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When the Flood ended the maximum life expectancy of humanity

When the Flood ended the maximum life expectancy of humanity


Should we believe the lifespans of pre-flood man?

Almost all academic Bible scholars do not believe that those ages are literally true. They point out that the stories about very long lives mirror the ...

Before moving to the next section of this chapter, we should consider again the question of which key events correspond to the beginning and end dates of ...

The flood begins in 2458 BC and the total time Noah spent in the ark was 12 months, 17 days (377 Days)

The shortening of lifespans. The shortening of the human lifespan ...

U.S. Life Expectancy at All-Time High

Alternative Chronology based on other Texts

Across the globe, life expectancies are increasing with the highest male life expectancy being in

Each dispensation portrays the way or ways in which God in His Sovereignty relates to MAN vis a vis His (God's) Laws and commandments.

Based on the assumption of 4 to 9 children per family on average, the following sets of curves have been prepared.

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The ...

Error bars are 1 S.D. Click for ...

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If mankind had actually started with Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago, what would be the maximum population on Earth (considering historical natural death rates ...

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When viewed over time, however, a clear trend emerges — between 1990 and 2011, infant mortality in the U.S. dropped 34%.

Left the earth without dying (As did Elijah and Jesus)

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Life spans of Biblical Patriarchs after the Flood

The Genesis lifespans decline according to a well-defined decay curve that began immediately after the Flood.

Life Spans


This graph explains the proportion of endangered and invasive birds and mammals combined with the human

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Mortality Rates

If the first interpretation is correct, we are still faced with challenge of determining the correct beginning and end dates for the period of judgment and ...

Before moving to the next section of this chapter, we should consider again the question of which key events correspond to the beginning and end dates of ...

Adam lived between 6000 and 10,000 BC and was the first man created by God. The Great Flood ...

... we assume the average age at their son's birth was 100 years. This number then is used to fix the biblical chronology. WHEN THIS IS DONE, ...

18th-century historians did not doubt the flood. They were more puzzled by that lost world before - and they imagined a massive population growth for these ...


Is there any other evidence these parallel periods were what God had in mind? There are, in fact, several clues that the beginning of each period were meant ...

Declining Longevity of the Post-Flood Patriarchs from Shem to Joshua. Vertical axis, age in 50-year increments. Horizontal axis, number of generations.


Associated Press/Photo by Georges Gobet

Genesis 6:3

When compared with the year 2000, 2011 mortality rates have declined across all population groups, whether defined by gender or race/ethnicity.

As God protected fallen man from living forever in Genesis 3:22, He protected us from living long enough to sin as badly as the generations in Genesis had.


The following plot is a rough estimate of world population from the time of the Flood of Noah, until the birth of Jesus, (53 generations).

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Bible Quiz for Kids: Cain and Abel

Just as Noah was 600 years old at the time of the flood, there were 600 years from the birth of Jacob/Israel to the crossing of Jordan by the twelve tribes ...

Lifespans of biblical patriarchs

Graffiti partially seen above floodwaters in Paraguay last year. (Jorge Adorno/Reuters)

Noah saw the rainbow

III. Emerging Patterns

a. A 523 mm (20.6 inch) wooden cubit measuring rod was found in the tomb of Maya in Saqqara and dates to 1340 BC. Maya's name is actually on the cubit rod ...

Historical Estimates of World Population (from: http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/worldhis.html)

The graph shows the reported age at death of supercentenarians (individuals aged over 110)

The number of people living to 100 has increased by 71 per cent in the last

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Life Span and Height of Humans in Different Yugas – Forbidden Knowledge TV

At the end of the 400 years they enter Canaan to conquer and settle it as their inheritance.

This came from ...

Dramatic Decline in Longevity After the Flood. Vertical axis, ages in 100-year increments. Horizontal axis, number of generations after Adam.

FIGURE 1: The sustainable livelihoods framework.


Note D. Population at the time of Christ

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For example the Pacific Ocean is about two miles deep on the average, while the continental US averages less than one mile above sea level.

Fig. 3

Noah's Flood Timeline, Genesis Flood and Geology

People Drowning Outside Noah's Ark

... here to view a photo of those two.

The large orange dome tent to the far right is the excavation tent where we dug 35 feet down with chain saws through glacial ice.

The longest life on record is that of Methuselah, who lived 969 years. After the Flood, the human life span dropped rapidly.

Life expectancy gap between men and women narrows to four years | Daily Mail Online

Biblical Overview of the Flood Timeline

I apologise if you're atheist, because you'll probably find this utterly boring and ridiculous, but you never know when you might come across someone who ...

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Fig. 4

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Standard image ...

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Life expectancy gap between men and women narrows to four years | Daily Mail Online

Look at this photo.

The Enuma Elish and the Atrahasis, in circulation 3,800 years ago, were Mesopotamia's creation

... eight ancient Sumerian kings leading up to a flood, and a succession of kings thereafter. Here is an excerpt that begins with the last pre-flood king:

Did God Use Evolution? MB Edition

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Human-Covenant war

AS Geography: Human Population; 3.

Appendix A. Questionnaire distributed to local people of the Quang Ngai flood-prone areas to assess flood risk

1. Pattern A

Enlarge Australia, the U.S. Indonesia and the Philippines all had higher numbers of endangered animals and

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The amount of evil manifested in each generation


Fig. 7

Development history of flood management policies in Japan.

Life cycle inventory (LCI)

Life expectancy at birth