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YAY AARON SAVED GARROTH Minecraft diaries t

YAY AARON SAVED GARROTH Minecraft diaries t


I am sorry I would ather have Aaron and Garroth cuz well they don't. Minecraft ...

Garroth in Irene dimension Aphmau in our world

Aaron: I-I'm sorry Aph I-I did it for you and Garroth.

Garroth and Zane are cute as kids

LOL aphmaus Minecraft series my street


That's a little dramatical but whatever floats your boat Garroth, I still love you.

Do you remember when Aphmau tried to open the portal but she failed and those purple

Aphmau X Garroth Gaurmau | Stay With Me|Minecraft Diaries|Aphmau and Garroth by

Aarmau (Aaron and Aphmau off of Minecraft Diaries)

I love Aphmau's series and everyone in it but who to ship? Laurance , Garroth, Travis , Zane , Aaron , or Dante for Aphmau

I Ship Mermaid Aphmau with Aaron (But still Garmau 4 life in MCD main series)

Garroth (Minecraft Diaries) by iJazzleenDrawz

T_T Thorgi by bunniesbysarah.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Aaron x Aphmau Garroth x Aphmau Laurance x Aphmau Zane x Aphmau ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤️

Simple but nice edit of the Fam. Aaron, Aphmau and Lilith. Day 5 - #inhonorofaaron #7daysofaaron

I like how Vylad, Zane, Garroth and Laurence have turned out who are ur favs? I bet you all the comments will be all like Aaron looks soooo pretty

R.I.P Aaron he was a good man and will never be forgotten and thank you for killing zane this is my pin now one else and I don't want to hear it

Me and two of my friends are not alone buddies! (Because they watch Aphmau!) Except, it's Aphmau, Garroth, and Aaron

LOL Aaron and Zane I don't ship #Aarmau but this is soon funny i had to pin it

Aaron and Aphmau Ship by EMIluvsCOWS on @DeviantArt

Aphmau (Irene) Garroth (top right guy forgot the name) and Aaron (top left guy also forgot his name)

Button, Ship, Arrow, Diaries, Goat, Minecraft, Aphmau Youtube, Fun Art, Season 1


Yes, but maybe not my hero in MCD Garroth would be.. (No hate lol) and although Aaron wasn't one of my favourites he does deserve some recognition for what ...

What's weird is Laurence looks angry but Garroth looks worried

ya'll thought this picture was safe from memes - - tags: #aphmau

This was an amazin vid

Aaron from minecraft diaries and minecraft mystreet, two series on youtube that are created and owned by Aphmau. This was drawn by me, Leah Creel :P

Garroth off of minecraft diaries/ mystreet/ phoenix drop high. this character doesn't belong to me but this artwork does so yee <3 character belongs to ...

hi on

Minecraft diaries season two episode 81. I cried aphmau you can't just make me fall in love with Aaron then kill him! Oh also I'm happy garroth is back.

If it was Aaron, YES!! Garroth, YAY THEY DID NOT KISS!!! Sorry but AARONxAPHMAU for life

I liked Aaron.actually no Aaron was like my favorite male character even tho I didn't ship him with aph in the main series.I cried so much and Aphmau's ...


Comfort her Garroth she's gonna need it.

Minecraft Diaries

Finally Aaron puts on a shirt in for a long time

TᕼIᔕ ᗷᖇIᑎGᔕ ᗷᗩᑕK TO ᗰᗩᑎY ᗰEᗰOᖇIEᔕ...ᗯᕼY ᗩᗩᖇOᑎ!

Where's Aaron?

Garroth and Aphmau.

Zane is obsessed and Garroth just puts up with it XD

Garroth from MC Diaries

Garroth?-Esmund. Aaron?-Shad. Aphmau?-Irene/Aphmau ( cause Aphmau is Irene). Also somepeople think Travis? is Enki but he can't be because he has the Demon ...

does anyone get so relaxed everytime Aaron speaks?

Garroth is OK but w-we lost A-Aaron

Dante Garroth Hamsters

This is the first step to saving Garroth

P Aaron put this with ''see you again'' LPS season 1 episode 26 The one thing that makes me cry

And when is season 3 of Minecraft Diaries!

Im like the only aphmau fan who is not into the whole "shipping thing" but if i had to chose, i'd be Aarmau all the way in mystreet, but garmau for sure ...

Uh oh. why kawaii~chan don't let aphmau~senpai see it. But I ship it but still garmau all the way

Smooth moves garroth

Garroth : Lawrence let me go plz. Lawrence : No bro u me


Aaron, lord of falcon claw, the mysterious stranger, the father, the man who gave it all, we will forever remember the price you paid for the region, ...

Aaron and Nekoette

Watch me name all of dem characters: Kawaii-chan Aphmau Aaron Garroth Zane Lucinda Laurence Katelyn Nicole Dante Michi-Chan

BOOK 1: Differences and Similarities - Aaron x Reader

One of those “Draw your squad like” things. Inspired by yesterday's minecraft diaries episode.

I do because of Garroth causing Aaron's death and Laurance is a big bitch Excuse my language Who else agrees?

Angel's Protection [Aarmau // Minecraft Diaries] by MarzyDraws on DeviantArt < < < < < I can't get over this the feels>>>>>> whyyyyyy

Here's hot highschool garroth! XD just like katelyn Calls him I guess ; But here's a little comic for 's phoniex drop high school series!

awww im slowly starting to ship #Aarmau even more SOMEONE HELP ME!

Minecraft Diaries Lemons - garroth X laurence - Wattpad

Literally the cutest thing I've ever seen

I just hate that he came back on episode It took 80 episodes for him to come back.

I think GarMau is too predictable and I think their adorable. Just think Who will Garroth be with then? Or will he forever love in sorrow!

Aphmau quote >>> This is the best Aphmau quote ...


Laurance by iJazzleenDrawz on DeviantArt Everyone loves laurence!!!

When aphmau is trying on costumes and its funny GARROTH, Laurence and Travis don't flinch

mumbles to self* Aaron sacrificed himself cause your butt messed up

This has got to be the cutest fanart in minecraft diaries o-o

Poor Garroth

Laurmau ❤ I think I ship every guy with Aphmau but not Dante and Travis

Garroth: To win a girls heart, you need feathers! Bird feathers! You

It's almost the same as Garroth, when he saw he had almost nothing to hide


Poor poor Aaron < < < wait is that a naRWHAL?

Garroth is the handsomest

*starts to cry*GARROTH PLZ COME BACK HOME!!!!! AphmauMinecraft CraftsDiariesGodA ...

Beautiful fanart of Aphmau with Laurance and Garroth.

But major spoilers : Aaron has died and now aphmau is going to have his child and all I can do is keep calm and hate Aaron ! Go watch Aphmau is understand .

Is Garroth Still A Jury Of The Nine?

MCD Aaron,Garroth,Laurence and Zane in the dark

Minecraft Diaries past memories~❤

The Feels are Really setting in... | #Aphmau #Garroth

Ask MCD Art Cast (@askMCDartcast) | Twitter if Travis ships it. then

Nekoette is such a sweetheart (me in my head: aaron don't eat her apple pies.they are most likely burnt) no hate! I llove nekoette

VYLAD IS HERE YAY - - tags #minecraft #aphmau #aph #mystreet #

That moment when Garroth and Laurance think Aphmau and Aaron r dating in Minecraft Phoenix Drop High

Vylad //Minecraft Diaries// by AmarisSeesTheStars ...

Poor table HA i remember this episode

Aaron by Assa1227

I want to murder Zane in MCD, meanwhile in mystreet he's arguing with aphmau about which pony is better.:/ < < < Zane is too cute in MyStreet.


Minecraft Diaries

You may NOT copy, steal, trace, heavily reference, or alter my art in anyway. Do not repost/upload anywhere without my permission. Please respect my art.

HOOOOOLLLLLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OmI! You know what this means!? It means that Aph and Aaron WONT be going out in this series! AW YUSSSHHHH