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XD all the time for me Otaku t Anime Otaku and Manga

XD all the time for me Otaku t Anime Otaku and Manga


Kunjungi kireisubs untuk anime sub indonesia

I do this all the time on school days, especially Monday XD

Like and repin if this is you! | Manga & Anime | Pinterest | Anime, Otaku and Manga

If I'd have to choose life or anime I'd choose anime think of all the hot guys!

Explore Awesome Watching, Watching Free, and more!

Otaku issues #anime #manga

This anime explained my life'. Find this Pin and more on blague manga otaku ...

I swear my Internet hates me! Find this Pin and more on blague manga otaku ...

Hmm looks like its time for all Otakus to unite and make anime-haters go extinct *evil laugh* WHO WILL JOIN ME! I will also make every otaku carry around ...

Most of my friends are otaku so it doesn't bother them>>>haha and I'm actually taking a Japanese class.i start talking in Japanese all the time and it ...

XD omfg so truuu fammmm

Unfortunately i like math so this is not me in math class - anime = inou battle no nichijou

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Sub) Episode 1. otaku level scene. (kiss him not me)

haha yes. Cute Anime GuysAnime MemeOtaku AnimeManga ...

Don't know how to feel · Anime MemeOtaku AnimeManga ...

all the time XD

Not sure if talking about dialog or Yuri's fine ...

Every time! Manga AnimeOtaku ...

<3 #anime #otaku #otakulife

109 best Otaku images on Pinterest | Otaku issues, Anime meme and Funny stuff

I try so hard but every now and then an otaku thing slips and they give me weird looks .

Bhahah XD pretty much. Free!, Haikyuu!! ,Death Note and Attack. Anime Meme Otaku ...

Every time. Anime MemeOtaku AnimeEl AnimeManga ...

Ha~ yeah those people piss me off so damn much, anime can leave you · Otaku ...

Wahahha Me be Like xD ~ DarksideAnime

Yui, from K-ON! that so true i need anime in my life to laugh and have a good time. so true!

XD Tepito

Every damn time!

Not a hardcore otaku but this is so freaking true!

Well that's me :D

Moi on me dis sa je dis OUIIII. Find this Pin and more on blague manga otaku ...

I do it all the time but when it comes to anime or reading anime I snap < < < < excuuuuuse me but you do not "READ" anime. You WATCH anime. You READ Mangas ...

Me: Oh my gosh this is getting intense! Mom: Time for dinner! Bro: let's go play outside! Sis: Play this game with me! Dad: Hey, look at this!

That one friend tho #anime #animelover #otaku #manga #love

This was what I was like when I started watchin anime.

960 best Anime quotes images on Pinterest | Manga quotes, Sad anime quotes and Otaku anime

Otaku's Vision

This is me every morning XD

In animes guys with long hair are just asadsfsdad and in real life ... Pff!

That's the single most beautiful thing I've ever heard {given that we use only the positive American connotation of 'otaku' XD}

XD (Kimi ni Todoke) I swear every time they had a moment Joe came in, I think he had many.many people that wanted to strangle him xD

Normal people vs Otakus funny but is kind of true XD

#anime #manga

Ig:@animeveryday- post by Mika-dere on Pin #anime#otaku


Only true otaku will understand! This is how I read everything now.

9 Anime For The Sword Masters Among Us

Defining “Otaku Pride”: Apparently, You Are Not An Anime Fan Unless You Are A Loser Too | Fantastic Memes

#anime #animelover #otaku #manga #love #animeweapon #instagood #tbt

Anime quotes

Otaku room

sometimes i'll be watching subbed anime for hours at a time, and then my parents or sister will talk to me and i am all like, "What the heck are they ...

Life of an otaku xD

XD me. Otaku AnimeManga ...


Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) - Otaku xD that would be me! wait for me Rin Im comming too

Now let me see how many time I can write Justin Beiber in here in 60 seconds, then draw out hs death in 6 minutes and 40 seconds

Anime facts · Otaku ...


I'm the one that eats everything. Anime MemeOtaku ...

Go Otakus!

Seven Deadly Sins. Otaku ...

I love anime soo muuuch (♡´艸`)

binan is literally the gayest anime i watch. im glad this is what people see in it XD

This kind of memes are getting better and better xD . . #anime #manga #BokuNoHeroAcademia #myheroacademia #bnha #otaku #memespic.twitter.com/5CC9gIDqqJ

First off I'm not a big Pokemon fan Second, no manga says "ANIME" on it Third, you can't be Levi no matter how hard you try ,so pls.

me everytime i watch Yuri On Ice

#anime #animegirl #otaku

XD I have over the weekend all the time, so I'm used to

Otaku Nightmare! XD

Clanned- I have that weird friend XD

anime, attackontitan

always XD #otaku

XD I don't know what anime this is


Before-> After | Kaneki-Touka- Ayato | Tokyo Ghoul · Otaku AnimeManga ...

anime, character, fandom, favourite, funny, manga, otaku, sexiness

Anime memes are how people of the Internet communicate. Anime delivers a steady stream of. Otaku ...

I now have to teach a class on shutting the DAMN DOOR

It's actually nice finding Tokyo Ghoul stuff that makes you laugh. You know, cause usually it makes you cry and want to die.

Why I'd only Date an Otaku

XD that is funny.. Bleach FunnyBleach MemeManga AnimeOtaku ...

when my fav anime character dies.XD i cry tho

Me.. well I don't go to sleep until that time because I. Otaku IssuesAnime ...

Noragami, Ouran high school host club, Attack on titan, Sword art online XD

Kyoukai No Kanata.its a taylor swift lyric form her song "Red" tell myself its time now,/gotta let go/but moving on from him is impossible when i still see ...

Otaku everywhere - I'm a tree!

Yassss give me my Heichou~Kun and Sebby~Kun!

Seraph of the End humour - Ferid Bathory XD. Anime MemeOtaku AnimeManga ...

Funny Anime Memes - Black Butler Meme #1 - Wattpad · Anime MemeOtaku ...

Every time · Otaku AnimeManga ...


The Otaku in Me | My Top 5 Ongoing Favorite Shoujo Manga

Didn't know what Hot Topic was. Passed it in the mall it's my favorite store now XD < < Try to look for TooCool next time the store is filled with anime ...

anime fan vs. non-anime fan. So TrueOtaku ...

Osomatsu-san: Six Jobless NEETS Durarara: Was Izaya involved? Hetalia: Gay, or death? Can't think right now, carry on.

Manga · This makes me laugh every time xD ...

Don't know why but it's so ...

Lucifer from Devil Is A Part-Timer aka me