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I've gone on admiring Nicky's writing ever since, and am looking forward to reading her recently-published further foray into the Celtic world, Wolf Blood, ...


In my book Basilisk I made up my own myth of the basilisk.The story is set in an imaginary city called Lunnzia and the citizens worship a god called Arche ...

I've gone on admiring Nicky's writing ever since, and am looking forward to reading her recently-published further foray into the Celtic world, Wolf Blood, ...

Generally, I'm more of a dog than a cat person, but Inbali's brilliant evocation of the feline world around Cressida Lock won me over immediately.

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Mythical Creatures-Basilisk by BlueEyesBlackTears

Biesy (singular: bies) are a personification of all the undefined evil forces in

Talking of wolves, one of the things Tony has been involved with (and which he mentions below) is the Happy Ever After series, in which he imagines what ...

The Romans thought of the basilisk as a kind of highly poisonous serpent, the king of snakes that could kill with its breath.

Basilisks were once seen as desert creatures but over time were believed to live everywhere. Britain was once full of them! They are mentioned in the Bible ...

D for Dragon (Temeraire Gold by the fabulous Dominic Harman, which I've

Pooka- Irish myth: a fairy that could bring good or bad luck. They were shape changers and usually took the form of a horse, goat, or rabbit.

She knows a thing or two about Scottish myths, does Gillian, and it's always a pleasure to have her here.

Shaman by CattSparrow

How would you describe your ideal partner?

Space Dragon

Find this Pin and more on Срисовашки^^ by marinasosikova.

Basilisk "The mythology of basilisks is confusing and entangled with the cockatrice. Basilisks are sometimes portrayed like cockatrices, and sometimes are ...

Sometimes second books can be disappointing. This one most certainly isn't. In fact, I think it's even better than the first. Sita's skill lies in making ...

I was therefore delighted to meet Mira again in Sita's new book, Jasmine Skies, which I've been lucky enough to get my hands on early (it's out at the end ...

Illusion of flight by AlviaAlcedo.deviantart.com on @deviantART

dragon city nuevos dragones - Buscar con Google


Scribble City Central

One of my all time favorite fantasy characters! A great Frank Frazetta cover . and I learned the meaning of a cool new word back in grade: usurper

cryptid | Tumblr

Here's Nicky to tell you some fascinating facts about this scary monster... and a little about her book too. B for Basilisk

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Scribble City Central

Boss fight

Scribble City Central: Fantabulous Fridays A-Z: A FOR AIRAVATA with Sita Brahmachari

Basilisk/Cockatrice - Some myths say that the basilisk is a giant, ugly rooster that hatched from a chicken's egg being incubated by a frog or toad.

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Escuela_Primaria_de_Springfield_de_Los_Simpsons_MILIMA20150806_0193_11.jpg (478×324)

Born of an egg, with the strength and power to fight, befriend mankind and make rain in times of drought, it is no surprise that the beautiful Airavata is ...

Voyage of the Dawn Treader // John Dickenson

Scribble City Central: Fantabulous Fridays A-Z: A FOR AIRAVATA with Sita Brahmachari

From that day on the poor elephants never flew again. Just imagine how different the skies would look if elephants could fly!

An early childhood memory of a family holiday in India is of walking down a road alongside an elephant bedecked in garlands, painted and bejeweled, ...

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by Jackie Morris -- Illustration for "Tell

Like most children, I was fascinated by the animal world and particularly large animals that could not easily be seen, except in zoos or wildlife parks.

Fenrir is coming

Plus size girls and pokémon

Well, in my early career I did several re-tellings of fairy tales, including Look Out, he's Behind You! (Frances Lincoln, brilliantly illustrated ...

(The Beastie Variations) Sanguinic 2009-2010 40"x60" acrylic on heavy


This German woodcut from 1510 represents a mythological creature, the basilisk. It was usually shown with wings, a crested head, and a dragon

FANTASTICAL BIOLOGY: FANTASY CREATURES AND THEIR HABITATS But what if you want to create a fantastical creature that's a bit more plausible, ...

Egg with Legs Food Art for the Ultimate Foodie Humpme-Dumpme the Tale of the Crackwhore. by HumanShapedAnimal

Basilisk- another creature with a stone transforming gaze.

Pretty Dragon

Basilisk Depicted with Wings Birdlike But with a Tail.

ghost horse by radacs on DeviantArt

Go Teen Writers: 2 Ways To Be Sure Your Scene Really Matters

dragon/smaug- The Hobbit by moonsilver18863

http://www.clevelandart.org The Cleveland Museum of Art Gift of Katherine C. White 1974 The Yoruba created a rich variety of animal and human-shaped ...

BOOM! STUDIOS December 2015 Solicitations | Newsarama.com

SciFi and Fantasy Art Yori the Dragon Sleeping by Audrey Pertuisot

#ProofreadingIn5Words #God is in the detail. This is why you can trust Him and turn to Him with every concern you have. We are not alone, nor are we left to ...

Magic: the Gathering - Sylvan Basilisk - Tenth Edition

Gois © Photographie Stephane Grossin-1

Fantasy Art

Dragon Sleeping by ~Princess-Mer-Tigerz on deviantART

Bestiary artwork for Endless Realms, a D&D-like "pen and paper" fantasy RPG I'm working for. The art director requested a few more baddies for the b.

Mira is as tenacious and endearing as ever, and the tantalising ending promises what would be (for me) a welcome third volume in the series.

Flying down by ToxicDragonBlood on deviantART

Pine Siskins at the feeders outside the resort. They were also all over the nearby trees.

Endless Realms bestiary - Aiatar by jocarra on DeviantArt The Aiatar is known as the Finnish

Red evil eyed phoenix

Endless Realms bestiary - Serpent Lord by jocarra on DeviantArt

Adem (as) ve Havva'nın Şeytana Uyması ve Karşılığı

Wire Sculpture Dragon by on deviantART


Photo about Pattern of coiled dragon on a stone-carving, traditional Chinese style decoration of the temple, palace, park, etc.

Blue men of Minch -The Blue Men of the Minch (also known as storm kelpies), who occupy the stretch of water between Lewis and mainland Scotland, ...