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Askollie Arthur Kirkland also known as 39Ollie39 has kidnapped and

Askollie Arthur Kirkland also known as 39Ollie39 has kidnapped and


ask–ollie: Arthur Kirkland, also known as 'Ollie', has kidnapped and murdered over 24 different women. Kirkland has managed to elude authorities for the ...

Hetalia - Veggie Burger

Why is he so beautiful like ughhhhhhh Stupid reality. Find this Pin and more on Arthur Kirkland ...

Prussia and America - Hetalia

Hetalia UsUk, Pirate England and chibi America!

Arthur Kirkland and 2p! - Hetalia by ~MelindaPhantomhive on deviantART

2P!America's thoughts: If I pump him full of vodka, will he turn into a super soldier? | Hetalia | Pinterest | Hetalia, Pumps and Thoughts

America and 2p!England can i have one of your freckles too?

Oliver is really nice. He doesn't hate me like Arthur does.


Oliver and Olivia Kirkland || 2p!England and 2p!Nyo!England < < < That's silly I don't know what you're talking about.... *laughs nervously*

Well, we had a Kidd!James with a normal Matthew, why not a

England America and Canada | 1p! And 2p! | Hetalia

APH - First Meeting by CristinaKokoro.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt - The artist's OC for Scotland with young Matthew

APH UK, England, Arthur Kirkland "Let's meet in Wuthering Heights"

France trying to be romantic Im only pinning this because this would be me trying to be romantic and im the girl < < < Pinning because, apparently, Oliver is ...

2p England, Hetalia

(This isn't mine, but I didn't see a pin option, and it was too good to not pin, please let me know who the artist is)

italy and italy ((why is Italy wearing a skirt XD))

Oh 2p! Why must you be such a goody-goody . Arthur : True that little wanker ! Me : Half of the words you say I don't understand.

(And then, Allen had to take him back to his house, because he had started going berserk and having Fl. Ask FrUK Longest He's Gone without Baking

Arthur x Oliver

The most precious Commi boy - I lost it at the "Leninade" < < < this fandom i stg < < < Leninade is a real soda and it's delicious.

Imagen de arthur kirkland, gif, and aph england

2p england ITS THE MAD HATTER *Faints and rolls around smiling and hugging myself*

Damn Right, It's Better Than Yours, ask-2p-england: and you

Can we just talk about 'why is Poland called Poland?

Happy hallowryyn - JJBA - Dio Brando - Jonathan Joestar - Joseph Joestar - Jotaro Kujo - Gud art - good characters

Is it even possible to not ship any of these

...2p Family is scaring me (Ladonia, Sealand, Sweden, Finland)

Aniem cute~

and Hetalia // England // England // Oliver and Arthur Kirkland

Day 27 (Character you wouldn't want to run into a dark alley) Any of the especially cause obviously (By: Hetalian

I just died and came back alive because of the cuteness

ついろぐ⑥ - Miya(ひづきみや) - pixiv

Hahaha, "Do you have any twos?" Playing cards and drinking tea on a roller-coaster. Truly no fucks were given. - Hetalia <----much better

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey~ Arthur and Oliver #hetalia {if you liked this, then you should totally check out ask-2p-england.tumblr.com}

Hmmm i guess if that happened i would pretend i hadn't had my lunch or breakfast and say i will save it for later . Just in case i would take a ...

How about chocolate chip pancakes instead, buddy?

Who made England cry? I will crush them.

Trunks DBZ vs. DBS

prussia as a monster hetalia - Google Search

I love how 2p Rome does not even know what he is going to conquer, but he is going to conquer something anyway.

ALIART : Photo

Nyotalia version of France - Art by u-mumumu.tumblr.com

America x England mpreg

except he's also a hard core killer, but ya know.

2p Italy, Germany, another color


This story is completed! Done and finished. Yup. Three days in the infirmary

Hetalia Canada X Ukraine touches the screen whispers my. children. < < < this is so cute omg, Mattie congrats


Hamilton, Fandoms, Fandom

2p fem America

Forget everything you think you know about me because I'm not like that other Germany.

2p Germany, Italy and Japan, Kitayume, Hetalia


APH-2p!FrUk by AyanoHana

Arthur with baby Alfred and Matthew...so cute! - Art by Sakkuri

2p Romano and 2p Spain >> for some reason it is quite funny xD <--- I think all know my 2P loves Lovi's 2P XD I think my 2P would act more like ...

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The would-be child of Don Knotts and Florence Henderson.

Fate/stay night,Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Apocrypha【ジャンヌ・

Image result for golf wang clothing

Though for all you people who would like to know who that dude is I will only say that the person bleeding to death ...