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Zozobra Old Man Gloom New Mexico39s burning man festival

Zozobra Old Man Gloom New Mexico39s burning man festival


Long Before Burning Man, Zozobra Brought Fire And Redemption To The Desert : NPR

Flames engulf Zozobra ("Old Man Gloom") as part of the annual Fiesta

Burning Old Man Gloom at Zozobra, Santa Fe, NM 09/02/16

Zozobra, Old Man Gloom on fire, Fiesta de Santa Fe, New Mexico USA


Zozobra 2013 89th Annual Burning of Old Man Gloom - Santa Fe, NM - YouTube

The beginning of Zozobra, the burning of Old Man Gloom. The smoke rises around


Mary and Keith's Excellent Adventure!: Zozobra, The Original "Burning Man"

A groaning Zozobra, aka Old Man Gloom, soon to be engulfed in flames Friday night. (Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal)

Zozobra is the oldest and wildest celebration in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Zozobra httpsburnzozobracomwpcontentuploads201406

Photo of giant puppet, Zozobra Zozobra, or Old Man Gloom ...

Despite his Twiggy-like figure, Zozobra weighs 1,800 pounds. It takes a group of volunteers two months to put Old Man Gloom together. (Associated Press)

The burning of Old Man Gloom AKA Zozobra in Santa Fe New Mexico 2008 - Stock

The 50 foot, two inch effigy of Old Man Gloom towers over Fort Marcy Park

Here's ...

Zozobra Festival: The Weirdest Event You've Never Heard of

Burning of Zozobra 2017 4K UHD Drone Video

The man and the myth: Artist Will Shuster with the 1942 version of his creation

Each year the hair color of Zozobra changes. This year's color was green.

A huge marionette on fire at the climax of Santa Fe's Burning of Zozobra © Adria "Old Man Gloom" ...

Burning of zozobra 2016


This Thursday, September 6th, city of Santa Fe, NM will be burning the 49' animated human figure Zozobra (aka Old Man Gloom), at the beginning of Fiestas de ...

Zozobra, or "Old Man Gloom" wails his last howl of outrage before being consigned to a fiery death before thousands of chanting celebrants.

Zozobra 2015

Students from the New Era After School Academy on the southside of Santa Fe take a

Of an old friend's blessing, reminding that though they loom, Last year's worries, are dust beneath Zozobra's broom. “Burn Him,” I uttered, “burn my mind's ...

AKA old man gloom,. See more. by R3tr0P0rn · zozobra

A unique Santa Fe tradition, the 88th burning of Zozobra or Old Man Gloom took

Festive Zozobra attacts record crowds

Zozobra at Dusk

Hutton Broadcasting with our beloved Zozobra!

Zozobra, or "Old Man Gloom," is set afire at the climax of this decades-old Sante Fe tradition. All photos by Lyle Shanahan

Old Zozobra

Crews move, assemble and hang Zozobra Friday morning in prepartions for the annual burning at

The burning of Old Man Gloom AKA Zozobra in Santa Fe New Mexico - Stock Image

The initial public burning of Zozobra, behind the old courthouse on Washington Avenue in 1926, began a new Fiesta tradition that continues today at Fort ...

4th Annual Stuff the Old Man Zozobra Fundraiser

Old Man Gloom waiting patiently for the festivities to begin.


Zozobra Photograph - Zozobra Old Man Gloom by Paul LeSage

The ritual burning of Zozobra , Old Man Gloom, started in 1924 when Santa Fe marionette maker, Gustave Bauman teamed up with artist Will Schuster to create ...

Burn up your worries with Old Man Gloom at the 91st burning of Zozobra on Friday

Burning of Zozobra, Santa Fe, New Mexico September

Old Man Gloom. New Mexico is home to a bevy of odd traditions, most the result of the cultural melting pot borne of the state's Hispanic, Native American ...

Old Zozobra

alex grey burning man

The annual Burning Man arts festival is a counter-cultural phenomenon that interests popular culture enthusiasts, innovators, environmentalists, ...

Art installations became a part of Burning Man in the early 1990s. These works have always been large-scale, immersive, and interactive—an aesthetic ...

But unlike the rest of the events, the Burning of Zozobra grew up out of an artist thumbing his nose at the establishment. Back in 1922, Will Shuster, ...

Zozobra in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Katy Perry Burning Man Segway fail

Zozobra 2017

The City of Santa Fe Margarita Trailis a great way to celebrate with friends, but Old Man Gloom suggests asking specifically for the new 2017 version of his ...

Zozobra Festival of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Last ...

Burning of Zozobra

Cristina Garcia Rodero USA. Nevada. Burning Man Festival. Candle-man.

Zozobra Poster featuring the painting Zozobra Of Santa Fe by Leah Saulnier The Painting Maniac

In 1924, before Burning Man, and comparatively new ...

Will Schuster (left) seen here with his artist friends and the head of Zozobra. (Photo courtesy of The Burning of Will Schuster's Zozobra)

Photo of Zozobra - Santa Fe, NM, United States

91st Burning of Zozobra

"Image: zozobra-2008-kabeyta1.jpg, (700 × 525 px)". ...

Zozobra and the Fire Spirit

Traversing the Camino Unreal: Zozobra poster artist Russell Thornton | Art | santafenewmexican.com

Taking My Parents to Burning Man

Every September crowds of over 40,000 people watch and cheer when Zozobra which is stuffed with old bills, divorce papers, burnable bad memories and ...

The annual autumn gathering for the burning of Zozobra may be fleeting, lasting only a few hours. But the property where Old Man Gloom's creator once lived ...

Kiwanis Club takes Zozobra event upscale

Pelican, Old Man Gloom, and 27 have also been booked for the concert. 100% of the proceeds will go towards Scofield's family, who you can still help out via ...


The Burning of Zozobra

Old Man Gloom

Burning Man

Zozobra / Photo ©I am New Mexico

Old Man Gloom. Zozobra burns to usher in Santa Fe's Fiesta Celebrations

The annual Santa Fe Fiesta begins with the Burning of Zozobra - Santa Fe, NM

2016 Official Zozobra Poster

Zozobra, Old Man Gloom

Old Man Gloom set ablaze every September.


The Burning of Zozobra Promotional Products - Sublimated Patches

Each year the Firedancer (seen below) taunts and teases Zozobra, much to the

Photo by Amber Jobin Burning Man 2017

RIP Caleb Scofield

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Photos courtesy of Katie Johnson | KatiesCamera.net & Zacarías