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WW2 Paper rags bones needed for recycling History t

WW2 Paper rags bones needed for recycling History t


WW2: Paper, rags, bones needed for recycling

"Still More Bones Wanted for Salvage" ~ WWII era British poster for recycling for the war effort.

WWII Home Front poster : Salvage - Help put the lid on Hitler by saving your old metal and paper

English: More salvage - thats what we want!

Recycling isn't new: America's long paper trail dates to 1600s #rethink # recycle

Scrap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Recycling ain't new! Canadian World War II poster encourages scrap recycling to help the Canadian war effort.

WWII Government Poster: Save Kitchen Scraps To Feed The Hens!- "The girls love scraps. It improves their laying productivity.

I need your waste paper (artist unknown -

Paper - Metal - Bones ~ Recycling before it was "cool". Because it was right, so we could win against the Axis powers.

Home front during World War II

Tin Can Drives US poster encouraging tin can collection, WWII. Read more: "Make It Do

US poster, WWII, urging mending clothes.

An American poster from World War II

The History of Recycling in America Is More Complicated Than You May Think

Canadian WWII poster, We're in the army now and your aid is vital!

World War Two - British Empire - The Home Front - Local Government - London - 1940

Paper helps to make munitions (artist Cyril Kenneth Bird - 1939-1946)

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Make It Do – Scrap Drives in World War II


Poster depicting a figure made from rags, encouraging people to donate spare fabric for recycling

Amazon.com: Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash (9780805065121): Susan Strasser: Books

The chiffonniers went by nicknames, like 'Poil aux Pattes' (Hairy Paws) or 'Gras d'Huile,' (Oil Grease) - this latter was the moniker of an old woman called ...

A recycling truck collecting the contents of a recycling bin in Canberra, Australia.

Ten dates in the history of recycling

1. What were people encouraged to do with their clothes?

Rubber Drive US poster, World War II

Salvage message in WW1 ration book (Image Source: Mark Norris, private collection)

A three-sided bin at a railway station in Germany, intended to separate paper (left) and plastic wrappings (right) from other waste (back)

Amazon.com: Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash (9780805065121): Susan Strasser: Books

I can't précis all of the processes described in La Hotte without writing a pamphlet, rather than a blog post, so I am going to concentrate on bones.

Wanted For Sabotage

Energy and material flows[edit]

Last month I posted about the chiffonniers, the rag-pickers (or informal recyclers) of Paris and their lives: this month I am going to describe some of the ...

Salvage message in WW1 ration book (Image Source: Mark Norris, private collection)

Plastic recycling[edit]

Women sorting bones

Coping with Hunger and Shortage under German Occupation in World War II

Bones Are Still Needed

Our quarter century plus year history at Peel Scrap Metal has followed the traditional developmental path through generations.

Rags being weighed and sold to an middlewoman

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Early sorting of recyclable materials: glass and plastic bottles in Poland

A recycling point in New Byth, Scotland, with separate containers for paper, plastics

There was a hierarchy of informal recycling work; the coureur, who you have just met, was at the bottom of it. Then there was the placier, who came every ...

Wrecked automobiles gathered for smelting

World War 2 Canadian Scrap Metal recycling poster ORIGINAL WW2 Framed Canada

This early conservation movement puts the current one to shame, as it covers not only saving and—ahem—recycling, but repair (both of the above are American) ...

Dale News, August 28, 1942 (1)

An eager school boy gets his first experience in using War Ration Book Two. Because so many parents were working, children were taught how to use ration ...

Paper recycling


The microscopic structure of paper: Micrograph of paper autofluorescing under ultraviolet illumination. The individual fibres in this sample are around 10 ...

15072 A Canopy Second Harvest W c2.indd

World War II posters from the Office of War Information

Recycling : The formative years

With thanks to David Chandler"Most of the Victorian terraces had railings round their front gardens," notes Lancaster resident James Mitchell.

Scrap Metal Drives

50 'Geen steun aan de Duitsche oorlogsvoering. Geen inlevering van metalen voorwerpen', Verzetsmuseum, Amsterdam, ...

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Poster produced for the London North Eastern Railway during WWII to encourage people to recycle their

The Parisians, before Monsieur Poubelle invented his useful bin, used to tip their rubbish out directly onto the street outside their houses, ...

inspire yr 6 ww2 doc

Recycling art in Haiti. Photo By Grete Vidal.

Ancient Sanskrit on Hemp based Paper. Hemp Fibre was commonly used in the production of

What caught my eye then, and has been nagging at me ever since, was a single poster produced by the Canadian Government during World War II.

Image: IWMChildren were also encouraged to help the war effort by collecting metal, paper and rags for recycling. In the poster on the right, for example, ...

... designed to persuade Londoners to leave the pre-war practice of burning trash to cut municipal expenses. Now the government wanted to recycle everything ...

Recycling paper isn't ...

Don't Do It, Mother – Leave The Children Where They Are


November 18, 2015 - Pittsburgh City Paper by Pittsburgh City Paper - issuu

lathe for cutting out buttons

Paprec Recycling

Keeping an eye on prices

File:Recycling Video.webm

Early New York City sanitation cart dumping residual waste into the harbor

Recycling history: Modern 'green' scene not so modern

Waste sorting - Manual waste sorting for recycling

Recycling codes

World War 2 U.S. JUNK recycling poster ORIGINAL and Uncommon

Removal of the guns from Lancaster Castle during World War Two. Photo courtesy Andrew Reilly


Waste Diversion Ontario was established to address the issue of funding and the future of recycling. Their report, Achieving Sustainable Municipal Waste ...


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Waste sorting - Recycling bins in Singapore

Waste sorting - Characteristic containers for recycling in Portovenere, Italy

Buy as much as you need!

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The scarcity of materials during WWII forced the British government to appeal to the population to collect things such as rags, paper and also bones.

A Social and Visual History of the Dadao: The Chinese “Military Big-Saber.”


Morris salvage lorry in Liverpool 1941promoting recycling of scraps during World war 2 rationing. -

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ELECTRIC HISTORY by Eleanor Updale