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What can pool and spa owners do to save water during the drought

What can pool and spa owners do to save water during the drought


Santa Cruz County swimming pool

With swimming pools under scrutiny in many California communities, the state's pool and spa trade association suggests that a pool is less water-intensive ...

Swimming Pool Covers Conserve Water

Swimming pool showing a half-closed cover. A properly maintained cover can reduce evaporation and water wastage in ...

Woman at Hotel Pool

Do Swimming Pools Waste Water?

The Swimming Pool Industry Talks About the California Drought

What can pool and spa owners do to save water during the drought? Pool and

swimming pool

Tips for Spa Owners

Sure, you're already doing a lot to save water—plucking the almonds from your granola each morning and shaming your grass-owning neighbors daily on Twitter.

It may come as a surprise to some, but even the most lavish pool and spa designs can be created with water conservation in mind. - Click to enlarge

$5 Billion Swimming Pool Industry Sinking With California Drought « CBS San Francisco

Workers from Olma's Pool Plastering spread blue plaster around the Mickey family pool in Lake Forest on Friday. Dave Mickey's daughter is a diver with the ...

Live in a drought-affected area? With the low maintenance ACE® Water Care System in your you could bring your water changes down to once a year!

Will California run out of water?

Tips For Pool Owners

The Unprecedented Drought in California – How Can You Help?

Adrian Zamorano works at a pool-construction site in Tustin, Calif. As residents

The state of California is in the throws of a serious drought. The situation has many responsible homeowners trying to conserve water.

Miguel Gutierrez, with the construction company Dig & Demo operates a jack hammer to remove

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — More pools are being built in California now than have been in years despite the drought, and the industry is fighting to change ...

20 Jun Water & Pool Saving Tips

Everett Rubin,13, works on his canon ball technique in the family pool.

Swimming Pool Tips: How to Save Water, Kihei, Hawaii

swimming pool regulations because of drought

Amid the controversy over the role of swimming pools in the water- conservation picture, Barefoot Pools and Custom Landscapes, a firm based in the wine ...

No Water, No Problem: California Pool Building Industry Remains Afloat Even During Drought

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A crew from Olma's Pool Plastering prepares the Mickey family's pool in Lake Forest to be plastered. The family hopes to save water by having a pool instead ...

Pool and spa tips

A deep dive into Cal Water's new pool restrictions

Swimming pool construction during the drought

Sit Back and Enjoy!

Lawns vs pools: What uses more water? - CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB Channel 8

Driest Years in California History Infographic Conserve water, Why and How

The Drought Is Over! Long Live the Drought!

Photo of Aqua Hero Pool & Spa Service - Livermore, CA, United States.

Vista Company Helps Homeowners Recycle Swimming Pool Water

California Drought Starves Nation. Water IssuesCalifornia DroughtSave ...

California Eyes Harsh Drought Restrictions| Pool & Spa News | Water Conservation, Economic Conditions, Associations, Hot Tubs, Lifeguards, Pools, Spas, ...

California Pools

Dave Mickey waits for plasterers to complete his new pool at his Lake Forest home Friday. Although a handful of agencies in Orange County and across the ...

Children's feet splashing in pool water

04 Aug Water Saving & New Technology

Russell Ellison, (left) and Miguel Gutierrez with the construction company Dig and Demo

"Every Drop Counts: 33 Ways To Conserve Water" offers some options that kids can do on their own and others that they can work together with a parent or ...

City of Dublin

Shasta pool owners often ask if the temperature of pool water can affect the overall chemistry of their Phoenix swimming pool.

A recent study found an automatic pool cover can save up to 94 percent of a pool's water loss, making them a great fit for pools in drought-stricken areas.


A common question among Florida swimming pool owners is, "How much evaporation is normal?" Knowing this will help you determine whether your decreasing pool ...

Visit LetsPoolTogether.com for the latest drought information and water saving tips that you can share with your customers.

The most effective device for water conservation is the pool cover, which dramatically lowers evaporation.

California drought: Are swimming pools a waste of water?

Swimming Pool Repair

California Pools. About the California Drought

Smart Water-Saving Ideas for Pools and Spas. Tips for Pool Owners

... do it at night. eco-friendly pools

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pools Save Water

But for these clients, rather than forgoing luxury they've simply decided to avoid using those features during times of drought.

California Drought Has Scientists Studying Snowpack For Answers

Can I still build a swimming pool?

Philip Wood/Auburn Journal

Swimming Pools Can Put Out Fires

California Drought

CPSA LeaveBehind-page-001 SMALL

A construction crew digs a new pool behind a house in Tustin, Calif. The

Gardening in a Drought: Garden Watering SystemWater ConservationSave ...

Workers from Splash Pools and Construction blow in concrete to shape a swimming pool they are building on Monday, June 1.

Wikimedia Commons Photo by Jeff Sandquist

How to Prevent Pool Water Evaporation in Your Arizona Pool

Pool installers whining about the decline of pool installations in drought areas need to change with the Climate.

Swimming Pools to Inspire a Dip, and a Trip?

The Best Way to Open a Pool for the Season

save water in your yard

Horacio Cisneros, right, and his brother Juan Cisneros remove a spa from the backyard

In water-starved California, pool repairman Kevin Wallace might be viewed as a hero. - The San Diego Union-Tribune

What are the Essential Features of a Water Neutral Pool?

Workers from Splash Pools and Construction shape a swimming pool from freshly blown in concrete they are building on Monday, June 1.

Courtesy of Paragon Pools Regular pool maintenance will ensure crystal clear water.

Security: Is the pool secured? Awareness is the thing. Walk around and look at your pool the way an adventurous 4-year-old might. Look at gates and anything ...


It's raining in California and that comes as welcome news for a state badly impacted by the recent historic drought. Unfortunately, no matter how much it ...

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