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Colonized minds continue to argue that somehow the invaders quotsavedquot

Colonized minds continue to argue that somehow the invaders quotsavedquot


Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature: W. P. Kinsella, Jim Shepard, Steven Millhauser, Max Apple, Amiri Baraka, Jacob Weisman: ...

Never mind Captain Cook – who wasn't even mentioned in the document in question – was not the first white person to come to Australia.

When the Earth men arrived the Martians murdered them for a number of wacky reasons. They feared that the invaders would steal their wives and also that the ...


An Aboriginal man in chains with an Australian flag taping his mouth shut.

Contact (Alien Invasion Book 2) by [Truant, Johnny B., Platt

Alastair Sterling, robotics pioneer, has been dead for 16 years. And now he is somehow alive again, in a synthetic replica of his original body, ...

Be careful what you say

Enough of aid – let's talk reparations | Working in development | The Guardian

Africa: homophobia is a legacy of colonialism | World news | The Guardian

Rethinking the Narrative of Mars Colonisation

16. If the ...

Meditation For African Americans Igniting the Inner Light: U-Shaka Ra-Nebu Anpu, Mxolisi Ozo-Sowande: 9780991136933: Amazon.com: Books

It is this lesson which would have saved India from colonialism. And this lesson which will continue to keep India a sovereign state.

Empire strikes back: why former colonies don't need Britain after Brexit | Griffith Review | World news | The Guardian

Original Table of Contents or First Page

The week in TV: Britannia; Hard Sun; McMafia; Inside No 9 | Television & radio | The Guardian

Credit Illustrations by Aled Lewis

Tony Abbott joins David Cameron, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at a British

Namal Rajapaksa, eldest son of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Member of Parliament, and heir

The Top 30 alien invasion movies, ranked


Niall Ferguson: 'Westerners don't understand how vulnerable freedom is' | Books | The Guardian

The Indians Weren't Defeated by White Settlers. Continue Reading Below


Video Game / Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Free France from the Atlantic Pact! ]


How the US could respond to North Korea's nuclear threat | World news | The Guardian

Do You Have Viking Blood?

The myth of religious violence | Karen Armstrong | World news | The Guardian

Dear White People (or should I say Queridos Gringos/Gabachos),

A statue of George Washington is silhouetted against the sky at the Trenton Battle Monument in Trenton, New Jersey, on November 29, 2012.Julio Cortez / AP

Lucky Universe: Lucky's Marines | Book One by [James, Joshua]

What would have happened if the British never came to India? How developed would India have been? How would the system be in modern India? - Quora

They didn't so much colonize as say, "Fuck it, we're far enough. We live here now." Continue Reading Below


Quora User's answer to What does it say about Israel that there are internally displaced citizens who cannot return to their homes?

Barack Obama, pictured with Shinzo Abe, has said Japan is in charge of the

Complex by design: our brains think, therefore we are . . . but is

The Black church isn't one-dimensional either: How Gullah-Geechee people

Judas Unchained (The Commonwealth Saga): Peter F. Hamilton: 9780345461674: Amazon.com: Books

'The X-Files' Season 12: Why Chris Carter Shouldn't Be Showrunner | TVLine

Book Covers, A-C

Unifying Hinduism: Philosophy and Identity in Indian Intellectual History (South Asia Across the Disciplines): Andrew Nicholson: 9780231149877: Amazon.com: ...

There is no such thing as western civilisation | Kwame Anthony Appiah | World news | The Guardian


Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart

Carl Lumholtz: Tarahumara Woman Being Weighed, Barranca de San Carlos (Sinforosa),

First They Killed My Father review – Angelina Jolie's triumph spotlights casualties of war | Film | The Guardian

The Palestinian intellectual giant and literary theorist, Edward W. Said, was born in Jerusalem in 1935 and died on September 24, 2003.

Credit Hannah Whitaker for The New York Times. Prop stylist: Emily Mullin.

Behemoth: Rise Of Mankind Book 1 by [Walker, John]

The artist shows Washington D.C. engulfed in flames as the British troops set fire to the

Edward Said: Myth and misinterpretation of 'the orient' | Books | The Guardian

Charles Gullung

Face-off over the Congo: the long rivalry between Kinshasa and Brazzaville | Cities | The Guardian

I know of nothing so pleasant to the mind, as the discovery of anything which is at once new and valuable — nothing which so lightens and sweetens toil, ...

A private security organization contractor listens to a radio during his duty at guard tower in

'European withdrawal after the second world war was never in doubt.' Photograph: Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

Mountains of the Basque country ©Iñaki LLM

On the Logic and Illogic of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions – Tablet Magazine

Humans are capable of immense greatness and largeness of spirit — but we can also be total horrible bastards, sometimes. And science fiction is full of ...

When discussing novels to read, there's always a focus on the new and the upcoming. New is always exciting, the idea that you're going to encounter ...

A scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Photograph: Allstar/COLUMBIA/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

Aliens 101: The Kardashev Scale & Fermi Paradox

Indians, Slaves, and Mass Murder: The Hidden History | by Peter Nabokov | The New York Review of Books

Naomi Klein on how corporate branding has taken over America | Books | The Guardian

Amazon.com: Shikasta: Re, Colonised Planet 5 (Vintage International) (9780394749778): Doris Lessing: Books


How French “Intellectuals” Ruined the West: Postmodernism and Its Impact, Explained

Why January 26 is a hard day for our mob - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Declaration of Independence_merciless Indian Savages

The first private astronauts will be pioneers, and I hope to be among them.

A chart of the full International Phonetic Alphabet.

While estimates vary, approximately 20-50 million people are believed to have lived in the Americas shortly before Europeans arrived.

The End of God?: A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion

Naval superiority helped the British to gain and build the critical ports of India (Bombay, Madras, Calcutta) and build the empire from there.

Mongol invasion of Ryazan

Corinna Kern/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Photo-Illustration: Maya Robinson and Photo by 20th Century Fox Film/Everett Collection