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WAKE UP AMERICA Suzanne Somers The Affordable Care Act Is

WAKE UP AMERICA Suzanne Somers The Affordable Care Act Is


The ACA is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme - Suzanne Somers

Author and actress Suzanne Somers published a column on Monday claiming that Obamacare is “socialized medicine.” The Daily Beast combs through her ...

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Suzanne Somers doesn't like the Affordable Care Act, facts

Links for the Day: Suzanne Somers on Obamacare, The Smart Young Misfits Revolutionizing Indie

Repin if you agree with Bozell! Read More: http://newsbusters.

Ben Carson, the world famous pediatric neurosurgeon, now known in political circles for his

Suzanne Somers Obamacare controversy


Suzanne Somers Calls Affordable Care Act A 'Ponzi Scheme' In Wall Street Journal Piece | HuffPost

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LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 02: Actress Suzanne Somers attends the Television Academy's 70th

The Wall Street Journal published an anti-Obamacare op-ed by Suzanne Somers on Monday that's provoking sustained criticism—including from the Wall Street ...

Suzanne Somers: "The Affordable Care Act Is A Socialist Ponzi Scheme".

Suzanne Somers (born Suzanne Marie Mahoney, October is an American actress, author, singer, businesswoman and health spokesperson;

Suzanne Somers, erstwhile TV celebrity associated with shows such as “Step by Step” and “Three's Company”, is a prominent ...

Suzanne Somers, Alan Hamel

Suzanne Somers Slams Obamacare, Calls Affordable Care Act a Ponzi Scheme | E! News

Thighmaster General

By Dylan - Jan 15, 2016

Suzanne Somers doesn't like the Affordable Care Act, facts | Wonderwall.com

Suzanne Somers: The Affordable Care Act Is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme

2015-06-09-1433874131-2370014-555583729DT003_Suzanne_Some.JPG Suzanne Somers feels completely at home in ...

FIFTY. Suzanne Somers ...

The corrections on Chrissy Snow's opinion piece are starting to add up -- and no one even bothered to point out to the ditzy blonde that Canada's ...

Having Conquered Cellulite, Suzanne Somers Takes On Obamacare - The Atlantic

Shut Up, Dr. Suzanne Somers & the Mainstream Media Who Glorify This Celeb Quack

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We eagerly await subsequent Somers's augmentations of the Journal's Pulitzer-winning critique of Obamacare.

And of course ...

... up your face when suzanne-somers-05

Millions of Pakistanis now refuse to eat salt containing life-saving iodine, because they believe it's part of a government scheme to render them infertile


Suzanne Somers Knockout: Interviews With Doctors Who | Thai Cuisine | Curry

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Nathan Francis. Suzanne Somers thinks Obamacare is tantamount to socialism and just an attempt ...


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Perversely ...

2015-06-09-1433874251-9371609-555583729DT005_Suzanne_Some.JPG “


Suzanne Somers: The Affordable Care Act Is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme


The Journal has a weird, traffic friendly section called "The Experts," in which experts come and share their expert opinions on things.

If you're going to write an Op-Ed for a major newspaper, it does help your credibility just a teensy bit if you bother to do a bit of fact-checking before ...

If Chrissy says it, it must be true.



Somers is nothing but a book shill promoting quackery on desperate women.

We don't need bipartisanship, we need application of principle... Where was the call for bipartisanship during the Obamacare debate?

CMT EXCLUSIVE: California Concierge Doctor Shira Miller, MD joins Suzanne Somers' Forever Health Network … a group of selected physicians specializing in ...

Forbes Didn't Endorse Dietary Supplement, Fake News Site Taken Down

... NATION'S A.C.A.: Next time, WSJ geniuses, go for the gravitas and get Paris Hilton.

When she talks about staying young, does she mention the thousands of dollars she's spent on cosmetic surgery?

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne said people magazine once described her as the dumbest woman in America. Which means she did a great job of playing the blond bombshell bimbo ...

Suzanne Somers doesn't like the Affordable Care Act, facts | TVs, Suzanne somers and The o'jays


QUEER VOICES. Suzanne Somers Opens Up About Barry Manilow's Gay Wedding. By Cavan Sieczkowski

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Suzanne Somers Thinks Obamacare Is A 'Ponzi Scheme'. By Cavan Sieczkowski. CELEBRITY

Dr. Nancy Snyderman apologizes for 'scaring my community and the country' in Ebola Quarantine vi.

One of the actress' most recent TV appearances was as one of the contestants in the 2014 line up of the reality show Dancing with the Stars.

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Suzanne Somers Destroys Cancer (Over 341,487 Views)

Suzanne Somers enters the Obamacare debate

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Ted Cruz tore into Hillary Clinton during a breakfast event at the Newseum in Washington,

U.S. President Barack Obama pauses while he talks about the Affordable Care Act in the Brady

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294Obamacare Quotes

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