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Yato omg those eyes Noragami t

Yato omg those eyes Noragami t

Yato omg those eyes Noragami t.txt <

Yato got them stacks to bad they can't buy happiness

Day7: your anime crush-Yato(noragami)- I just love Yato! Espeshaly his eyes!

I love his eyes X3 | Noragami - Yato

Yato - Noragami

With those eyes yato-sama look very cool!

Yato and Hiyori

Yato and Hiyori || Noragami ||

OMG! He's licking Yukine!! *heart stops*

New Noragami Aragoto YATO T-shirt Japan Anime Costume Breathable T shirt Casual Men Women

Noragami | Yato Actually can't cope with how kawaii this is!! Aww

This moment omg YatoxHiyori is up there on the top ships haha And the OVA made

1khow | Tumblr

Yepp... If you watch it you know just how AMAZING this picture is

Noragami- Yato x Hiyori

Noragami || Yato || MY HEART I CAN'T TAKE IT T_T <

Yato OMG I;ve decided. HE IS MINE!

Noragami Aragoto - Yato and Hiyori

Yato| Noragami. (( Your open to put anyone with him or a oc or yourself. I'll be yato ))

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" -Noragami- Yato .Yes you're beautiful Yato

"Yato, we'll always be here waiting for you, waiting for you to return home"

Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine

Yato into the opening of Noragami Aragoto. His look....omg

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noragami yato eyes

I actually love both of these so it doesn't really bother me

Yato :o

Yato - Noragami

I bet these eyes belong to (in order starting from top): Yato, Yukine, Bishamon(but not purple), Hiyori

Yato x Hiyori! Yayayayayayayayay I ship it!!!

Noragami. Yaattoooo, hang on! She didn't do it on purpose!

Noragami || Hiyori and Yato || I'm screAMING OMG!

Noragami - yato


Anime: Noragami Yato♥♥♥ Hiyori♥♥♥ Yukine (Yuki) ♥

YATO | $.$

Noragami 3 kiss Yato x Bishamon

Honestly I think Yato looked cool in the past, especially his eyes.

And there is Yato with those strange funny-ass eyes😂

I want them so much!

Everything is darker than those eyes. The line in iris is light grey--light as the sky in background.

Noragami Aragoto. I love this ending theme omg can't wait for the full version

Like everyone is in love with those eyes.

Yato Noragami Painting on SAI

Noragami yato and bishamonten

when noragami hits u with intense feels you can't recover from

yato omg XD. Noragami

yato,god of war. noragami

Yato and Yukine post-purification ritual


(Noragami) Yato's eyes are gorgeous.

Noragami || Yato || Now, what are these feelings, hmmm~?


WTF Tokyo Ghoul X Noragami <---- OMG when I watched Noragami I thought of Tokyo Ghoul too!

Wallpaper and background photos of Yato (Noragami) for fans of Noragami images.

Don't lick Yukine, Yato!!

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Yato ~Noragami~ '^^ Just tell me why he's so cute, omg!

I totally ship Yato x Hiyori

um OK. My fictional crush is over 1000 years old.Damn and I thought Levi Ackerman was to old for me.--- Nah man, you don't have to deal with Hetalia tho, ...

Yato Wallpaper

Noragami: Yato and Hiyori. Aww cute ^_^ And I love how Hiyori is like 'get your sweaty hands off me' :) ♡♡

Yato - Noragami by AjkaSketch ...

Omg, he looked at me.

Yato x Hiyori : Noragami

Noragami cosplay yato -these blue eyes *-*

First Shrine - Noragami ~ DarksideAnime

Noragami - Yato His eyes are so.words can't even describe them.

"Yato God... I'm glad to have met you" feels

Yato Noragami by passthenoodles.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

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Yato and Yukine

gif yato Sorry for bad quality noragami gif:noragami

I love it when Yato gets that "bitch imma fuck you up" look in his eye!

ha0nioxVjSo.jpg (443×600)

noragami - yato by kyotyan on DeviantArt

Noragami - Yato by Killjoy-Chidori ...

Noragami-yato-god Of war

Noragami | Yato, Hiyori, Yukine

Yato's eyes are my new favourite thing ❤️

Yato is a minor deity who lacks even a single shrine. In order to build his own shrine and gain .


Noragami: Enough by behindinfinity ...

yato eyes - Pesquisa Google

Yato - Noragami by Pisces-sayonara on DeviantArt

Yato, Hiyori and Yukine eyes ❤❤❤

Yato noragami

Noragami: Delivery God Yato by elicottyn on DeviantArt

Noragami Anime, Yatori, Manhwa

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We have finished watching this anime yesterday OMG it was awesome anime and moment when Hiyori called Yato by his name , but there wasn't a kiss b.

today was its 2nd season and i loved it <333 i just love the kind

YATO. your not allowed to be that cute!

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Betrayal by wlop ...

Sweet Yato, ending of Aragoto one.

Noragami- Eyes to kill (Yato/Calamity) by Pearlonthesea ...

Yato's eyes are so beautiful!