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You can now control your Sonos speakers with Google Home

You can now control your Sonos speakers with Google Home


The Google Home and Sonos Play:5 smart speakers

You can now control your Sonos speakers using Tidal's app

Sonos is perhaps the most reputable manufacturer of smart speakers, having wowed us with the superb Play:1, the sublime Play:3, the sensational Play:5, ...


Review: JBL Link Speakers (with Google Assistant). There's a lot to ...

Sonos users can now control Spotify with Alexa voice

A smart speaker mash-up image featuring Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod

Google recently rolled out an update that allows anybody to control a Bluetooth speaker with their Google Home Mini, Google Home or Google Home Max.

Is the Google Home the Voice-Controlled Speaker for You?

A selection of smart speakers

Amazon Echo Dot and Sonos - How to Voice Control your Sonos speakers! - YouTube

Google Home Mini

Photo: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge. Google Home can now stream ...

The connected speaker wars are upon us, and one day they will be detailed in history books for all to remember. But here, now, it can be hard to cut through ...

Google's Home Max is a bit of an outlier right now. The Sonos One is an excellent, music-focused smart speaker, but it's much smaller.

Sonos Alexa voice control now available for Sonos speakers

Sonos One virtual assistant

Which Sonos Speaker Should You Buy?

When I first tried hooking up Sonos system to my new Amazon Echo, I ran into... just a couple issues. And because I'd like to prevent you, dear reader, ...

On Wednesday, Google unveiled two new versions of the Google Home speakers: the Mini, which is priced to compete with the Amazon Echo Dot, and the Max, ...

With the help of Google Home , you can now play songs or hear podcasts in your external Bluetooth speakers at home by just giving voice commands.

How to set up Alexa voice control for existing Sonos speakers

Google Home Devices Can Now Be Paired With Bluetooth Speakers

If you've been eyeing a multi-room Sonos, you might want to hold off - Google Home has a new trick up its sleeve that can turn any old Bluetooth speaker ...

Sonos is bringing voice control to the speaker system through Amazon Echo, integrating with Spotify app

Will Sonos work with Google Home? Automate Your Life

Google Home vs. Apple HomePod | Digital Trends

On my measly 5MB-per-second DSL connection, the Echo Dot performed much

No, You Can't Compare Apple HomePod to Amazon Echo or Sonos

Sonos is a wireless smart speaker system to which you can connect up to 32 components, so that your entire home is literally full with music.

Google has added Bluetooth and phone calling capabilities to its Google Home smart speaker. The Bluetooth feature was briefly rolled out a few months ago ...

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Spotify users can now play music from the app directly to the wireless speakers

With audio hardware specialists like Sonos and Harman Kardon now getting in the intelligent speaker space, users now have the option of getting their ...

Google Home vs Amazon Echo vs Apple HomePod: Which smart speaker is best?

Sonos One review: Amazon's Echo and Alexa inside a superior speaker | TechHive

You Can Now Control Your Sonos With Spotify

Google Home and Amazon Echo


Google Home Mini

WiredHome looks like a gadget you'd actually want in your home. Assistant does all the basic things really well, plus a few remarkably cool things too.

In the previous hands-on with the Sonos One, I could gauge its capabilities, but testing it in my own home offered more insight into the nuances involved ...

Which one would you rather have in your kitchen?

Google Home: Which One Should You Buy?

Use your Google Home to control any Bluetooth speaker.

FILE - In this Monday, June 5, 2017, file photo, the HomePod

Amazon Echo v Google Home

All-new Sonos One - Smart Speaker with Alexa voice control built-In.

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When it comes to wireless multi-room speaker systems, Sonos has reigned king for some time. And while it still wears the crown, there are many parties ...

Google Takes Aim at Amazon and Apple with New Home Mini and Max Speakers | Architectural Digest

Sonos Sonos One vs Sonos Play:1: What's the difference?

The Amazon Echo has good audio quality and a solid feature set. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

Google Home adds Starz support, Play Movies is still absent. Starz, the network you turn to ...

10 Cool Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Sonos

Can Apple's hi-fi smart speaker take on Amazon Echo, Google Home or Sonos One?

Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa are voice assistants you can utilize in a number of different ways, but they do differ in some distinct ways.

If you want a full-fat smart speaker experience and aren't fussed on audio power, then the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home gadgets are the devices for you.

If you haven't heard, smart speakers are one of the biggest growth categories for consumer technology. Google Home dominated the lists of Christmas shoppers ...

New look: Amazon Echo has been upgraded with the new 2nd-generation model

Google Home

Sonos One speaker works with Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant

Best Overall Smart Speaker

Google Home Max

Connecting Alexa to any Sonos speaker in your home

Sonos - One Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant - White - Front_Zoom

Sonos One Review: The best speaker with Alexa built in is only going to get better

The speaker itself comes wrapped in a light paper cloth, with a Sonos sticker holding it all together. It feels like Sonos gift wrapping, ...

Sonos One side by side with Google Home. Credit Michael Connelly

Google Home

A study on the Sonos Play:1 and Bose SoundTouch speakers revealed a number of

Use A Smart Speaker To Control Your Audio Equipment And Playlist

Idk, I'd say the design is on par with the others.

Image: Sonos

Touch controls on top of the Sonos One let you control your music if voice isn't supported

google home max

Amazon Tap next to Google Home.

The Google Home Max speaker

Sonos smart speaker vs Amazon Echo

Apple HomePod vs Google Home vs Amazon Echo showdown

Re: Google home

Google Home

Google Home, Play:1 and Play:3

The Verge

Amazon Alexa is stuffed inside this little Sonos speaker