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WhiteNose Syndrome Date Nights t Lava

WhiteNose Syndrome Date Nights t Lava


A UDWR biologist examines a bat wing for possible damage related to WNS.

More than one million bats have been killed by the deadly fungal infection known as white-nose syndrome (WNS) since the condition first turned up in 2006.

Bats with White-Nose Syndrome

bat with white-nose syndrome

Big eared bat

Hibernating bats remain free from WNS. Photo credit: C. Lausen, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada/ BatCaver Program

A biologist inspect hibernating bats for signs of WNS. photo credit: C.Lausen, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada/ BatCaver Program

Image: Brown Bat

Texas A&M NRI Hibernacula Surveys

... and promoting the conservation of bat ecosystem services is more urgent than ever. Today, bats face the threat of a deadly disease called white-nose ...

Bat with white-nose syndrome confirmed in Washington State March 2016.

Bat infected with white nose syndrome. (Photo provided by Missouri Department of Conservation)

This bat died of white nose syndrome in an abandoned mine in Rosendale, N.Y., in January.

A tri-colored bat infected with white-nose syndrome hibernates in Sullivan County.

What's the News: Bats are an economic boon worth approximately $23 billion per year, and possibly up to $54 billion, to U.S. agriculture, a study in today's ...

a picture of a bat infected with white nose syndrome

White-nose syndrome (WNS) impact on bats - photo by nancy heaslip

Hoping to combat a disease that has decimated bat populations in the Eastern U.S., the state Natural Resource Board will consider steps this week to protect ...

White-Nose Syndrome

The Canyon Bat is one Utah species that could be susceptible to WNS.

bat white nose fungus

The continued onslaught by white nose syndrome against North America's bats is one of the stories of the year—number 13, in fact, on DISCOVER's Top 100 of ...

of White Nose Syndrome. Photographer: Greg Thompson/ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service via Bloomberg

Deadly Bat Fungus Spreading in the Maritimes

... white nose syndrome. Photo courtesy of Al Hicks, NY


The discovery in Tennessee of bats afflicted with white-nose syndrome -- the deadly disease that has killed a million bats from New Hampshire to Virginia ...

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Bat Infected with White Nose Syndrome (Credit: Marvin Moriarty / USFWS) Fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Credit: Gudrun Wibbelt et al)

Present Extent of White Nose Syndrome in North America (Credit: Enwebb)

Learning about bats and their benefits is fun for the entire family. (U.S. Forest

The Lava tubes are different from our other caves, in that it isn't strictly a cave that grows formations. The cave is an empty lava tube that is gradually ...

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Bat Boy Fights White Nose Syndrome Weekly World News, September 24, 2010

The spread of white-nose syndrome in the US.

Property owners and government agencies have closed scores of caves to prevent contamination of caves with white nose syndrome which is ...

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No Time for Bats to Rest Easy

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A major concern here, and elsewhere in caves, is white-nose syndrome in bats. WNS is a fungal disease that is killing bats in large numbers.

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Hibernating little brown bat with white muzzle and spots on wings typical of white-nose

date night at home | Vday-date-night-at-home.jpg

Hodag Fun: The WSS uses the Hodag Hunt weekend as a caving social gathering and uses the funds raised at the Hodag auction to support its various caving ...

Kristen Brisee of the Vermont Fish and Wilidfe Depart ment examines a little brown bat for white-nosesyn drome in 2009. (Free Press file photo)

Not many people make it to the remote northeastern corner of California to see Lava Beds National Monument, but the ones who do are rewarded with low crowds ...

Although the bat populations in Nevada and California haven't been affected by WNS yet, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with partners to ...

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White-nose syndrome in North American bats - U.S. Geological Survey updates

WhiteNoseSyndrome.org Image

Cave closed sign to protect bats from white nose syndrome fungal disease Kentucky - Stock Image

Bat Infected with White Nose Syndrome (Credit: Marvin Moriarty / USFWS) ...

Big-Big Eared long-eared bat

date night at home

Headshot of Sydney author Sophie Townsend

What ...

White-nose syndrome has ravaged the wings of this little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus). Named for the white fuzz it leaves on the noses of hibernating bats, ...

A thermal imaging map showing the lava flow

The cave does not have a known hibernating bat population, but with white-nose syndrome ...

White-nose syndrome found in bats at Delaware forts

Life as a lava lamp

Lava Beds Campground, CA

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Cave closed sign to protect bats from white nose syndrome fungal disease Kentucky - Stock Image

Cave closed sign to protect bats from white nose syndrome fungal disease Kentucky - Stock Image

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Bat Thermal Video

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Lava Beds National Monument: Fun with Volcanoes Continued! - Boxy Colonial On the Road

Senator Leahy, Senator Cardin, and Senator Lautenberg are hosting a briefing and discussion of White-Nose Syndrome in bats, an emerging ecological and ...

Wildlife biologists with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation are concerned how white-nose syndrome will affect the state's bat populations in ...

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A finger of lava creeps toward Gary Sleik's home in the Kalapana Gardens subdivision, Hawaii

A biologist inspect hibernating bats for signs of WNS. photo credit: C.Lausen, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada/ BatCaver Program

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Photo by Ethan Welty

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We made it to Maquoketa around noon, listened to the Park Ranger's quick run down of White Nose Syndrome, potty breaks, and off to hiking and cave exploring ...

Bat Cave, Missouri, showing huge cold air trapping ability without sufficient buffering to protect endangered Indiana myotis from freezing to death during ...

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Is Bat White-Nose Syndrome An Emerging Fungal Pathogen?

Pictured: A woman leaps into a bin for the floor is lava craze

We might have a cave obsession. Check out the ones we've visited East

Leave ...

The widening reach of the ruthless bat-killing disease known as white-nose syndrome has prompted the U.S. Forest Service to reissue an order to close all ...