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Xi Shi The Distinguished Beauty of China Figure Chinese Ink Brush

Xi Shi The Distinguished Beauty of China Figure Chinese Ink Brush


Xi Shi The Distinguished Beauty of China Figure Chinese Ink Brush Painting, 138x70cm Chinese wall

Wang Zhao-Jun The Distinguished Beauty Figure Chinese Ink Brush Painting, 100x50cm Chinese wall

Four Beauties. Chinese PaintingChinese ArtChinese BrushInk ...

Artists Dream of red Mansions Artwork Art Beauty Woman Painting. Chinese BrushWoman ...

Chinese brush painting Hand scroll Figure Beauty Woman Painting - US $763.00

Art Chinese brush painting Modern famous artists Original Beauty Woman Painting - US $600.00

shi tao ink painting... The Price of Beauty… Diaochan - One famous

Hand painting Artwork Art Chinese ink Figure Beauty Woman Painting - US $609.00

Lady Figure Fine-brush Chinese Ink Brush Painting, 68CM*45CM Chinese wall scroll

Classic best painting Artwork Hand Beauty Woman Painting - US $281.00

Chinese ink painting Original Beautiful brush Classic best Figure Painting - US $609.00

Chinese painting Artists Original Classic best Bodhisattva Buddha Painting

Fan Li also grew to admire this courageous lady Xishi who was willing to give her life for her country---China.

A mural painting of Li Xian's tomb at the Qianling Mausoleum, dated 706 CE, Tang dynasty. "

... the tale of Xishi one of the most beautiful women of China. I will continue with the other 3 another day. Hugs to you all my dearest Friends & Followers

Lin Fengmian: Lady in Blue

Liang Kai: Immortal in Splashed Ink

Fu Baoshi: Playing Weiqi

Chinese painting

Beauty playing go

Returning to Brushwork: A Personal Exploration

Ding Yunpeng (1547-After 1628), Scholar in Autumn Forest. Dated summer

Xishi first of the four beauty's of China

Shi Ke: Second Patriarch in Contemplation


Grooms and Horses, Zhao Mengfu (Chinese, 1254–1322), Handscroll;

Sheng Changnian: Willow and Swallows

Su Shi

Personal Expression Valued Over Realism - Although realistic painting in the European style was very much in vogue at the Qing court, ...

The term has no equivalent in English because it is essentially meaningless for both Western oil painting, which is painted largely with a flat brush, ...

Qing Pan is presently the deputy director for Curatorial Affairs and Exhibition Design Department at the National Museum of China. After obtaining her PhD ...

... the tale of Xishi one of the most beautiful women of China. I will continue with the other 3 another day. Hugs to you all my dearest Friends & Followers

A copy of Wang Xizhi's Lantingji Xu, the most famous Chinese calligraphic work.

"Jieziyuan Huazhuan Lotus Flowers", Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual


Guo Xi is a representative landscape painter of the Northern Song dynasty, depicting mountains, rivers and forests in winter. This piece shows a scene of ...

Chinese painting


Figure 3 - 'Cows in Derwentwater', 1937, ink on paper, reproduced in 'The Silent Traveller: A Chinese Artist in Lakeland' (1937)

neglect his political and royal duties, preferring to idle away his time with the beauty Xishi. Prince Fuchai would frequently take

It should also help a person in his relentless pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. With these belief, he has created an everlasting and legendary story ...

20080303-painter u wsh.jpg

林槍好漢 - Lin The Brave Kinsman | Seal Script ( Brush )

Born in 1947, Pan Gongkai studied in the Department of Chinese Painting at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now China Academy of Art). As a distinguished ...

Graffiti:I find that this wall of graffiti kind of resembles the traditional Chinese ink painting. The painter used single color paint and strokes to ...

Their paintings, depicting the life of noble women and court ladies, exerted an eternal influence on the development of shi nu hua (painting of beauties), ...

Cui Zizhong: Su Shi Losing His Girdle

Chinese Painting Styles and Goals

2010 ...

Figure 2 - 'Going to church in the rain, Wasdale Head', 1937, ink on paper, reproduced in 'The Silent Traveller: A Chinese Artist in Lakeland' (1937)

Lin Fengmian (1900-1991), Boatman and Cormorants. 25⅞ x 26¾ in

Part of Eight Views of Xiaoxiang, an imaginary tour through Xiao-xiangby Li Shi (李氏), 12th century scroll, 30 x 400 cm. Ink on paper.

Ni Zan is an extreme case because he seems to have held his brush in a very oblique manner, with the brush nearly parallel to the painting surface.

FIGURE 6 Some tools used by Yixing potters. Water color drawing and legend by Ma Jiani 馬佳妮.

Horizontal and vertical writing in East Asian scripts - Image: Su shi calligraphy

From New Woodcut to the No Name Group: Resistance, Medium and Message in 20th-Century China

Animalistic guardian spirits of midnight and morning wearing Chinese robes, Han Dynasty (202 BCE – 220 CE) on ceramic tile

Buddhist Temple in the Mountains, 11th century, ink on silk, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City (Missouri).

The artist painted a woman portrait with large scale, which is different with traditional Chinese portrait. As the media used in traditional Chinese ...

Figure 5 - Frontispiece 'Storm on the Screes', Chiang Yee, 1937, ink on paper, reproduced in 'The Silent Traveller: A Chinese Artist in Lakeland' (1937)

I'm currently immersed in thinking about materiality and Chinese contemporary art - most especially in relation to ink, and how it is being used in ...

Figure 4 - 'Umbrellas under Big Ben', Chiang Yee, 1938, ink on paper, reproduced as plate V in 'The Silent Traveller in London' (1938)

Crossbow men from the Terracotta Army, interred by 210 BCE, Qin Dynasty: The spectacular Terracotta Army was assembled for the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, ...

It is a masterpiece of Guo Xi by using light ink and magnificent composition to express his open and high artistic conception.


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This is a Chinese painting of my friend. We had studied Chinese painting in secondary school. The goal of ink and wash painting is not simply to reproduce ...

Bai Xueshi: Contending Greenery among Thousands of Peaks

Long Feng Shi Nu Tu, Warring States Period silk painting

... 'Landscape' Brushpot, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong (1736-1795), 10cm. Estimate: HKD 600,000-900,000. Price Realized: HKD 4,945,000. Photo China Guardian

Original Gui Lin Shi Mo Chinese Brush Painting

Conveying 'moist' is managed with variations in shading of the ink or color. Han Jia-Xi in that short demo on Viginia Lloyd-Davis' site dipped his brush in ...

Auspicious Cranes-Detail

Cui Zizhong: Su Shi Losing His Girdle

This large handscroll, perhaps originally part of a large screen painting, was painted by the Chinese artist Cui Bo, active during the reign of Shenzong (r.

Su Shi (Su Dongpo)—the Quintessential Scholar-Official-Poet

Pu Ru (1896-1963), Scholar in a Boat, dated wuyin year

You simply load a soft paint brush with yellow, dip it in some shade of red or orange and then place the brush tip where you want the main leaf tip to ...

Giulio Clovio (Grisone 1498-1578 Rome), The Madonna and Child, with inscription 'don Iulio Clovio di Donatia' (verso), black chalk, watermark SHI with a ...

The Classic of Filial Piety, Li Gonglin (Chinese, ca. 1041–1106

deity, eight immortals, Shandong, Penglai

Figure 10 - 'The castle in the summer haze', Chiang Yee, 1948, ink on paper, reproduced in 'The Silent Traveller in Edinburgh' (1948)

The same basic standards should hold true for landscape, figure, and bird and flower painting.

In its broadest definition bimo can refer to all marks made by any kind of brush or drawing implement with any ink-like medium on any surface.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of On the Laws of Japanese Painting by Henry P. Bowie

Figure 2. Gu Gan, Shan cui ?? (The Mountains Are Breaking Up

Fang Zhaolin: Boating under the Cliff

Oriental Chinese Brush Painting Feng Shui Ink Art-Auspicious Birds Lilys 19x19"