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What do you know about the earth This is Peridot yelling at Yellow

What do you know about the earth This is Peridot yelling at Yellow


Yelled Holly Blue. "Yellow Diamond Wanted You And The Other Peridots To Come Here As Blue Diamond Ordered!" Holly Continued. "I'm Sorry My Agate!

Yellow Diamond gets roasted

Steven Universe - Yellow Diamond Appears (Clip) Message Recieved - YouTube

So in StevenBomb 4 on the episode Message Receieved Peridot called Yellow Diamond and she said she wanted her Cluster and she wanted the Earth to die

Ocean Meets Steel, Or Lapis and Peridot's Background Healing Arc - The Fandomentals

Steven Universe Theory: Peridot's Experiences on Earth

Funny / Steven Universe Season 2

The One Where We Realize Peridot and Lapis Are An Actual Couple - 'Steven Universe'

Peridot roasts Yellow Diamond

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Everyone thought this was for blue and yellow diamond, but it would appear a different fusion may be coming into the light. >>>>>Also, the voices of ...



So if she were to be poofed by Emerald or her ship, she'd likely reform with a Peridot-style star on her outfit.


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Oh come ye back My own true love And stay a while with me If I had a friend All on this earth You've been a friend to me miles

I find this absolutely adorable because ( wow thanks) that's how Steven tough peridot how to show appreciation

Drawing Things Out

To see how it feels about the table.

Wait guys what if Yellow Diamond comes to earth because she thinks Peridot is going to

Steven universe,фэндомы,SU art,SU Персонажи,Yellow Diamond,Peridot,


The amazing Peridorito!

Steven universe peridot say clod to yellow diamond (parody)


Steven universe diamond talk by hikumirin-d9n4to6.jpg

Steven Universe Wiki:Chat/Logs/23 Jun 2016 | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Steven Universe- Peridot Calls Yellow Diamond A Clod

Amethyst gasped

The faces are priceless

Peridot and Jasper ☄ Creator: RK32

Peridot roasts Yellow Diamond

My piece for If you have the book, I'm on page I feel the purpose of my piece is pretty self-explanatory, but if anyone's confused it's a hypothetical ...


Peridot X Yellow Pearl ~ "My Pearl"

Smol Peridot by Lenhi.jpg

Peridot's sisters

That actually does sound pretty offensive when you think about it Our little Peri is savage

This precious smile though, Steven Universe, Peridot

Steven Universe peridot and pearl

Steven universe,фэндомы,Peridot,SU Персонажи,SU art,theofficialvincenzo

Crystal Peridot - PG17 by Sonson-Sensei ...

Steven Universe - Lapis Tells Peridot to Leave (Clip) Barn Mates - YouTube

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Yellow Diamond is one of the 4 Diamond in the Diamond Authority. We don't know much about her yet besides her wanting the Earth to die and wanting her ...

Anybody would be if they were stuck on earth with you? ;)

Não toque no cabeludo!

She Continued. "Of Course You Can!!! New Peridot!!!!!!!" Said The Crystal Gem Peridot, After That They All Started Hanging Out And They Had A Good Time.


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brideake: new home

The Roaming Eye Finally Landed, And The Planet It Landed On Was Earth, She Landed in Some Kind Of Farm. Peridot Saw Another Peridot and A Lapis Lazuli.

Steven Universe - Steven, Connie, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst,

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Lapis and Peridot

Lapidot I actually love Peridot as she is now, all smol and adorably fascinated by Earth stuff xD And Lapis' disinterested side is hilarious xD

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out Steven Universe, Peridot



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It's yellow diamond!

Earth Day by Phoelion on @DeviantArt

Peridot can be; 2. found ...

Steven Universe Fanfiction: Protectors of Earth


... Entwine three stone gemstone engagement ring - 9ct white gold, peridot and lemon quartz ...

Do you Mind if I can suggest peridot. gasp// im always up for peridot re draw of my fave scene //weeps

Peridot 5XA [Era: 1]

[SPOILER WARNING] I was super surprised when I saw Blue and Yellow diamond meeting each other and discussing about Earth and Pink Diamond.

Steven universe - Gem Harvest (peridot's corn)



Ask peridot!

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by banana-pajamas <--- Garnet shedding a single tear is me

stevenuniverse, lapislazuli, garnet, rubyandsapphire some days ya gotta let it go

Steven Universe Comic, Steven Universe Peridot, Yellow Diamonds, Lapidot, Amethyst, Knight, Jasper, Garnet, Gay

Peridot's "initiation" into the Crystal Gems.

Welcome To Earth, yhoukka: free peridot icon!

lookit their little pearls!

Here's your Peridot!

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Steven Universe

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human/college AU gems, so I can ascend to true fandom trashhood. Design

Memedump 2.0: Peridump

Both gems serve under Yellow Diamond. To be fair, many argue against this because, in the scene where Emerald's insignia was first shown, it was under a ...

barn jacket lapis

A Peridot Experience

Steven Universe Peridot Nerd Mom



Peridot In a Dress by Toxic--Soul ...