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ZombieSimpsonsWillie Diy t Elementary schools

ZombieSimpsonsWillie Diy t Elementary schools


s04e05There ...

simpsons+weird+fan+art | Fan Art Friday: Dan Osborne's Zombie Simpsons

Groundskeeper willie singing i'm an idiot

Save me from the wee turtles Best of Groundskeeper Willie - Imgur

Zombie Simpsons (though for the record, I disagree: the arrow thru the head would take zombiehomer down. But I'll forgive.

Don't start a puke war you can't finish

Charlotte, quand tu dis son nom elle apparaît ! XD

WowWee to launch Zombie Princess dolls this fall

simpsons+weird+fan+art | Fan Art Friday: Dan Osborne's Zombie Simpsons

caricaturas realistas willie los simpson


Treehouse of Horror

Oct 22, 2017 5:00 PM

Zombie Simpsons by Dan Osborne

The Shinning

The Monkey's Paw

zombie simpsons, krusty the clown, dan osborne

Night Of The Dolphin


Martin dying is one of the most horrifying things in any Treehouse of Horror. The extreme poses, and Russi Taylor's absolutely blood curdling scream is ...

Zombie Colonel Sanders

I love the framing of this shot, and throughout the episode, of human size vs. Lard Lad size. This donut is literally as big as the Simpson living room, ...

2009 Yellow Homer Simpson Headphones T-Shirt Fox Bright Yellow The Simpsons Homer Simpson T Shirt Size Mens M, TM & Fox 2009 created by Matt Groening .

Once Willie hits the “sinky-sank,” he's seemingly done for, and quickly morphs through his many other forms before turning back to regular Willie and ...

The Simpsons Willie Hears Ya Willie Don't Care Men's T-Shirt (Large


Grounds Keeper Willies: The Simpsons Kidrobot Series #2


Zombie Simpsons


Time And Punishment

Lisa goes gaga

"Dial 'Z' For Zombies" (Treehouse Of Horror III, 1992)

LEGO The Simpsons Simpsons Series 2 Groundskeeper Willie Minifigure


The Thing And I

"The Devil And Homer Simpson" (Treehouse Of Horror IV, 1993)

The Bart Zone

Beware my cheating Bart

Favorite still images from the show - Page 46

Boy Meets Curl

Citizen Kang

House Of Whacks

Don't unform, you're a great mob


Our second segment opens seemingly calm and idyllic, but I love how the dream atmosphere is subtly set up with the painterly backgrounds, so you can already ...


Thursdays with Abie

The Simpsons (season 29) - Digital purchase image

I wish I could pull down my zipper and that guy would come out

Once Upon a Time in Springfield

The Simpsons (season 23) - Digital purchase image


that sounds like rock and/or roll

I dub thee, King of the Morons


The money shot of the entire segment, where 2D Homer becomes 3D Homer. Again, looks a whole lot better watching it than staring at framegrabs.

Nightmare Cafeteria

The Simpsons (season 24) - Digital purchase image


Them Robot

At Long Last Leave

Bad Dream House

Moe goes from rags to riches

holidays of future passed

permalink ...

All my friends have birthdays this year

Politically inept with Homer Simpson

The now defunct Facebook page posted cryptic messages and disturbing pictures of clowns

Does Obama know about this?

The Simpsons (season 25) - Digital purchase image

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a first class wedding reception.” – Homer Simpson

I Know What You Diddily-Iddily-Did

Attack Of The 50-Foot Eyesores

These are her eyes.

My favorite Groundskeeper Willie quote of all time


5YJevvW.jpg (JPEG Image, 750 × 897 pixels) – Scaled (82%) ...

The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer - Left to right:

Dawn, an elementary school reading coach who also asked her last name not be disclosed, has been authorized to carry at her school for two years.

Groundskeeper Willie - Debate in Scotland over the hometown of Groundskeeper Willie ended when he was

Hope you enjoyed your tour!

“ "Sin television y sin cerveza Homero pierde la cabeza" ”


We're just barely a month since the release of Lego's Collectible Minifigures series #12, and we're getting our first leaked images and list for series #13, ...

I would also urge readers to appreciate Mauldin's brilliant postwar cartoons, especially those he did between 1945-1948. One critic of my biography said ...

I've been dying to interview Todd DePastino since the publication of his Bill Mauldin biography Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front and Fantagraphics' release ...

Concerts and iPhones: Willie Nelson

If you can't join in person, the DVD & Blu-ray will also be available for sale online at PentimentiProductions.org and via select retailers.

November 24, 2014

An Ohio family have taken down their controversial Halloween decorations which features an impaled bloody body


Also, the link in the last update for the BBC RMM appearance didn't work, but I got a copy of the MP3 and you can hear it h-e-r-e.

The 3D certainly looks dated by the super technologically advanced age we live in today, but I still like the look of it. They went simple by their means, ...

I'll go with the first book I ever read-- My Little Red Story Book. It was the first in a series of basic readers used in elementary schools from the ...

If you can't join in person, the DVD & Blu-ray will also be available for sale online at PentimentiProductions.org and via select retailers.

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