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XDDD i cant stop laughing xDD Naruto t

XDDD i cant stop laughing xDD Naruto t


XD XD can't stop laughing!

Naruto » Humor » Meme | "Sasuke... Sometimes I feel like you don't even notice me" "What the hell? Benches can talk?!" | #sakura #sasuke


Sasuke + naruto lol can't stop laughing poor sasuke!

omg i can not stop laughing XD Attack on titan/Shingeki no kyojin

OMFG I can't fucking breathe! It should be "When Sasuke said he was going to be the next Hokage" instead of Kiba xD

God bless you Konan ajsjajs again, sorry for my english XDD

XDDD i cant stop laughing xDD

Hahahahha can't stop laughing hell yeah you invented it #tobirama #naruto

Omg I can't stop laughing over this! I should not do this xD

I don't like these characters. A lot

sarada, sakura <- XD lmao can't stop laughing

Sasuke can see the future

#kakashi #funny #naruto #ninjia #leaf

anime girl pointing - Google Search


Sasuke, Naruto, Lee & Neji im laughing so hard

Lol when i saw this i couldn't stop laughing

I couldn't stop laughing at this! :D :D #naruto #

Naruto Meme hahaha couldn't help but laugh

AHAHAH cant stop laughing it hurts XD OMG Deaderia and Tobi and Kukzuz LOL hope i

Scarlet Lighter : Photo || It's the truth. xD

Naruto Fan Comic 28 by one-of-the-Clayr

Seems a very viable way for Hinata to win the battle for Naruto! Kick the balls no jitsu!

I got it from my daddy xD Minato, Naruto and Boruto XDDD

Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata Ahahaha*can't stop laughing" I like this scene xD


XD It reminds me of how I am with Whitney or Lauren

Naruto, Hashirama and Ashura are there all happy and smiling and then see Sasuke, Madara and Indra they're like "Hn".

Cant stop laughing


I just watched that episode yesterday and I couldn't stop laughing! I mean the way Tobi keeps yelling "Mr.

Naruto || anime funny

Tobirama Senju, Madara and Izuna Uchiha...I think I just died laughing

ItaSaku Q and A: by Mister-Pancakes on DeviantArt --- I don't ship ItaSaku but I can't stop laughing!

I don't know if I should say "poor Sakura" or "nice Sasuke!

Naruto Armor Cosplay Fitness Men T-Shirts (10 Styles)

XD I love their daughter

... melancholic with some characters being alive. until u remember the part where Shisui is a fearsome ninja scrubbing the floor because he's grounded XD


Hình ảnh được nhúng đến liên kết cố định

naruto shippuden anime y manga online: naruto gaiden manga 10

Haha I can't help but laugh

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"Hold my ramen" oh my god I can't. Naruto and Sasuke funny >> its narusasu but its really funny. "

Can't stop laughing xD thats supercute man :D ~ Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, Sai, Sasuke

Laughing like an idiot here. XD #NarutoMeme#

naruto 687-688 by malengil.deviantart.com on @deviantART

God bless you Konan ajsjajs again, sorry for my english XDD

Haha this Fanart make laugh asf ~Credit To Artist ! I'm Obito on this pic Poor konan Wtffff pain face Hiden u bitch - Like My Last Post -

How Sasuke and Naruto take care of each other when they're sick [again I don't ship SasuNaru(NaruHina all the way!), but I love this mini strip

God bless you Konan ajsjajs again, sorry for my english XDD 

I always laugh at these Omake Episodes Poor Kakashi . [] Naruto Shippuden…

I can't stop laughing at this - BreakBrunch

Gg"Sharingan Eye Kakashi" by morbidprince. Nice contrast of the eye and the rest of the image XD

Naruto, Hinata and Bolt this makes me cry so much because omg theyre together and

NHC-minisodes 40 - Dinner at dads by mattwilson83.deviantart.com on @

When pig is better than you :'Ddd That's so harsh... Still

None shall take an exam while Naruto is ending.

Este Naruto jaja

Pein don't dab 😌 please

Tobirama Sanju hates Uchiha xD

*can't stop laughing* xD


<3 Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura Makes sense naruto called saskue's hair duck but hair

XD I can't be a pedophile

207 best Naruto images on Pinterest | Anime naruto, Boruto and Naruto uzumaki

naruto, sasuke, sakura, sarada

Mebuki, Sakura, Ino, Naruto, Tsunade, Sasuke, funny, text, comic, cute, different ages, time lapse, timeline, young, childhood; Naruto

Gajeel x Laxus xD I can't stop laughing

NARUTO talking about his kiss with Sasuke!

Can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

My brother doesn't ship it and he doesn't watch Naruto much so whenever he talks about Naruto he always says Naruto Uchiha XD

Naruto shippuden

Nazis love Naruto not Neji by Superpup-chan ...


I can't stop drawing comics about capes. ( though this will be the last one in a while because I've started working on commissions again ; ) Paint Tool SAI ...

Finally, Mitsuki asks Orochimaru if he's his mother or father ❤ Couldn't

'Naruto's IQ Test' Comic by CheerySoundNinRoren ' ...

Naruto's birthday with his adorable Kids

Itachi no Facepalm11 8DD by Tayui ...

naruto we all know ramen and Hinata are his like

Pain and Naruto xD

The ENGLISH voice actors, for all who were wondering, like me, and were

I literally can't stop laughing at work...stop looking at me coworkers!!

I'm on Naruto's side. Plus we can't forget at least Naruto's neck isn't trying to swallow his head, either.

Sasuke x Naruto


Characters in Naruto. I laughed so hard

*dies of laughter* Naruto! I like bleach but I love naruto

Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto and Hinata. xD Oh boy, nice Kakashi

Sasuke's Inner Self.. HAHAHAHAHHAAA!! I CAN NOT STOP LAUGHING @Jennifer Ciaccio

Naruto | Tumblr

Naruto sketches XD by Renny08 ...

Imagen de sasunaru and narusasu

But that is why it says almost xD

I can't stop laughing xD

That is awkward Naruto