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Vaguely Soviet Space Warship t

Vaguely Soviet Space Warship t


Sci-fi cargo ship is a transport ship, which transports cargo from the space station to the planet .

Soyuz TMA-7 spacecraft2edit1.jpg

Japan warship and US vessels

This image of the Soviet–Russian space station Mir was recorded by astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis as it approached before docking during the ...

This started as a ship built in zbrush in the style of John Berkey, one of my favorite sci-fi illustrators.


It should be noted that the original Kiev design has been modified several times, but in the other direction, with various navys removing the missiles and ...

Kirov! part 3: Kirovs in Soviet/Russian service

Vaguely Soviet Space Warship | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Russian designer Vladimir Denisov from the rocket center. Khrunichev will soon present a draft of the spacecraft, which is to run does not need a ...

Have I seen this spaceship somewhere before

Soviet Union"Our triumph in space is towards the anthem of the Soviet Nation!" Poster of the USSR Space Program, 1958.

ArtStation - Refueling spaceship, Kaustubh Naik

Space Station · Space · Psychology


[ IMG]

Kirov in 1983 - she has the dual rear cannons and a different aft radar mast.


Unfortunately for the Ural, she was destined to become a poster child for failure in the Soviet Union. Squaring the complexity of the Kirov class turns out ...

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Navy was left in a state of decay for over two decades. Lack of money meant that they could not ...

The LCS-08

Buran Space shuttle behind Roscosmos team

How Sci-Fi Propaganda Art Influenced The US and Soviet Space Race - Tested


Apollo load Murmansk

USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) transits the Pacific Ocean in April


USS Fort Worth (LCS-3), bottom, the guided missile destroyer USS

Chinese shipyards are reportedly busy constructing what will be the largest destroyers in Asia. The yet-unnamed destroyers, tentatively called the Type 055 ...

Ring Station

Wouldn't anybody like to see some french BBs added into the game (Richelieu Class BB) ...

space shuttle Discovery

Model, Spacecraft, Vostok 1:24

Proceedings ...

Call it space-bot envy. Two months after the U.S. Air Force's mysterious and unmanned X-37B space plane wrapped up a history-making 225-day flight, ...

Cool Starship

Detail from a 1958 Soviet space propaganda poster.

"The Roger Young" by Riskjockey: Pimped from Flickr. "

The Hadji Dimitar – formerly the cargo ship Avior.

The Clyde Ore arriving off Eston Jetty, River Tees, c.August 1965. Navios insignia on funnel and on prow, ship's name on side.

This is not the Buran itself, but rather the Orbiter K2 Ptichka and a full

... for the battleship, often known as the "Taser" for obvious reasons.

There are a total of 5 of them?!


With sufficient stretching, I suppose you might justify it in a setting where ships have a magic drive, ...

Soon the Space Race was in full swing, but most of the interesting American artwork depicting futuristic technology ...

Type 45 Destroyer Gas turbine engine problems

Japan and Eastern Europe Let Their Imaginations Run Free

Communists pave the way to the stars. The Soviet miniature sheet of 1964 displaying six historical firsts of the Soviet space program

Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender is mirrored in water following a downpour on the

A proper starship to go bounty hunting all across.

Russian Soviet BURAN Space Spaceship Remote Control Radio Station Combined | eBay

But for years before Sputnik and the ensuing technological escalation made space flight a reality, something else was fueling the imaginations of the ...

642 KB. >>

Like the Myogi, the Ishizuchi doesn't quite have the broadside weight of other tier 4 Battleships, but it's still more than sufficient to one-shot even tier ...

'When seeing is believing' – ACA discuss Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier radar systems

Mission 2K1: Burya-Soyuz, November 1992

The scale of the designs are significant; either ship would displace roughly about 20,000 tons at full load.

Space Shuttle[edit]

At the same time, its offensive weapons are the cleverest, deadliest missilery Soviet/Russian science can cook up, which is considerable.


When are we going to build a first 'real' spaceship? [Archive] - Cosmoquest Forum

After Korolev[edit]

Look, but don't touch.

Not quite maneuverable enough to slot between the torpedo pathways, this Ishizuchi sideswipes one of the six torpedoes thrown it's way.

On ...

History of spaceflight

Part of a diagram depicting the device suborbital aircraft MG-19

The man begins to yell that they can't leave because “they are like us”… he boards the spaceship moments before blast off. The film then cuts to a small ...

Big ships with big guns that destroy everything

It becomes a simple matter of angling your armour and outlasting her at that stage. For higher tiered vessels such as the Kongo and New York, both firepower ...

The same airship image, this time labelled in English, with a dodgy photo backdrop

"Extolling the virtues of space development was not really a big thing with them," Di Fate said. "Lionizing their heroes was another story.

Sea powerWho rules the waves?

An artist's rendering of the first space walk by cosmonaut

Overlapping territorial claims may result in clashes between these ships. The resulting battle may look like a naval battle from 1944!

Mars 3, the first spacecraft to land on Mars

The 'battleships' of the future won't have thick armour. It doesn't need to.

The Hall of Space Technology in the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics, Kaluga, Russia. The exhibition includes the models and replicas ...

Also: not small.

The Last Battlecruiser

The Fruzne. I suspect this photo is at least late 1980s from the stains on her hull.

MilSim Maritime


The tragic thing is that it never appeared in Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

According to unverified Chinese Internet rumors, a full-scale proof-of-concept ship will be launched after 2020.

R-7 rockets like the one on display at the All-Soviet Exhibition Centre were the first reliable means to transport objects into Earth orbit.

Rising atop a column of golden fire, Discovery sets the Florida sky ablaze with the

... Bengal ◊ fleet ...

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click to enlarge PHOTO BY MARK CHAMBERLIN - Jimyn the Singing Mime performed his one-man show "