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Venus Ark Rei Kizaki t

Venus Ark Rei Kizaki t


The three of Venus Ark

Rei in Venus Ark uniform

Rei is that mystery girl

Royal Rei Kizaki

Rei Kizaki

Rei Kizaki

Venus Ark

Aikatsu STARS [Wings of STARS]! Rei

Rei Kizaki

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Elza Forte, Aria Futaba, Rei Kizaki, Kirara Hanazono

Venus Ark Elza, Aria, Rei, Kirara

Photokatsu 1225.jpg

Tsubasa And Rei


Rei Kizaki

Rei Kizaki

Aikatsu Stars!

Rei Kizaki

Happy Birthday Rey '01-05-'17′

Merry Christmas with Venus Ark

Rei and Lilie,wish they perform together

The Four of Venus Ark

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Rei Kizaki Colour Silhouette Speedpaint || Venus Ark

Kirara Aikatsu Stars Cafe on Namco.jpg

Rei PR1+

Aikatsu STARS [Wings of STARS]! Rei They should make a brand name for

Rei Kizaki

Photokatsu 1525.jpg

White Casual Coord - Kizaki Rei


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Photokatsu 1219.jpg


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Laura signing off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

▣Anyways, on the challenge that we are going to held. The name hasn't been decided by me and Ako-chan yet. But here are the details.

Rei PR1

Aria Venus Coord

Elza Forte And Lilie Shirogane



Venus Ark

Venus Ark


Photokatsu 0640.jpg


Rei Kizaki Edits #Aikatsu #AikatsuStars #ReiKizaki #Venus Ark #HitomiYukihoEdits

Chibi Rei Kizaki


Mahiru wear Venus Ark uniform So pretty


Naoto and Kanata

Yume Haki ( Ice Queen )

Mahiru and Rei chibi

All Aboard Venus Ark

Aikatsu stars! Mahiru y Rei

Name: Ayaka Arisugawa ((Patent she's wearing Venus Ark uniform))

Rei vs Mahiru

Mahiru y Rei


Aikatsu Stars! Second Season (anime)

... this style recently so I decided to edit Rei~ Rei isn't really my best girl, but she's actually pretty close to my 1st, my best girl is really Ako.

Photokatsu 1217.jpg

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user selected cover

Photokatsu 0621.jpg

Photokatsu 1547.jpg


(More art to be added in the future!)

Venus Ark Chat

Photokatsu 0636.jpg

170708-AK 4599 re withRISA small

I'm a hoe for Rei

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Episode Information

Happy Birthday Kizaki Rei! 1/5 Rei from Venus Ark Brand:Royal Sword

Naho Aoyama

Royal Sword (ロイヤルソード, Royal Sword) is a cool brand that debuted in Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! Wings of Stars - Part 4 and in Episode 80 of the ...

Venus Ark Academy Amino


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Niah Haruka

Photokatsu 1226.JPG

SPR proof mars.jpg

user selected cover

... here at Venus ark academy! If you ever need someone to talk to or your just bored, I'm free to talk to! Let's get to know each other a bit!

Rachel Forte

Yume Haki ( Ice Queen )