors” and the world's most unforgiving plot hole.

The Warriors vs Turnbull A C 's 1979 (Italiano)

The Warriors Movie Site - Filming Location

The Warriors

The Orphans, who reside in the Tremont neighborhood of the Bronx, aren't the most sophisticated of the film's street gangs. So much so that they weren't ...

... The Warriors Movie Site - Screen Capture ...

We're not sure what's so “punk” about pairing denim overalls with a rugby shirt. Or a pair of roller skates. But The Punks do reside in the Bowery, ...

The Warriors Logo T-Shirt - Cult Gang Film Movie Baseball Furies Turnbull ACs Come

The Warriors 1979. What kinda chicken shit crap is this? Turnbull AC's. Ajax the Warrior

The Savage Huns of Chinatown are seen twice in the movie: once as they wait for the train uptown, and again as part of the crowd at the summit.

Hint: it's not the baseball dudes.

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"The Warriors Game" PS4 Walkthrough Ep. 10- THEY KILLED A WARRIOR! GANG WAR!!

war8 …

Finally, a Definitive Ranking of All 23 Gangs in The Warriors (2)

Don't even get us started on Brooklyn. New York City was cold, and it was dangerous. It was a time of colorful gangs, ...

The Harlem-based Boppers look more like a boy band than a street gang to be reckoned with, but they are very much the latter.

In the hierarchy of street gangs, The Gramercy Riffs are at the very top. And it's their leader—Cyrus—who organizes the midnight summit in Van Cortlandt ...

James Hannon and David Harris and Brian Tyler from the Warriors

To celebrate The Warriors' 10th anniversary, Rockstar has highlighted nine player-made GTA Online Jobs that were inspired by the game.

The Warriors Movie T-Shirt

Russo Brothers To Remake 'The Warriors' Movie

The Warriors (The Ultimate Director's Cut) [HD ...

Gramercy Riffs Unisex T-Shirt From The Warriors Movie

... "Turnbull ACs" and more, you may not think it's of much worth; but the real thrill comes with putting yourself in the Warriors' situation!

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Sep 15 2015, 8:05am

The story follows a gang of nine guys from The Warriors gang of Coney Island as they head up to The Bronx for a big meeting. The meeting was called by Cyrus ...

The Warriors

As he reaches the high point of his pitch, a shot rings out and Cyrus is killed. He is shot by a gangbanger named Luther (David Patrick Kelly).

[WATCH] 'The Warriors' Subway Ride: Actors Recreate Iconic Scene From Cult Movie – Hollywood Life

The Warriors (1979) Reunion

Turnbull ACS by ohsono

When it comes to Queens-based street gangs, The Boyle Avenue Runners are it as far as The Warriors goes.

The original PS2 version of The Warriors, our videogame adaptation of the cult film classic, is now officially available to download from the PlayStation ...

The Warriors Badge Logo Movie SHIRT

Finally, a Definitive Ranking of All 23 Gangs in The Warriors (8)

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Why The Warriors is essential countercultural cinema

Warrior Notes, Page

The Warriors Logo T-Shirt - Baseball Furies turnbull ACS Cyrus Cult Film Movie (

The Boppers' main rivals are the Spanish Harlem-based Hurricanes, who make only a brief appearance in the film, at Cyrus' summit.

Why were the warriors chased and almost killed by the other gangs after the meeting?

FARK.com: (8868470) Come out and play-i-ay...this video of the cast of "The Warriors" reenacting their subway ride to Coney Island

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