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Ya ALLAH Plz Save Us from Hell Fire Hijabi Muslimah t

Ya ALLAH Plz Save Us from Hell Fire Hijabi Muslimah t


"I was shown the hellfire and that the mejority of its dewellers were women who were ungrateful".

Hellfire - Jahannam. "

Ya Allah we(MUSLIMS) take refuge from hell fire...Protect us (Aameen)

Refuge from Hell Fire – How?

Ya Allah, please make us worthy to perform Hajj & Umra. Keep us blessed with your guidance, grant us the goodness of both worlds & protect us from …

I don't believe that things in life happen randomly. I believe that every single thing in our life has a purpose. Nothing is ever meaningless or random.

Protect me

O Allah Save me from the Hell-fire

O Allah protect me from hell fire.

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Ya ALLAH ! Please save us from the fire of Hell. Allahumma Ameen!

Oh ALLAH, please draw us close to you and keep us close to you. Forgive us, please ya ALLAH. Bless us with Jannatul Firdaus. Amin ya Rabbi

Virtue of remembering Allah

may Allah protect us from hellfire and guide us among those whom He is pleased with

Oh ALLAH, please guide me to trust in your plans, for things work out the way they should, and give me strength to believe that. Ameen

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Hell fire.. Ya Allah save us from hell fire

may (Azza wa Jalla) give us all (muslims) His Jannah.

Oh Allah give us what's best in this world & in the next, protect us from the Hell Fire. Ameen

If you don't intend to marry her; keep your hands off another man's future wife. If you do intend to marry her; keep your hands off until she is your wife.


Be sincere when giving advice. Be humble when receiving advice.

heart vs eyes

allah hears every dua dua and every word

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“Ya Allah, bless me with the best in this world, the best in the Hereafter and save me from the hell-fire.. I am indeed in need of your help and blessings.

Ya Allah Save us from Hell Fire...!!! - Islamic Wallpapers

Ya Allah save us from Hell

Ya ALLAH Plz Save Us from Hell Fire

Ya allah protect us from the fire

Ya allah ya robb':'(

May Allah Keep us on the right path. Ameen

May Allah protect us from hellfire. #islam #muslim #Allah #Quran #

Allah Will Give Double Punishment For These 3 Sins


Doa Protect from Hellfire


O Allah, purify all of our hearts!

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Ya Allah, protect us from any form of evil harm, evil whispers from the shaytaan..Allahumma ameen

How can we not forgive someone when the Creator Himself does. Who are we to say that person doesn't have that right. May Allah protect us all Ameen.

Description of Hell in Islam

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dua quotes from life easier. “


“We ask Allah to keep us firm on His obedience and on that which He loves and is pleased with.”

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i have been in relation with a guy back in my country, i recently moved to a new place and our relation was on long distance now, from the past few months ...

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Ya Allah grant me Ultimate Success -safety from the Fire and entry into Jannathul Firdous(Aa'meen)

Repent before the Day when Allah will Question you

Ya Allah grant all believers Your paradise, pardon our sins, protect us from the evil of this world and the hereafter, save us from the torment of the grave ...

Me versus diabetes: The winner is....my remembrance of Allah

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Happy World Hijab Day. World Hijab Day started as an initiative to encourage non-Muslim women to wear a headscarf for a day in solidarity with Muslim women.

Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

“The servants of The Compassionate are those who walk upon the earth in humility. When the ignorant address them, they say, “Peace.”” (Al Furqan, 25:63)

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defeat shaitan, duas for protection from shaitan

A Cold Breath of Jahannam


“And fear the Fire which is prepared for the disbelievers.” (Quran 3:131)

When people asked him the reason for it, he said: "One of the sons of Adam slipped from my hand into hell fire, and I can't

The Arabic word islam simply means “surrender (to Allah)”. The essence of our religion is this surrender or submission. It requires trust on our part.

Seeking Allah's forgiveness is also a spiritual prescription for any problem we are facing in life. ...

Duas for forgiveness


Ya ALLAH,,, Save us from Hell Fire.

Ask yourself, or ask the next person who asks you that question, if a female judge walked into the courtroom wearing a tight miniskirt and low-cut blouse, ...

How to repent from sins and ask for Allah's forgiveness

Loving Allah in Islam and Quran

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5 Reasons Your Duas Aren't Answered

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21 Beautiful Duas From the Quran

Hell Fire has different names in Islamic texts. Each name gives a separate description. Some of its names are:

“Whoever constantly seeks forgiveness from Allah, Allah will appoint for him a way out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide ...

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... duas for protection from shaitan

Day 11 – Rabbana amanna faghfir lana warhamna wa anta khayrur Rahimiin. Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us and have mercy upon us, and You are the ...

Allah Tests who He Loves

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Islamic Quotes & Advices

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Islamic Quotes on Dua For Strength & Forgiveness