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WDC Save dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico Appeal t

WDC Save dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico Appeal t


What to do if You Encounter a Stranded Dolphin

Adopt a dolphin Update September 2016

minke WDC

Kesslet, a bottlenose dolphin, enjoying a salmon in the Moray Firth, Scotland.

Dolphin super hearing at least 26 million years old

Dipani Sutaria

Three dolphins in a straight line coming right towards the camera.

There are surprisingly simple steps you can take to save the world's dolphins. Tips at

The bottlenose dolphins of the Bay, Discovering the Dolphins of North Patagonia†(Argentina

**Wildlife Earth News EMERGENCY!** The Vaquita Porpoise population has declined unbelievably

Adopt a Dolphin

A baby dolphin died at Taiji, Japan, after a long 7 hour drive to the cove and mommy was taken away the next morning! Baby was frantic!

Mama Dolphins Sing Their Name to Babies in the Womb

Group of Surfers Came Across Stranded Dolphins on the Beach and Did Something Incredible! (VIDEO)

The Hector's Dolphin


Zephyr's little baby looking right at me.

Dolphin chewing puffer fish, undated/John Downer Productions, The Sunday Times

Ocean Pollution and Orcas

Bottlenose dolphins, Dana Point, CA, undated/David McNew, Getty, NPR

Humpback dolphin, location and date unknown/Wildlife Conservation Society, American Live Wire

Effects of Fishing on Hectors Dolphins

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Close up w:Little Gash

Adopt a Dolphin Field Officer, Charlie Phillips, at Chanonry Point watching the bottlenose dolphins

Right whale and calf, ...

WDC team attends dolphin stranding in Scotland

The vaquita is a very small porpoise that lives solely in the Gulf of California, . WWF's work to make the world's oceans safe for whales, dolphins, ...

CBD Graphic

In other news, PROFEPA and Sea Shepherd have been making tremendous progress in ban enforcement and net confiscation. Despite inclement weather, dozens of ...

Bottlenose dolphins off Islamorada, Florida Keys, undated/Michael Newman, Florida Keys News

Humpback Whale Underwater

2015/2016 Taiji Dolphin Quota

Nicola Hodgins

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Marna Olsen

... resident orca whale population was ambushed off the coast of Penn Cove, Washington in one of the most infamous whale captures in history (WDC, 2017).


Unidentified Bottlenose dolphin/Brian Branstetter, livescience.com

Former Directors of Six Flags Vallejo Accuse Park of Abuse

Pacific white-sided dolphins outside Nanaimo Harbour, Vancouver Island, B.C., Oct.


July 15, 2013

Clay Vaquitas

Agency proposes to protect critical feeding, calving grounds for right whales, leaves out migration route

Sea-Arama Marineworld in Galveston Texas, which closed eight months before I arrived on

July 12, 2013

06-03-17 10AM Dimply whale TM DSC_0851.jpg

Save Our Wild Salmon - Save Our Wild Salmon - Protecting Orca by Restoring Salmon

IMG_3752 (2)

Textured Palette Knife Paintings Capture the Majestic Beauty of Whales | My Modern Met | Bloglovin'

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Fins Verses Feathers – Transient Killer Whales Harass Rhinoceros Auklets

Deep Water Dolphin Interaction


False killer whales and bottlenose dolphins off New Zealand, undated/Mazdac Radjainia, ABC

Land based whale watching and photography

Scanned images provided by Jordan Waltz

Officials examine dead dolphin, Long Island, NY, August 9, 2013/Riverhead

... textures and nutrition while also creating meals the whole family will love every day of the week, without fluster and fuss.

otter in plastic bag

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I was once again mesmerized by the beauty of the ocean (in this case, the Gulf of Mexico). I mean, just look at that beach.

IMG_3747 - Copy (2)

Stranded spinner dolphin


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The species of whale found in Icelandic waters.

Dolphin being skinned, Peru, undated/Asociacion Mundo Azul, Los Angeles Times

Prevent the Imminent Extinction of the Vaquita Porpoise in Mexico!

Scanned images provided by Jordan Waltz

It ...

Dead Vaquita found by Sea Shepherd

Hello ladies.

Major Marine Tours_Orca-whale-Copy-min

Another has a fish

Disney Dolphin Capture