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Viking PIMP by VendelRus on DeviantArt Norse garb and other

Viking PIMP by VendelRus on DeviantArt Norse garb and other


Great site with Winter garb Winter Viking girl by VendelRus on DeviantArt

Swedish Viking Reenactment: Vendelrus Vilhelm's gallery is amazing! The historical clothing looks like photos from the past and it makes me want to cry, ...

Viking P.I.M.P by VendelRus on DeviantArt

Viking trader by *VendelRus --The clasp on his cloak is an Irish ring pin which became popular among the Vikings.

Ykara Morte - Viking women reenactment

Tea-towels apron dress made by Laerad (on DeviantART) and worn by Somk. It seems to be held tightly to the bosom by a mostly-concealed cord.

Viking woman - a different take on the outfit, apron dress has slits up to

The site's newest article covers step-by-step dressing of a 10th Century Danish · Viking GarbNorse ...

Viking Embroidery by ~Erianrhod on deviantART

druid pinterest | Repinned via Kaye Knoll

Pages with Russian Viking dress reconstructions. Picture: The Flemming Bau version?

Traditional Norse Womens Apparel in Viking Age. Linen shift, worn under wool hangerock with brooch.

Scandinavian Viking Mens costumes historical-events-costume -making-hairdressing-jewe

In this article, we will look at another iconic weapon of the Viking Age: The Seax. While both utility knives and swords were in use during this period, ...

Slavic costumes in the Viking Age

Annika Madejska's latest Viking outfit. Her blog entry makes it clear that the tablet weaving

male Viking outfit by a Swedish reenactor

Beautiful interpretation of a late period Viking tunic by Burr Öhrström. Gorgeous and detailed work

Nice colors, done in linen with narrow braided trim. Beadstrings with bone, glass, metal and horn beads, replica viking pendants and coins

Meridian Rose Tourney Queen Amber Dress by Joan of Ook

Posts about Viking Clothing on The Horse and the Norse

VendelRus (Vilhelm Vinje) on deviantART: Has a bunch of historically accurate garb and whatnot! Awesome source for Viking stuff.

Rus viking trader reenactment by VendelRus on deviantART

Round-Up: Inspirations This Week Feb 4

An embroidered Bocksten tunic

Vendelrus - Swedish Norse Reenactor (with baby!

It's not the "typical" Coppergate/Dublin cap that most Norse reenactor women around here have taken to wearing. Original photo posted to a Swedish costuming ...

Rus viking trader costume. See more. from DeviantArt · Cajsa in gorgeous colours. photo by VendelRus Vilhelm Vinje

Viking Gotland / Birka / War Knife with Oosic by JArthurLoose

Me weaving at The VikingHomestead in an educationmovie actually.

Lovely Norse by Linda/Mehloic. Link to original source.

Crown Princess Anna of the Outlands speaking at her Pelican ceremony at…

Viking age apron dress by Nyfrid on Etsy

Nicole Viking_DSC7756 web

The Looking Glass and The Skeleton Key: Adventures in Viking Garb


viking girl by VendelRus Vilhelm Vinje

Viking leather tunic

Ykara Morte Viking women reenactment

Gotland Viking by DarkSunTattoo on deviantART

norse western scandinavia a recreation of century norse dress .

Viking women- Actually Finnish Iron Age

Viking Cut - Maybe this is the way to keep the neck and face warm when wearing the Norse Caftan (coat)

Hangerok/Smokr I made for Æsa. Photo taken at Wintermist Yule

Apron Dress, Larp, Persona, Vikings, Amber, Female Viking, Pinafore Apron, Ivy

950's Swedish Viking Dress Ensemble.

Hand sewn woolen kaftan (Vendel era) by Henord on DeviantArt

I don't know why I always like men's garb better than women's garb when it comes to viking garb. SHOES AND PANTS BUB

By Pathgalen on deviantART, showing the 'Oseberg cloak' style of woven and fringed cloak that was for sale a few years ago.

Macarius and his new baggy pants and tunic.

Viking Marked Djupvika part Viking garb, Viking tunic, SCA Viking


12th night step up outfit

Norse coif by Laerad (deviant art) "Linen cap loosely based on the Hedeby cap. Hand stitched with colored thread and adorned with a nice wool woven string"

XVIII Festival Wolin 2012 Pt gallery 57, photo 21 by Wikingowie.deviantart.com · Viking ReenactmentViking GarbViking ...

Our Dane is now on his way to becoming a true Viking Warrior! “But that doesn't look like a Viking,” you might say, and you would be mostly correct.

Viking cloak for woman, Valkyrie, medieval pattern, historical costume

The viking. by ~thephotogrumbler on deviantART - Love everything about this.

Canvas jacket with hood – a water resistant duo for a viking who wants to stay

Extensive collection of Embroidery finds: viking garb and russian garb

Viking woman by ~weavedmagic on deviantART

Men's Hiberno-Norse ( Irish Viking ) Tunic


Köstrup apron dress Hantverkat.wordpress.com · Viking TunicViking ...

-Slavic Garb, Viking age- by Antalika on deviantART

Linen Wool Viking Skjoldehamn Archer Oversized Hood Garb

Gallery | Vikings of Middle England

Wrap-style kaftan. Note the mini penannular brooch to hold the bottom edge in

A viking season III by Symbelmune

Guess a woman from Kostrop emigrated to the British Isles · Viking TunicViking ...

Viking Coat Kaftan “Ingrid” with embroidery

Viking tunic from Skjoldehamn T-4 - Jorgencraft

Beautiful LARP costume and beautiful woman, on swedish website Vikingahuldran. http://

viking kit for winter: Skjoldehamn trousers and hood, classical tunics, wolen shawl.

In a complete break from the “typical” Norse tunic style, two tunics were

A Viking 2 by ~DarkSunTattoo

Johan sports a kaftan with buttons and silk from us as well a belt set! Looking good Johan! Or as we say in Sweden;

No Gelin A Vellin Idh Raid Lîn

Modern Viking - in traditional clothes. Real reenacted. Photo Jim Lyngvild

Linen Viking Tunic "Eric the Shieldman"

Vignettes: Domari, former Varangian Guard, and close friend / adviser to Styrkarr.

Brown woolen hood from Skjoldehamn - embroidery motif from a runic stone.

Jorvik viking clothing by brydeine

Viking wear...yaa

Inspiration - Viking long tunic with hand embroidery. Loki's Locker also sells custom, entirely hand-sewn clothing, but their website seems to go down ...

Danish men in authentic Viking costumes, by Jim Lyngvild

What a 10th century viking chief might have looked like (cloak and tunic embroidery based on the Mammen finds) Photo: Nationalmuseet.

Viking coat with woven band

Medieval Slavic costume of Ancient Russia: Krivichi

Norse man's tunic and pants, with a pillbox-style hat

26 Haithabu WHH - Intern 28-03-2010 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Viking ReenactmentViking GarbViking WomanViking ClothingNorse ...

Viking men at Obermoschel 2008

Norse Volva Witch & Warrior Woman

Prefect style of under dress and over tuinc dress I need.

Early Medieval Coat for Woman Viking Slav Reenactment ($159) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring

viking armor 7th century - Google Search

The Viking Queen - Handmade chemise and blue apron dress by Sól.

Sam's Linen Viking Dress - Belt View - Othala Craft (working on one like this

Генерал стрелецкий

Daria Lefler | Verbena's dream studio