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Why World Vision Communities matter Why World Vision

Why World Vision Communities matter Why World Vision


Why World Vision? Communities matter

Tag Archives: Why World Vision infographics

Tag Archives: Why World Vision infographics

Facts About Preventable Disease

Child-led mobilisation: A guide for children and young advocates

... Operation Exodus, a mentoring and tutoring program that receives training from World Vision, and through World Vision's Youth Empowerment Program.

World Vision U.S. President-elect Edgar Sandoval meets with young South Sudanese refugees in a

At the World Vision-run remedial education center, Preeti is a top pupil. The group meets daily to play educational games that supplement what they learn in ...


International Women's Day - Be bold for change

This week we have the incredible honor of inducting two Team World Vision teammates who are also Olympic medalists: Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton.

To create a platform that can react and respond to the market in real time is no easy feat. But that's exactly what World Vision needed to attract new ...

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World Vision AUS

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with World Vision and Thirty-One Gifts {Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote Giveaway!}

... from #WorldVision staff working on the ground, around the world. Turn on notifications during an emergency to receive updates.pic.twitter.com/arTjvzcJh0

Latest Jobs; Working at World Vision ...


Is World Vision a good fit for me?

A team representing Mount of Olives Church is running with Team World Vision in the OC Half Marathon in May 2018

Microsoft manager brings World Vision to work, year after year. Updated August 24, 2017 World Vision Staff

World Vision & A Different Possibility

Pursuing equal access to education for girls and women

Why World Vision? Communities matter

Congratulations Oviya!

World Vision Australia World Vision Australia

“I was at place in my life where I needed to find a purpose outside of myself and my family,” says Brianna Hammond. “And Team World Vision clicked with me.

... and emergencies can devastate the communities they hit, and the speed of a response can be – literally – a matter of life and death. World Vision's ...

Syria Crisis Response, 3 Years on: Impact Report (thumbnail image from cover)

Join the conversation. #HashtagTBD. World Issues ...

Twenty-four years after the genocide in Rwanda, children like Julius — a top

Our goal in running the half-marathon is to raise money through individual donations. Because $50 provides lasting clean water to one person for a lifetime, ...

A HungerFree India is Possible

Leadership Trips

A.B.C. from Mozambique. We have been sponsoring him since Dec.2006. Had to "erase" his adorable photo per World Vision Policy.

Ran 100 miles his first day on staff in 2011. Blowing up the race industry on behalf of the poor as the Team World Vision Events Director.


Water changes the lives of children. They have better health, improved nutrition, and can go to school instead of spending the day fetching water.

... World Vision's infographic: how-to-show-where-donations-go-for-nonprofits

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Classic Team World Vision Jersey: today we induct you into the Team World Vision Hall of Awesome in appreciation of your epic career. In the past 10 years, ...

3.The following question aimed to identify the target. To the question “Addressing what group of people is most strategic for effecting change in the UN?

IFLA workshop Barcelona

#899, racing for Team World Vision

My wife and I sponsor 5 kids through World Vision, one of which—an 11-year-old named Juan—lives right here in the DR. And while it's not always perfect and ...


World Vision President: On July Fourth, I'm thinking about what Jesus knew about politics | Fox News

…as well as two other fun and sharp women from World Vision; Winnie and Idda.

alana honduras 1

Like poverty, World Vision isn't black and white, either. It's not a one-trick organization that copies and pastes a certain idea or one kind of hope in ...

A panel featuring a federal MP and young NGO leaders shared their experiences on working with impoverished communities and offered their perspectives on ...

Photo/ World Vision

World Vision Water




What do YOU think we can do to make the UN the best vehicle to realize the world's aspirations now?

Amazing woman Alana Kaye visits her World Vision sponsor child in Honduras

Making children count and birth registration matter

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A World Vision Donor Sponsored a Boy. The Outcome Was a Mystery to Both. - The New York Times

How to Define Your Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, and Key Measures

World Vision catalog 2015


This mother is visiting a World Vision clinic in Jenya, where she is given information on exclusive breastfeeding, and how to care for her baby.

The humanitarian industrial complex (HIC) is separate and distinct from the charity/aid industry. The oligarchs, institutions and NGOs that comprise the HIC ...

UPDATES!! WE HAVE NEW LETTERS TO SCAN!! And the Annual Progress Report of Our Sponsored Child Will Be Sent in 2008!

See how we're supporting the communities where we live, work and play

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Case Study. Non-Profit: World Vision

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IFLA Global Vision Summary

World Vision UK

Change The World. Transform communities ...

World Vision artist.jpg

IICRD and World Vision International and WV East Africa Regional Office host a Child Protection Theory of Change (ToC) learning workshop, May 5-8, Kampala, ...

Vision test, as part of VisionSpring's efforts to reach people in remote areas who need

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This week, I'm in the Dominican Republic with World Vision.

Best Examples of Company Vision and Mission Statements

Meghan Markle Is Honored for Her Humanitarian Work in Vanity Fair | PEOPLE.com

Global Ed Trip Blogs

With the support of Australian donations, World Vision Australia can make a massive difference to the lives of those people affected by #NepalEarthquake:

Untying the knot: why early marriage should be seen as violence against women

6. With respect to “What can people in the international system do to make the system live up to its purpose?” most (64%) responded to be more concerned ...

Teacher Resource Center · World Vision Membership; Portals and Networks; Child Champion Partner Portal

Top 4 Christian Humanitarian Organizations: Fighting Poverty, Slavery and World Hunger

World Vision Australia