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XD I know I too get scared of that Maknae power bts and more

XD I know I too get scared of that Maknae power bts and more


XD I know I too get scared of that Maknae power

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this is basically all the songs i listened to that came out cuz they were all lit

Bts bangtan boy


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Typically, the maknae of the group is supposed to be the cute baby of the group... but not in bts.


Bts boys

#jhope #hoseok #btsmemes #bts #kpop #kpopmemes APPRECIATE MY HUSBAND PLEASE

Golden Maknae for a reason

See more. Just protect him no matter what!!!! He's just a scared little baby

Guess who's back with more memes!

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when Jungkook has to keep his title as the golden maknae 😂

His shoulders are like mountains //BTS- Now tht i see it, all



maknae messing with jimin hyung classic. It's sad I can't find this video any more. If anyone knows plz send me a link. Strong power thank you cx

Awhhh Jimin c'mere we can be shorties together ☺ Joonie is leaning on tue table not sitting on it

maknae line jimin taehyung jeongguk sunchine line taehyung hoseok jimin bts

Namjoon and Yoongi always translating Taehyung xD



Lololol meeee xD

Giving the golden maknae a weapon is maybe not the best idea bighit ever had xD (. Givin it to Namjoon would be even worse tho tbh xD)

Golden MAKNAE everyone

Me: can I have one ultimate maknae? Person: Oh you mean Jungkook? Me: No no no! Ultimate! Not golden! Person: Ah~ gotcha Person: *makes masterpiece* this?

Maknae line in a nutshell


He got shyyyyy omfg

See more. How can this boy be so multitalented aigoo noona cant even do rope jump Kkuk

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Hoseok's power Run BTS

This is far to accurate

okay you know what-

Kookie's face tho XD | MY FACE THO #BTS

True XD

Hahaha XD

We all know that JM is the real life maknae here. Jungkook is by age, but Jimin is by apparience and actions.

Jungkook why do you make Taehyung SUFFER LIKE THIS

Omg, they do not look the same anymore | Bts | Pinterest | BTS, Kpop and Bts memes

I wonder if he'll ever meet a fan that knows what he's doing but goes along with it anyway.

Couples start to look more alike the longer they are together ❤

Hahaha XD

Bts bangtan boy

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hahaha xD its true.... ive been told im a creep because I

Evil Maknae Jeonjungkook | allkpop Meme Center

Poor Kookie XD All my friends and family would do that to me, too. I am the maknae of my entire family.


Leader of Maknae Line gets bullied. Willingly.

Bulletproof boy scouts

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He's still a baby 😢❤ ❤️

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chance his hyungs still let him have it tho ;) < I bet my life he sneaked a sip when he was off camera

Never in my life have I ever wanted to be a microphone so bad

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I couldn't have asked for more

Juste imagine rien qu'avec la tête après on verra xD Le cover est fa

See more. "I'm going to show you the beauty of the world." In

golden maknae about to get his punishment <--- THAT'S JIMIN YOU UNCULTURED SWINE < <------ROFL IM SOOOO FUCKING DEAD

Did he succeed? More information

JK sometimes is just Yoongi's mini-me.jungkook see, jungkook do

Hyungs proud of maknae 😁😁. More information

XD I know I too get scared of that Maknae power. See More. He's so adorable I can't ...

we will never know.. xD <--Don't worry! Scientists are researching a way to know what goes on inside the brains of aliens!! We WILL come to know!!!

I like to think of them as VMinKook < < < Let's be honest. He's just as indecisive as we are on choosing a bias

This is why we should be scared of jungkook

Bts group

XD poor jungkookie :( btw he did graduate and he knows a few english words...he isnt called golden maknae for nothing

He'll probably be doing that forever

Bts bangtan boy

"You must listen to them. They are small and must be heard"-hyung line XDXD

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Jhope here to pick up his naughty kids xD

Im Laughing @ Yoongi's reaction :Yoongi be judging Jimin from his scalp to freaking palm of his feet.

how bts respond to gunshot , proof that BTS are BULLETPROOF ❤ ©btsbeingbts

No one can bring Yoongi Down SWEEG XD | allkpop Meme Center

Yoongi has been the speaker of the group these days XD Suga-MC~ XD

See more. Namjoon taking about Jungkook being emotional and writing the lyrics to "Begin".

Child, what are you doing?

Naaah Jiminie looks like a little boy😄

Hobi forcing his love on tae xD

[BTS meme] BTS Fandom meme : le'jin'dary | oh yes, do it! Lol | Just meme, laugh and don't take it seriously.

BTS V Taehyug <3- <3

Taehyung about Jungkook - thank you for that description of "dominant, muscular Jungkook"... (Somehow I'm still stuck on that phrase, 'Jungkook on top'.

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Evil maknae "black & yellow" hahaha

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Beat you 'cause you don't love him. Lol hahahaha!