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Which one would you take Characters Fandoms and Fandom

Which one would you take Characters Fandoms and Fandom


fandom rap battles - Who won?

Fandom Rap Battle: Leo vs Frank. Who won?

i'm not even in the homestuck fandom and i love this <

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Fandom images on Pinterest | Fandom, Fandoms and Movie

Top 10 Characters with the Worst Insane Fandoms by JAH99 ...

Sometimes you will never know that value of a moment untill it becomes a memory -Dr.

Previous pinner: I love the fact that the Homestuck and Hetalia fandoms take special care of each other when one is in trouble.

Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Hetalia Fandom would of course cry, while the Sherlock

I love it when my fandoms collide (Alternate title: Which board do I put

My Top 10 Characters with the Worst Insane Fandoms by Toongirl18 ...

The fact that I'm in so many fandoms is crazy. Hunger Games--Divergent--The Avengers--The Mortal Instruments--Doctor Who--Teen Wolf--Vampire Academy--Percy ...

Fandom button

Fandoms united! ❤. Vampire AcademyFandom SymbolsHarry ...

Oh here in the fandom sea

Fandom Rap Battle: Percy vs Annabeth. Who won?

Damn Leo, bringing up the sister, that is just wrong.

... for fun put your name(or username) on this pin and lets see how many we get:Allayna, < <

Under The Aegis- Sorry I couldn't resist!

Rap battle: Nico Di Angelo vs Hermione Granger


My top 10 Worst character Fandoms by Boschian-Fantasies ...

sorry katniss Leo wins this one

... stories in the world, and with the other people who love them, let's take a look back at th fandom that helped shaped how we use the internet today.

Characters and things they said in the first

It's like,once you like a fandom,you become obsessed with it,and

Like many adolescents nowadays, once upon a time I had indulged a majority of my time in reading renowned fiction books, varying from the Harry Potter ...


I know this is more about fandoms in general, but I thought it would be worth sharing here ;) and sadly so true about all these fandoms I'm in all them.

I have houses in 221B Baker St, Beacon Hills, Hogwarts, Tardis, Mystic



I'm making a Be A Fandom! RP board. Choose a fandom to be. Comment to join. Preferably no FNAF. Then post a RP character to match your fandom, try to do as ...

sev™ on

Under the Aegis. WebtoonFandomsFandom

Do people really have crushes on fictional characters who have not killed someone? Cause I can't think of a single fictional character that I even sorta ...

lol the sarcastic comments thing.

The Avengers Fandom

Fandoms Make Everything Terrible (feat. Undertale, Sonic, Five Nights At Freddys) - YouTube

Awesome funny tumblr fandoms | fandom, funny, image, jokes, post, quotes, text, tumblr... Best Quotes Love Check more at http://bestquotes.name/pin/158886/

Homestuck and Supernatural, Fandomstuck.I kind of ship the Homestuck fandom with the Hetalia fandom < < <*glares at SPN fandom* Don't fuck up my ship.

Are you not inspired yet?

Oh these are hilarious

I get super embarrassed and shut the book and keep whispering to myself and then everyone just stares.


Beliebers vs almost every other fandom on Tumblr

I Will Go Down With This Ship

is this that trickster!homestuck fandom (from the 'I'm part of

CupHead Fandoms in a nutshell.jpg

Fandomstuck - Hetalia will pull some strings to help Homestuck out//The most popular girls at schools eyyyy


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Would You Rather: Battle Of The Fandoms Edition!

I love to make these and id be so happy to make you your request so if ypu have a favorite show i will be more than happy yo make on for you comment what ...

Red no blue!

Fandoms! Sad to say I'm only 15 pages into the selection though I

Comment animated character, and the book or movie character you want me to make an. Movie CharactersChat BoardFandomFandoms

Fandomstuck < < < < Awwwwwwwwww Poor Homestuck fandom!!!!!!-

How 'Ready Player One' Can Help Remedy Toxic Fandoms

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Will Cuphead meet the same fate as other fandoms by DelightfulDiamond7 ...

nsfw fandoms homestuck fandom x supernatural fando by solluxanderneder ...

I love as these characters! Annabeth from Percy Jackson, Susan from Narnia, Tris

That's so me LOL. It's because I'm so happy to have someone else

Under The Aegis. FandomsShipShipsFandomBoat

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bad-at-games: “ Evil: a comic about Harry Potter, queer representation, and the passage of time. This comic was community-funded. If you like it & want to ...

A hilarious new party game of combining fandoms, genres, or characters, to pitch

Fans are brought together by their fervent devotion to a fictional book, TV show, movie, game, sport, and more. Often characterized, in part, ...

MESS UP TWINS Those two are made for each other

"THIS is what a fandom is, it isn't just a book or a show or a story it is a survival guide for life and it shows you values, morals, ...

Do you ever get into a new fandom (Fandoms Unite) by Septicaemia ...

Fandom Rap Battle: Jace vs Peeta. Who won?

Fandom members are your true family

This is the Sherlock fandom

Homestuck fandom

Red definitely red comment what you would pick


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What if fictional characters thought of us too? | My life | Pinterest | Fandoms, Fandom and Fangirl

Fandom Wallpaper Updated by BlackCatRemmy ...

Poor, poor Undertale, FNAF and all other games ruined by fandoms.

Fandomstuck Masterlist godtiercosbytop: “ Homestuck Fandom (x) Homestuck and Hetalia Fandoms () PKMN Fandom (x) Sherlock Fandom (x) Sonic Fandom (x) TMPGIS ...

Are you saying Homestuck was a good fandom? (It was pretty bad until Undertale came and took most of the cringeworthy Homestuck fans.

Hes a motherfucking cryptid i stg

Harry Potter is the default fandom. Everyone is born into it. We join other fandoms, but even if we say we aren't in the HP fandom, we really are.

I can't take it!

That's because we're all at the mental institute. It's way, way too

3373 best Homestuck/Hiveswap images on Pinterest | Fandom, Fandoms and Homestuck trolls

FNAF Fandoms (and why they are cancer)

Marco, you are awesome, but we dont need to get caught up in who saves who all that matters is that we have each others back.


He literally just wanted his moirail to be safe are there people who are actually mad about that my patron troll was doing a good okay

And I don't mean the fandom itself ruins it. It's the jackasses who can't handle the fact that a particularly large group of people like a video game that ...

To others they are just fictional characters.But to us they are the heroes of our generation. Whoever wrote this, that.

This is a Lunar Chronicles one shot Reader x Reader story that I wrote.