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Zulfiqar is a wellknown sword of Islamic history owned by Hazrat Ali

Zulfiqar is a wellknown sword of Islamic history owned by Hazrat Ali


Hazrat Ali · ZULFIQAR

Short Sword (Yatagan) from the Court of Süleyman the Magnificent (reigned 1520–66), Istanbul, ca. 1525–30

Amr ...

Zulfikar - sword of Islamic leader Ali (son-in-saw to Prophet Mohammed) that is known for its' mystical power and strength.

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Zulfiqar is a well-known sword of Islamic history owned by Hazrat Ali. Muḥammad

Old antique islamic dagger sharp knife

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) Zulfikar Sword ( how the swrod of hazrat look like). Islamic Believers

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hazrat Ali razi allah taala anho ki talwar ka wazan | حضرت علی رضی اللّہ تعالیٰ عنہ کی تلوار کا وزن

Old Islamic shamshir Silver Inlay ZULFIQAR Serpentine Saber kilij sword الله

A replication of one of the swords of Sayyiduna Ali. رضي الله عنه


Zulfiqar "lOok alikes"

A few conflicting images of the famous scimitar sword exist. Some of them describe the weapon as having two parallel blades, emphasizing its mystical ...


Sword of Attila

There is no sword except #Zulfiqar. Shia IslamYa AliImam ...

History's Deadliest Weapons - The Zulfiqar | Man At Arms: Art of War

Zulfiqar • Well-known sword of Islamic history owned by Hazrat Ali.

During his military career, Tomoyuki Yamashita owned a personal sword that contained a blade manufactured by famous sword maker Fujiwara Kanenaga sometime ...

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art-of-swords: “ The Zulfiqar Sword Zulfiqar, meaning “bifurcated”

Muslim's Shia Ali zulfiqar Sword Imam

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The Zulfiqar Sword - A Historical lie!

Isolated drawing of the legendary double edged sword of Imam Ali, the cousin and son

Zulfiqar (split-bladed sword), a representation of the sword of Ameer-

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That's why the sword deserved to be included in the most famous and historical swords.

Master Sword

Sword of Mercy


Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur, sometimes attributed with magical powers or associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain.

In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional prehistory of the world (Arda), Narsil was the sword of King Elendil of the Dúnedain who used it in the War of the Last ...


Sword of Osman

A Sword That Becomes a Word (Part 2)

Army Weapons History Unusual Weapons

Calligraphic panel in praise of Ali. The large inscription at the top reads lā fata ʾilā ʿAlī lā sayf ʾilā Ḏū l-Fiqār.

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Zulfiqaar Zulfiqar Sword Of Imam Ali Ibne Abi Taliba s YouTube


Men Style 75 mm (H) Muslim Zulfiqar Sword of Imam Ali SPn08004 Stainless Steel

Top Of The World: Discover the mysterious sword 9 the world's most - YouTube

Zulfiqar is a sword belonging to the Prophet Muhammad who was inherited to his cousin as well as his son-in-law Ali. According to some historic explanations ...

Tipu Sultan Sword

Sword Of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) 2 [By Abdul Basit And Sohaib].mp4

Doouble Zulfiqar Necklace (Shia Muslim Islamic Necklace - Imam Ali Sword. 925 Sterling Silver Islamic Ring with Emerald Zulfiqar Sword of Imam Ali.



Old arabic swords in Almossassa, Badajoz.

Angel Gabriel shows the prowess of Hazrat Ali to Prophet Muhammad - Painted in Shiraz, Iran 1480

Shia/IMAM ALI/Zulfiqar sword StainlesSteel Islamic pendant necklace /4 piece set

Hazrat Ali Ki Talwar | Sword Of Hazrat Ali (R.A.). Islamic Believers

The sword of Goujian is a bronze sword recovered from a tomb in China that had been submerged for almost 2,000 years. When the sword was drawn from its ...

Gram Sword

A stamped amulet, presumably made in India in the 19th century for a Shi'i patron. The amulet comprises magic squares, Qur'anic verses (including ayat ...

Rare Turkish Sword Ottoman Islamic Handmade Written Arabic Surah Quran 90 CM

Flaming Sword

Al Zulfiqar (Imam Ali Ki Talwar) Video 1.wmv

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Al Hataf : Hataf means To Kill and Hataf Al Saif means the Killing Sword, This sword was shied from clan to clan in the Jewish tribes as symbol of Bani ...

Seeing this one; 8. of ...

8 Incredible Facts About Aab-e-Zam Zam That You Should Know!

Swords of Charlemagne

imam Ali zulfikar

Vintage Antique Zulfiqar islamic Style imam ali Rare Sword Arabic Write Handmade

rare Zulfikar imam ali islamic Turkish Sword Ottoman Handmade Written Arabic

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Medium St. Silver Ali Dhul-fikar Double Edged Sword Pendant - Islamic Jewelry

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Islam Imam Ali Zulfiqar Sword In Silver Inlayed 20190908

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It is well established fact that Prophet of Islam is well known to this modern world as the most vicious warrior Prophet (involved in hundreds of battles) ...

Zulfiqar with and without the shield. The Fatimid depiction of Ali's sword as carved on the Gates of Old Cairo, namely Bab al-Nasr.


The inscription on the blade says that it was made for the King of Yue. Scholars believe it belonged to the famous king Goujian.

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Martyrdom of Ali ibn AbI Talib by Yousef Abdinejad

Master Sword

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Scimitar sword linear icon. Thin line illustration. Sabre. Muslim weapon. Islamic culture

My grandma would argue, how could this thin wall hold such a massive body of water had it not been a miracle of Ali whom she believed had really visited ...