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Yuuchan t

Yuuchan t


"Since you can't eat chocolate" omg yuu-chan

#mulpix jesus christ yuu chan why can't you just do the same thing


Request- x-Yuu-chan-x by PieSeas ...

Don't touch Yuu-chan. I'm

▫️Owari No Seraph▫ Sorry for not posting for a few days but new anime!! 😄The actual song isn't mine but I added the "Yuu-chan" and "mika"

When he is pissed at the humans for using Yuu-chan, he looks like an angry cat, doesn't he? I sometimes imagine him hissing at Guren "Don't you dare touch ...

[Owari no Seraph] Yuu-chan, Yuu-chan, Yuu-chan - Mika - YouTube

「Yuu x Mikaela」 “Don't look at me, Yuu-chan. These are the eyes of a monster.” “I think they're beautiful, Mika.” http://archiveofourown.org/works/7450624 ...

Don't you know, Yuu-chan? I loved and never stopped. You already have my hand. Always.

Yuu-chan, ur kink is showing.

78 Me gusta, 2 comentarios - @mikayuu_otp_ en Instagram: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUU

... "A little thing I did for ''Get Rekt, Yuu-chan''! ✨ ✨ C'mon boys, you both know you like each other, IS NOT THAT HARD 😂😂… https://t .co/qH57zV9ijS"

Yuu-chan is by Mika ok ?! don't touch it !

karoraina2701: “ “Hey, Yuu-chan~~!!!” *


百夜 優一郎 Yuu Chan( ♀)

Yuu-Chan pls don't cry anymore it's making me ...

"Yuu-chan, you're a bit too heavy for me…"

Don't cry Yuu Chan

“Promise to never get too far away from me, Yuu-chan.. Otherwise I won't be able to protect you.” “I promise. I wouldn't be able to protect you either, ...

Sakura Trick - If Yuu-chan got held back

Read manga Seraph of the End 044 online in high quality

“Yuu-chan please” “You, Mika. You will always be Young and Beautiful” “Thanks but I'm already sad, don't remind me what ...

Sakura Trick - Sleepy Yuu-chan

Yuu-chan, I don't feel so good…


owari no seraph, anime, and mikaela hyakuya image

Yuichiro Hyakuya (Amane) ♡ Omigurd the Yuu-chan in ep11! Can't choose between Mika and him!! XD



Owari no Seraph - Yuu-Chan by Owareeka

Mikaela. on Twitter: "Feliz cumpleaños Yuu-Chan <3 @Knight_Hyakuya Cuando vuelva dibujo algo. http://t.co/FrLFDCUDAm"

6:50 PM - 16 Aug 2017 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Request: Yuu-chan holding Yoichi by Akiie-chan ...

Owari no Seraph CRACK (Yuu-chan)

That's right mika protect Yuu-chan don't let anyone see his adorable face


Nan Tanattha on Twitter: "Owari no seraph Ch.37 : Yuu-chan~~ Kawaii นางเอกชัดๆ my angle♡ #mikayuu #Owari no seraph http://t.co/JUEWOUYbRx"

anime, owari no seraph, and hyakuya yuuichirou image

My black fox Yuu-chan

Owari No Seraph Mika And Yuu Chan by Hisanna27 ...

Owari no Seraph | well this is new and I really don't know how to handle this... I love him so much

sarah on Twitter: "YUU-CHAN IS BLUSHING WHILE RED-EYED MIKA IS PATTING HIS HEAD 😍😘❤ https://t.co/AXMm270Q9o"


Owari no Seraph | Mika | [ Animation ] | Yuu-chan

Yuu-chan, use your brawn. by Nor1996 ...

Hold Me Closely, Yuu-chan! ❤ {Mika x Yuu}

Owari no Seraph - Yuu-chan with Violin by mirror-bluemoon ...

Happy Birthday YUU CHAN by ichirukibiggestfan ...

“ It's doodle.not real doujinshi ne. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) just try to draw with clean sketch. Inspired from one of fic I read long time ago. (So sorry, I couldn't ...

OMG THEY ARE THE SONS OF MIKA AND YUU SO CUTE!! But...how did they did them.

"Owari no Seraph - Yuu-Chan" Unisex T-Shirt by Owareeka | Redbubble

don't touch yuu-chan or else Mika will cut you :)) -- this sucks I know :/

sarah on Twitter: "Crying Yuu-chan for the soul orz http://t.co/ofknIE1B7g"

"Don't you understand?! I love you, Mika!!"

Yuu-chan! Don't slay him with your monster breasts by Rei-

greenishblueskies: “ Day 7: Smile!! .. “Yuu-chan,

My Yuu-chan [Mikayuu fan fic COMPLETE]

Mika: Ne~ne~ Is this Yuu-chan? Yuu: SHADDAP! If you don't want it, throw it away!! ////////

My Love Is mika-san Yuu-chan @love_mikayuu

Joy, The Sleepy Uke on Twitter: "Yuu-chan plz, you're too precious https://t .co/ympjBj8bbN"

Yuu-chan, The Young senpai by Aris2telles ...

Watch My Love Is mika-san Yuu-chan's Flipagram video featuring Undress Rehearsal by

dizzy🔞 on Twitter: "Just married Yuu chan ♡♡♡ 1.4.18 ♡♡♡ #azurlane https:// t.co/foMTG3uafn"

Joy, The Sleepy Uke

Yuu-chan In Wonderland (#wattys2016)

Mikaela Hyakuya

Bamboo blade b 796516

Yuu-chan *-* Owari No Seraph

“I haven't forgotten my sister. I'll never forget.”

RT your Guren

I Hope You Have A Awesome, Fabulous, And Fantastic Birthday,Yuu-Chan!

RT your Mika on Twitter: "Mika (SMIRKING AT HIS YUU-CHAN FUCK HE LOOKS SO GOOD) http://t.co/RD7F7FoOet"

... "A little thing I did for ''Get Rekt, Yuu-chan''! ✨ ✨ C'mon boys, you both know you like each other, IS NOT THAT HARD 😂😂… https://t .co/qH57zV9ijS"

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4:33 AM - 7 Dec 2015

Mikayuu book!

Owari no Seraph - Yuu-Chan by Owareeka

Owari no Seraph - Yuu-Chan by Owareeka

Mika/ Yuu-chan

Owari no Seraph - Yuu-Chan by Owareeka

Yuu-chan doesn't know what he did.


Yuu and Mika - Owari no Seraph | Owari no Seraph | Pinterest | Anime, Manga and Otaku

Yuu-chan will be mine

Sam's art account on Twitter: "''Yuu-chan...I'll be the pepper to your salt'' inspired from this : https://t.co/LriRD17uG8 https://t.co/89bEJx3Gk9"

Yuu-Chan Underwear! iPhone Case

Majestic Mikayuu Fluff

Yuu-chan just gave her a box of condoms for a "useless" Xmas gag gift, and she's taking it as a challenge.… https://t.co/7ZYFZpwZFj"

I can't keep this to myself anymore. I can't hide my

southparkfanpuzzel: “ Hello everyone! I noticed quite a few people were upset about the