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WTF is wrong with the human race facepalm Green Day

WTF is wrong with the human race facepalm Green Day


WTF is wrong with the human race *facepalm*

Haha, you telling me to stop talking about Green Day is telling me to die

Even people that don't like Green Day like Green Day a little bit.

Ugh I wanna see that movie

Like seriously, its green day.> For real though, I'd definitely rather see greenday over usher or Justin beaver (I know what ...

Bad Green Day Memes

WTF is wrong with the human race *facepalm*. See more. only green day fans will understand lmfao :3 green-day-lol-meme

And I'm over here like "y'all are wrong, Green day, Queen and Nirvana are the awesome ones"

Girls who wear band tees and they don't even know the band they are

FacePalm of the Day Quote #10 - Debunking Christianity: The Irrational Christian: The John Loftus Trinity Argument

*Facepalms himself to death. Then resurrects to do it again*

FacePalm of the Day - Debunking Christianity: Nathan Phelps (Apostate Son of Fred Phelps) On Faith

WTF is wrong with the human race *facepalm* | Green Day | Pinterest | Greenday, Billie joe armstrong and Joe armstrong

Facepalm of the Day #34 - Racists Totally Freak Out Over Idris Elba Playing Norse God in 'Thor' - ComicsAlliance | Comics culture, news, humor, commentary, ...

X-post from r/facepalm that really belongs over here.

From r/Facepalm ...

7 - 32 Pics That Will Make You Cringe, Facepalm, or Sigh in Disgust

Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day, im fantastic at being a loser !

love old school green day

only Billie Joe can make an old ratty Cheap Trick T-Shirt look like high fashion and hot as hell.

1 - 29 Images That Will Make You Facepalm

/r/allWTF is wrong with this generation.

Nations Doctors Report Spike in Debate-Related Facepalm Injuries | HuffPost

Hagen Vogel: “'Facepalm Picard', in my eyes, represents the whole of meme culture”

John Loftus endorsed the following video on his blog. He said:

Torys new Redesign by torygreen. Tory Green


#1606348 - 3d, artist:red4567, comic, comic:doggone it spike!, dog, dragon, dragonified, equestria girls, facepalm, licking, rarity, safe, self dragondox, ...

-Trained by Yamcha, Dan Hibiki, and Hinata! -Fused with Spike(MLP), Serena (Pokemon), and Daneil Kai Arroy! (All Memebers of Tory green Studios)

Things Some Animals Lovers Do That Make You Go Hmmmm... - One Green Planet


29 - 29 Images That Will Make You Facepalm


JESUS FACEPALM He gave up too so please stop this foolness motifake.com

*Facepalms himself to death. Then resurrects to do it again*

Horseshoes and and Handgrenades - Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

Apple released a developer preview of iOS 10.2. The update includes the facepalm and selfie emojis first approved by the Unicode Consortium in June.

These are the big ones but there are a host of smaller services that we use in our day to day life that we have completely taken for granted and they would ...

11 - 22 Pieces Of Trash Ruining The Human Race

stick figure couple huddled on a thin blue beam (their relationship) between "soul

That's the definition of what it means to get a clue.

This is what we're dealing with as a Ripple community... *Facepalm* : Ripple

1 - 22 Pieces Of Trash Ruining The Human Race

17. This super tough quiz:

*Facepalms himself to death. Then resurrects to do it again*

And people who call themselves Christians who think faith is believing something "that could conceivably be false" don't know what Biblical faith is either.

24 - 29 Images That Will Make You Facepalm

Take Off Your Pants and Dookie: Green Day vs Blink 182


Star Wars The Last Jedi green light

"Found a wild facepalm in its natural habitat."

*Facepalms himself to death. Then resurrects to do it again*

Tory green ragging demon by torygreen

Magneto has fought Thor to a standstill in just his classic days (before he reached the peak of his power) and only escaped due to the fact that the Xmen ...

... when Logan traps him by the neck with the humvee door, it's completely animalistic because that's really what X-24 is: a ...

So this is a film with a very strong message… almost like showing a facepalm to society as to what we have become and the atmosphere in our country today.

Leia Facepalm nym.jpg

A Magical Anti-Rape Secretion

Image of elderly stressed man facepalm or cover his face by hands.4os or 50s

Patrick Star Squidward Tentacles cartoon vertebrate fictional character art


Deja Q

Facepalm: Mo Ryan tweeted a photo of multiple 'Facepalms' tweeting 'Horrible Deadline

Internet goes crazy for John Kelly during Trump speech | Daily Mail Online

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Darkwing Duck Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures chin forehead

13 - Faith in humanity restored

wtf lulz facepalm

1 - Coal miner in China cleaning up after a shift

'The cop appears to be comforting the boy. After all the anger, all. '

Mayors lead the global response to Trump's pull out of the Paris Agreement | Euronews

Kareem Abdul Jabbar talks Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign

Going back to race and ethnicity, though, it is interesting to see that the representation of race and ethnicity in DW is also very embedded in British ...

A wise man once said, “A human mind is the place where emotion and reason are locked in perpetual combat. Sadly for our species, emotion always wins.

Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

Also, I took some pictures of me wearing my CHB shirt because I forgot what Amino I was posting for. *Facepalm*.

What Did You Say? - Green Day at Holmdel - xGeneralxS

(note: comments do not require an email. human biodiversity!)

... Had the most amazing day volunteering at Ironman Boulder! Seeing a race from the other ...

People being idiots that will make you facepalm instantly.

Chuckle: Trump's remark left an ambassador smirking


Image of elderly stresness man facepalm or cover his face by hands.4os or 50s

One Twitter user noted the similarity between Kelly and this Star Trek meme

Best Racing & Sports PC Games

Monster Redbull or one of the water drinkers... Who s your money on


23 - 29 Images That Will Make You Facepalm

Goblin and Worgen Faction/Race Changes Available at Launch

Facebook goes down, affecting both website and apps | Technology | The Guardian

How much are Vulcan souls going for these days?

16 - 28 Ridiculous Fails That Prove That Humans Are Doomed