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Zai Square Food Garden Review Brink of Freedom Homesteading

Zai Square Food Garden Review Brink of Freedom Homesteading


Zai Square Food Garden Review

Square Foot Gardening is a method by Mel Bartholomew where you try to maximize the production within a limited space.

"afristar permaculture posters7" ~ A neat poster of a permaculture guild.

Remembering Hope - Brink of Freedom

The Food Movement - Brink of Freedom

(Petaluma Urban Homestead)

The Soil One of the first challenges a modern homesteader is faced with is poor soil

Here Come the Girls - by Markfurmston http://brinkoffreedom.net/homesteading

For me, growing shiitake mushrooms just makes good sense. For one, I have in my state, the lady who wrote the book (literally) on Shiitake production


Selecting Cattle For Grass Based Systems - Brink of Freedom

"Permaculture Principles and Preparedness" ~ Bearing arms has evolved beyond anything necessary or rational

Sprouts - Brink of Freedom

The “Hot Pot” Solar Cooker - Brink of Freedom

8 best Permaculture images on Pinterest | Permaculture, Vegetable garden and Organic gardening

The 1SR Pyramid Haystack: Update - One Scythe Revolution


Bee Removal 101 - Brink of Freedom

Replace your lawn with an edible garden - Greenability Magazine

8 best Permaculture images on Pinterest | Permaculture, Vegetable garden and Organic gardening

Suggested Reading & Learning Sources - Brink of Freedom

Haven Homestead: Feeding Rabbits Naturally: Organic Herbal Vitamin Supplement

A great blog talking about harvesting the meat rabbits. Great tips on the "Broomstick

Brooder Management for Starting Pastured Poultry Chicks - Brink of Freedom

duck tractor could be predator proofed

Micro Hydro Resources

DIY: How To Make Can Lanterns


First person: Refinancing to save $51,000 and pay off our mortgage early

Alternative Fuels In Diesel Engines - Brink of Freedom



Choosing Good Breeding Stock

Raising and breeding bunnies Using all of the rabbit: (Even the feet and ears

An introduction to raising meat rabbits. Get a trio and start raising health.

A Well Stocked Rabbit Medicine Kit

Yes, I did it. I ate two of my quail. I'll

My gripes about and solutions for the poor tea service problem across America.

So last weekend we did our rabbit dressing. Five rabbits yielded about 14-18lbs

Solar oven - With the collectors back and the glass removed, it's easy to get

cute garden path even the kids would love.

Welcome to District 4

How to Cap Plastic Bottle Waste

A version of a yurt that I intend to build, parts and materials list, other yurt ideas.

Collecting and using wild nuts for self sufficiency. What kinds are out there, where

Hydroponics for the Homestead


Sturdy raised bed material at Kansas City Community Gardens #KCCG

ARBA Links

The Probiotic For Your Home.

About timber frame and engineering with timber frame and info. I list tools, members of frame, joinery and more.

Caring for Your Pregnant Rabbit - Homesteading and Livestock

How To Kill, Gut And Skin Meat Rabbits With The Rabbit Wringer and Processing Station

Introduction To Cartography – Mapping the Garden Spot

Escargots from your garden to your table: How to control, raise, and process

Reciclaje con varios materiales, Reciclatge amb diversos materials, Recycling of various materials, Le

drxgonfly: “ Red Fox Pup in Spring Green (by Nick Kalathas) ”

Support Cage

Raising Meat Rabbits

Home Food Preservation

Sewage treatment at home common and other. I talk about all options and point you to the right info. I talk about city sewer, septic, composting and more.

Old and new types of earthen construction. I talk about Earthship, Earthbag, Adobe and more. I have an illistration of a basic design 1500ft2 Earthship.

Online Store : The Healthy Chef – Teresa Cutter

Smile, it's Tuesday!

Berries, Berries, Berries! I love soft fruit and when it's berry season my

Side Shelf, Cedar wood

... set aside a central core of 40 acres, (a square about 1300 ft per side) there should easily be room for schools, marketplace, some small industry, etc.

To water a 1,000 ft. sq. area of crops requires 500 linear feet of soaker hose. Soaker hose releases water at 1 gallon/minute/100 foot.

Breeding Meat Rabbits @ The Elliott Homestead - YouTube

"The Mushroom Cultivator" Book Review

Start homesteading today! Our story about how we started our homestead journey, overnight

Cherokee Purple

new shed setup left side.

Great Rabbit cages for a backyard. Could run electric wire at the bottom to protect

How I do the bills and basics of Accounting

Repurposing a Pallet Into a Rabbit Cage - Modern Homesteaders

5 Natural Ink Recipes

Larry D Gray | Outdoors, Green Living, Homesteading, Sustainable living, Green Building





... Defense Fund - Defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods.

Trapping for Winter Survival or All Around for Food, Fur and Fun. Part 2

Raising Rabbits for Pel-Freez

Metaphor for Managing Projects

Cola de burro

How to Gender Baby Bunnies Part 1. - YouTube

Browse unique items from DebbieDrawsFunny on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and


Slovak Roast Rabbit - Almost Bananas

Food Security is Paramount to Survival and to Liberty

Our home is now full of edible plants... check it out!

Small Projects List

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT French Farmhouse Style...from Tractor Supply

Head: In this case, the forehead is very narrow. There is almost equal

Handcrafted by tonymG. Broken Rice & Noodles picked this logo out of 47 designs submitted

Mini Cattle Equipment / Photos / International Miniature Zebu Association (IMZA)

7 Free Vegetable Garden Plans To Get You Started