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Crocodiles in australia SaltwaterCrocodileonariverbank1

Crocodiles in australia SaltwaterCrocodileonariverbank1


Crocodiles became a protected species in Australia in 1971 [Stephen Miechel/EPA]

A saltwater crocodile

Woman dragged away by crocodile in Australia was celebrating friend's cancer treatment

Freshwater crocodile

Saltwater crocodile sunbaking on a river bank

Australian saltwater crocodile

Man high on ice tries to have sex with crocodile in Australia


Large Saltwater Crocodile Queensland Australia

File photo of saltwater Crocodile, Australia's most dangerous predator.

A saltwater crocodile chomps down on a barramundi after catching it at high tide at Cahills Crossing. Crocodiles gather at the crossing to catch an easy ...

Saltwater Crocodile, Crocodylus porosus

Saltwater crocodile

Man killed by crocodile on Australia's East Alligator river

Barehanded: One Catcher Captures Two Monster Crocodiles in Australia (PHOTOS)

Australia's saltwater crocodiles: myths, misconceptions, and how to stay safe - Australian Geographic

Crocodile by a metal fence in a crocodile farm

A 5.5 metre salt water crocodile makes mince meat out of a bull shark in Kakadu

Swimmer snatched by crocodile in Australian river

Acco the croc in action at Australia Zoo

A saltwater crocodile in Australia.

Estuarine crocodile

Australian Saltwater Crocodile [National Geographic Documentary 2017 HD]


Crocodiles in Australia

A 2.6 metre saltwater crocodile caught in a trap with a rope around its upper jaw

Australian Saltwater Crocodile Ranger Tips


Matt Wright caught a massive crocodile recently. (Credit: Matt Wright, Facebook)

A man was eaten by a crocodile in Australia while boating with his family

Crocodile farming in Australia | World

Crocodile in australia

Saltwater Crocodile Australia

animal banner image

Brutus the giant crocodile devour bull shark in Australia

Are You Brave Enough For Australia's Deadly Crocodile Crossing?

Baby Crocodiles

Crocodile attacks shark in Australia

Australia Zoo founder Steve Irwin (pictured) spearheaded the conservation and study of crocodiles

Saltwater Crocodile

A saltwater crocodile in water.

PHOTO: Mirror

Daintree River Crocodiles Australia

Image Credit: Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT

Lowing has a licence to keep her crocodiles, and after thirty years is probably one of Australia's foremost experts in raising and caring for our most ...

Australia crocodile tourist boat video

A seven-year-old girl is believed to have been killed by a crocodile after remains were found in the belly of a nine-foot creature shot in northern ...

Territorians too complacent around crocodile-infested water, coroner finds after inquest into deaths of Bill Scott, Lanh Van Tran

Australia Zoo's biggest crocodile capture1:59

Four rangers with a tied-up crocodile on a boat ramp

Welcome to crocodile country: the remarkable comeback of Australia's Jaws of the north

Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise: Jumping Crocodile Tour Darwin Australia

Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodile eats shark: Is that normal?

Crocodile Experiences

crocodile australia viral video

Darwin salt croc

Crocodile attacks and kills man in front of friends in Australia's north

crocodile photo

Albert is believed to be the only saltwater crocodile kept legally as a pet in Australia

Brutus is not letting go of his catch.

Australia Zoo Croc team on their trip to Northern Queensland last year

Another ...

Saltwater crocodile, Australia


Crocodiles came close to the vehicle as the men were perched on the roof

British tourists film moment crocodile lunged out of Australian creek at them

Steve enlisted the help of the cane farmers who owned the property to get Acco safely captured and as a result, helped them understand all about crocodiles ...

Baru darrowi

A woman holds a baby crocodile.

Freshwater crocodile at Australia Zoo

Philippines Crocodile

File photo of a crocodile

crocodile body slammed danish tourist australia

Australia, Ayton, crocodile, Queensland, rain forest, animal, river, flow

Gravid adult female freshwater crocodile defends herself aggressively

Australia Zoo Croc Move

Crocodylus porosus

cage of death crocodile diving

Staying safe in croc country: culling isn't the answer - Australian Geographic

A 5.2-metre male crocodile was found in Queensland, Australia with a single gunshot wound to the head, sparking a hunt for the killer

Australia Zoo director Wes Mannion with Shaka, a 13ft male saltie who died at the

Feeding young adult in captivity, Western Australia

Canadian-born filmmaker Franny Plumridge has been pictured diving into the enclosure of a five

Saltwater Crocodile Teeth

Australian freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni), two big Freshwater Crocodiles lying in wait in

Animal Fact #5

(Credit: NT Crocodile Conservation & Protection Society)

The crocodile swimming in Adelaide River