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Dipper x pacifica Tumblr A sleepy town called Gravity Falls

Dipper x pacifica Tumblr A sleepy town called Gravity Falls


gravity falls | Tumblr

I like how dipper is right there not being a dick and leave her just right · Gravity Falls ...

Tumblr help my ship

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101 best Gravity falls images on Pinterest | Animated cartoons, Cartoon and Pin up cartoons


reverse falls | Tumblr

BZG0 7c9uBM by grellgirl16

Chikuto tumblr -- Gravity Falls comic page 2


And while scrolling through Gravity Falls fanart, I came across an AU called Reverse Falls in which Dipper ...

I don't ship it /at all/, but pinnging because old Dipper is fine as heck and this is totally something he'd say >w <

A NIGHTMARE in Gravity Falls by nerdsman567 ...

The Von Fundshausers. Grenda and Marius children

minryll: “ Hi guys I'm back! Since I'm planning on

Chikuto tumblr -- Gravity Falls comic page 7

If We Fall, Let's Fall Forward!

Gravity Falls - Dipper Pines x Pacifica Northwest - Dipcifica


100% canon proof that Dipper have feelings for Pacifica Northwest! Dipcifica

Gravity falls AU - Fight Falls by Buryooooo ...

jpeg. “


Dipper's extremely awkward and shy when it comes to that kind of stuff, and Pacifica wasn't shown a lot of physical affection growing up so it makes her a ...

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Gravity Falls:Who Are You

We had a unique experience with this episode. When we first watched it a few weeks ago, it was before the show's conclusion had been announced. And we loved ...

Talking About Gravity Falls [Archive] - The Return of Talking Time

Imagen de gravity falls, gay, and billdip

miraculousfalls: “ Plot: 14 year old twins Dipper and Mabel live in Gravity Falls

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Commissioned piece for @einahpetsyarcip, Ford and Mabel baking. They are going to be hyped up on sugar. XD Thanks for commissioning me!

Illustration by Nick Wanserski

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gravity falls comic Dipper Mabel Pacifica

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Dipper you jerk Don't go around drinking other people's drinks! Especially Pacifica's =o= I am soo in love with this AU omggg

Fanfic / Universe Falls

One of the greatest villains of all time?


She doesn't like it when he talks to Pacifica; it's unknown if it's because Mabel's jealous that Pacifica will steal Dipper from her, or she simply finds ...


Rare||Dipcifica/Dipper x Pacifica

Ford Pines

Gravity Falls Disney XD

Gravity Falls (original). A small, backwoods town,

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Dipper wears a trademark blue and white hat, with a blue brim and blue pine tree on the front. He has somewhat messy brown hair and relatively pale skin, ...


gravityfalls: “WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! #GravityFalls #Journal3 is finally here

thebiggestnerd: “ kylemistry did a shoot for my sister and I at Dragon*con

Gravity Falls △ Bipper

disneyfaller: “ @onlychilddipperpines Hope you like this small little drawing I did! ”

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bill gravity falls tumblr - Buscar con Google

This is so adorable

dipper pines gravity falls figurine polymer sculpture polymer clay i'll probably make mabel next

Gravity Falls Wonderland AU ideas

... Spanning both pages: “If he gains physical form then all is lost!” Left page - “If he entered our dimension, what form would he take? Flesh and blood?

... Image result for human bill cipher ...

74 images about TV / Gravity Falls on We Heart It | See more about gravity falls, mabel and mabel pines

dragonfangz: “Instead of wipping dippers memory of the paranormal Ivan wipes dippers memories of

"Bill, Dipper and, rev!Bill (Will) for the haunted house meme." art by elentori on tumblr. "

m-i-i: “Dipper Gleeful + emotions :) ”

Dipper pines 1920

Gravity Falls the Town


It's a first name, despite Spanish and Mexican people usually having two last names, their father's and their mother's first last name, respectively.

Couple Hunter Dipper and Vampire Pacifica Gravity Falls AU: Vampire and Hunter They are officially

http://yumegawa.tumblr.com/post/30581647433/the-mystery-twins-please-dont- call-us-that

In some headcanons, the twins are somewhat like their Gravity Falls counterparts, so Dipper is more cold and emotionless than Mabel, who is more vivid in ...

Dipper realizes this is a trick, and then Wendy ...

Hiya everyone!

I Have everything

Wendy: 👣 ((*wiggles ...

CoralineXNorman303 7 1 If someone tells me they don't like Gravity Falls by CoralineXNorman303

Pacifica Northwest

Anything before Mabel and Dipper arrive at Gravity Falls, Developing Pacifica's background with other people within gravity falls or anyone who visits ...

diisco–girl: “ “Reverse!Mabel Pines (guys, I may or


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June 1 page (aka Dipper's starting page]: “I discovered the Author's black light secret! I invented some invisible ink and I'm going to try to write a few ...

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pacifica as pearl